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Unveiling the Real Factors Affecting the Conference Table Price Philippines in Philippine

16 June 2023

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Philippines conference table office furniture

If you’re considering buying conference tables in your Philippines office space, it may take a lot of work to determine how much it will cost. Though it could appear as if every conference table is identical and has a comparable cost, many elements go into the pricing of these essential furnishings.

Everything comes into play, from material to dimensions, when you decide how much you’ll spend on your conference table price philippines centerpieces. Let’s look at the costs for the conference tables so you’ll know how much to plan for.

What are Conference Tables?

Tables for conferences are usually big tables designed to offer plenty of space for groups of people to get together and work. They are typically employed in business and corporate locations and boardrooms in schools, universities and public offices. They are available in various dimensions, shapes and styles according to the customer’s specific requirements.

These tables were designed to improve interaction and collaboration between the attendees in a conference or conversation. They provide a central platform for brainstorming, sharing ideas, and making crucial choices. Additionally, tables typically have technology built in, including projection screens, computer monitors and ports for connectivity, which allow the sharing of information in a seamless manner.

Factors that Influence Conference Table Price


The materials used to construct the table for a conference have a crucial role in determining its cost. Office tables constructed of glass, wood or any combination of the three are popular and offer distinctive designs that be attractive to customers. The price of the materials is a factor in the cost, and some types of substances, like high-quality wood, are more costly than others.

Design Complexity

Tables with intricate designs need more time and expertise to build, which increases the cost. Additionally, conference tables can have a variety of layers, patterns or complicated shapes which need special equipment for their construction.

Size & Shape

The price of a table for a conference is determined in part by the size of the table. The larger the table, the more materials and work will be required for its production. In addition, larger tables may be difficult to transport and require more labour and equipment. Therefore, the expense for a large table will be higher, translating into an increase in price. The tables are also available in different forms, like l shaped table.


Well-known brands offer higher prices because of their popularity for their quality and marketing efforts to gain brand recognition. But, tabletops that are not branded may be of the same quality but at a lesser cost.


Tables for conferences that are custom-made and crafted to satisfy the user’s specific requirements are usually more expensive because of the work, time and materials needed. In addition, the client may ask for specific shapes, other accessory options, or custom variants to increase the price.

Manufacturer Location

The location of the manufacturer from which the table is made will also affect the cost of the table. Prices for materials and labour vary between countries, which ultimately influences the cost of the product. A table created in a developing nation might be more affordable because of the lower labour cost than one manufactured by a nation with developed resources.

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Specific conference tables have other features, like lights, connectivity ports, fancy leg shapes, or any other unique characteristics that could impact the pricing of tables. Additional features could make the table more expensive; therefore, it’s essential to consider all the extras the client requires before purchasing tables.

Philippines conference table office furniture – Summary

In general, tables for conferences serve as a vital tool to facilitate collaboration and communications within professional environments. However, the elements mentioned above can impact the cost of a table for a conference. So, before deciding on an appropriate conference table, customers should consider the cost and requirements to determine the main aspects.

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