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New Roof in Oklahoma City, OK

January 22nd, 2020

FAQ About a New Roof in Oklahoma City, OK – Must Know About Oklahoma City Roofing

Unlike earlier times, you get many options in roofing today, and you cannot deny it if you live in Oklahoma City, or nearby. Since everywhere you notice a different choice, you may wonder which one is the best of them all. Whether you build a new roof or replace the existing structure, you need to have absolute clarity about the type of material to be used in its construction, particularly when you know that the city’s weather conditions can play a spoilsport. For choosing the right roofing material, you have to consider a few things. In this article, you are going to learn about them.

FAQ about roofing material for a new roof

Asphalt, metal, slate, tile, and wood shingles are some of the popular choices. Each of them differs in price, quality, and durability. Plus, exposure to varying weather conditions and temperature fluctuations, and vulnerability to mold build-up can be other determining factors. You also have to keep the overall look of your façade in mind. If you assess your choice based on all these components, you can quickly figure out the type of roof your home needs. So, let’s dive into these options to make a decision.


This roofing material has a ubiquitous presence. What makes it so famous is its tolerance for varying weather situations. The shingles are waterproof and feature fantastic choices in colors to blend with any interior theme with ease. Usually, it tends to have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. After that, you may have to inspect it for repairs or replacement. If you maintain it well, you may not have to replace it for a long time, though.


Metal roofs have evolved in style and textures. Now you don’t have to deal with the same dull color also. As a consequence, you don’t have to think twice about the layout of your house. In a city like Oklahoma, it can deliver excellent performance. But it can feel a little inconvenient during the times of hail storm, snowfall, and rain. Also, it can be most vulnerable when exposed to frequent occurrences of hail. As such, metal can last many decades, but it can rust with age.


The long-lastingness and beauty of the slate roofing make it prevalent almost everywhere across different eras. The availability of natural colors and scores of shapes is the other reason why you can opt for it.  But two things that can stop you from selecting this material for your roof is its expensive pricing and heavyweight. While the budget is still manageable, you cannot do much if your dwelling cannot take its burden. Anyway, you can visit for more information about it.


Tiles can survive for up to 50 years or so facing extreme weather conditions. It can be an incredible choice for a home in Oklahoma City as it is fireproof. Plus, it can bear different types of weather damages with ease. The main challenge with this choice is its heaviness. You also have to be careful with its underlayment that can need additional attention within twenty years, even if the tiles are healthy.  Besides, it can be the most expensive choice.

Wood Shingl

The exquisite and straightforward nature of this material reminds you of the colonial era. It can withstand all types of weather in the city. However, a wood shingle roof can live for 15 years or so, which is not very favorable. Then, it can catch fire despite being fire retardant. Wildfire may not be the real danger in this city, but it can break out anywhere. Hence, it becomes a bit of risky consideration.

Before making up your mind, do consult a reliable contractor first. The choice of material is crucial, but it needs proper installation also for creating the perfect roofing structure.

New Roof in Oklahoma City, OK
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