Housing Crisis: UK Housebuilding Issues

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Housing Crisis: UK Housebuilding

UK Housebuilding Issues + Residential Property Expansion – Overcrowding: ONS Report

9 Jan 2017

Housing Crisis & UK Housebuilding Challenges

Population Growth Drives Housing Crisis

Article first published by Population Matters in 20 February 2013

The UK’s dramatic population growth projection by the Office for National Statistics – 11 million more people by 2035, equivalent to 22 more Manchesters, mostly in England, already Europe’s most overcrowded country, will have damaging consequences for everyone (except the construction industry), a new Population Matters report on housing reveals.

The report notes that one million children were estimated to live in overcrowded homes in 2008/9, and this is likely to rise with population growth and falling house sizes. The report references the declining room sizes for UK new builds over the last twenty years to some of the lowest in Europe and the frustration and stress this causes. Children’s quality of life, health outcomes and life chances are all affected by overcrowding.

Taking the most dramatic example, the report states that London is generally acknowledged to be in a housing crisis. The population is steadily increasing. New home starts fell between 2004 and 2009 although they are now increasing a little. Market prices in London are 70% higher than the country as a whole, while the rents of privately rented accommodation (comprising 20% of London households) are 64% higher. A third of a million families are on social or affordable housing waiting lists. Social trends such as adult children remaining at home and multi-generational families may accelerate in consequence.

It notes the 280,000 homes which lie empty for six months or more, though acknowledging that addressing this is not enough on its own to deal with housing need. It also notes the growing number of single person households arising from an ageing population and the additional pressure this is putting in the housing stock.

Housing Crisis – Population Matters article in full

22 Jan 2016

UK Housing Expansion

Homebuilding in Great Britain

The Ministry of Defence has put 12 sites on the block to provide land for up to 15,000 new homes.

UK MOD site, housing in Imber
photograph © swns.com

Government Defence Minister Mark Lancaster said the land sale was expected to raise £500m, which will be ploughed back into frontline defence budgets.

The sale is the first tranche of more ambitious plans to support the government’s ambition to build 160,000 homes by 2020.

New UK Housing: British Housebuilding

UK MOD Housing site, Imber
photograph © swns.com

British Houses

Fleet Street Hill Housing in London by Peter Barber Architects:
Fleet Street Hill Housing London
image from architect

Inspiring design of Grand Large Housing Dunkirk:
Grand Large Housing Dunkirk
photo from ANMA/Agence Nicolas Michelin & Associés

Stadthaus at 24 Murray Grove, London, by Waugh Thistleton – constructed entirely in timber, the nine-storey high-rise is the tallest timber residential building in the world
Murray Grove Housing:
Murray Grove Housing
photo : Will Pryce

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Over a billion people will live in slum conditions by 2020

Article first published by Population Matters in May 2016

Earth has experienced rapid urbanisation in recent centuries. The transition from predominantly rural living to large urban areas has not only brought about great benefits, but also severe problems. As billions of people make their ways to ever larger cities, housing is rapidly becoming a major global concern. Cities cannot keep up with the growing demand for affordable, quality shelter. Consequently, many people end up in slums.

Slums have an adverse effect on quality of life and well-being. Deplorable living conditions, poor sanitation, rampant diseases, high child mortality and low chances of good education are among the negative effects that slum dwellers are confronted with.

It is estimated by the United Nations that over a billion people will live in slum conditions by 2020. Yet, housing problems are not uniquely confined to developing nations. Some developed nations also lack access to decent affordable housing for all. High housing costs mean that some people need to forego other necessities, and their quality of life is adversely affected.

Housing – Population Matters article in full

Location: UK

Contemporary British Homes

Recent British Home Designs

Orchard House, Wiltshire, south west England
Design: Studio Octopi
Orchard House Wiltshire
image from architect
Orchard House Wiltshire

Residence near Aldeburgh, Suffolk, south east England, UK
Design: Strom Architects
Suffolk House
render : Peter Guthrie
House in Suffolk

Watson House, New Forest National Park, Hampshire, southern England, UK
Design: John Pardey Architects
Watson House
photo © James Morris
New Forest House

Contemporary North European Homes

Recent North European Houses

Danish Homes
Danish House
photograph : Tina Krogager

German Homes
New House in Germany
picture : David Franck Photographie

American Housing

Syria: Post-War Housing Competition Winners

Social Housing in Bergen

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Low-cost Housing for the Aged

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