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How Instagram Influences Restaurant Design, Drinks, and Menu

14 Mar 2023

Instagram Influences Restaurant Design, Drinks, and Menu

The influence social media platforms have on our daily lives keeps on growing year after year without even slowing down. Instagram, for instance, has changed how we view restaurants and choose the ones to visit.

It is influencing where we want to spend our money and time, something that has forced restaurant owners to look into their design, not just the service, drinks, and food. Do you look at the visual content of a restaurant on Instagram before visiting it?

Well, you would be surprised to learn that the number of people doing that has been growing every year. This has led to Instagram influencing a restaurant’s design, drinks, and menu. But how does it do that?

How Instagram Influences Restaurant Branding

Restaurant owners are looking at the opportunities offered by Instagram when designing their branding. If you visit a modern restaurant, you will realize that their signage, napkins, and menus are beautifully branded with Instagram in mind.

You likely share photos of places you are visiting on social media. Would you share a photo that lacks cleverly placed and stylish branding on your Instagram account? Most likely not. Restaurant owners know that this is one of the things to consider when designing their restaurants.

They, therefore, design a branding that provides an amazing photo subject. This provides them with an opportunity to have their restaurants advertised for free. Your followers will want to visit a restaurant that you have shared on your Instagram if they love its branding.

Design With Lighting in Mind

When designing a new restaurant, restaurant owners are thinking about how their establishments would look when shared on Instagram. Lighting is an important aspect when it comes to photography.

Let us assume that you are running a brewery in a busy town. You have the best beers, sell them in your restaurant, and have the best software applications to handle all brewery’s day-to-day operations. Even though this is great, it is not all you need to attract customers to your brewery or restaurant.

You need to consider the lighting in your design. This is one of the things that Instagram and other social media platforms have forced restaurant owners to look into when designing their establishments.

The type of lighting you have will dictate the kind of photos customers will take. Always remember that modern cameras are great, but Instagram users need more than just their cameras.

Aesthetic Flooring Design

The old-generation customers would not care about the design of the floor in a restaurant as long as the floor is clean. The storm that has taken over young customers has not hit them yet and you will rarely find them taking photos in a restaurant.

However, the young generation customers, who make the highest percentage of customers visiting modern restaurants, care about the design of the floor. Have you ever heard about the foot floor selfie? Well, customers take selfies of their feet.

However, they need the best flooring options that make the selfies look great. This has forced restaurant owners to think about their floors when designing their restaurants. When a customer takes a foot selfie, they are likely going to mention your restaurant, something that gives you free marketing.

The Design in Bathrooms

Even though Instagram is influencing the design of all the parts of a restaurant, it has had a major influence on the bathrooms. You would ask yourself why if you have never been a fan of Instagram, but where do you think customers take most of their selfies from?

Instagram is influencing restaurant owners to design quirky and stylish restaurant bathrooms that can tempt anyone to take a photo of themselves when using them. You would be surprised at how much attention to detail is paid when designing these bathrooms.

However, quirky and stylish designs will not work without lighting. Even though bathrooms might find themselves at the furthest end of a restaurant, you also need to think about lighting to ensure that the photos taken are great. Restaurant owners are beating this challenge by providing great lighting and adding wall mirrors and wall lights.

Standout Meal or Drink

Starting a restaurant does not mean that you will be offering the same meal every day to your customers. In addition, it does not mean that you will not be making great meals that customers cannot be tempted to take photos of.

However, Instagram is forcing restaurant owners to design their menus with a certain menu item that tempts customers to take a photo for Instagram. Having a standout meal or drink will have customers taking photos for social media, something that will market your restaurant for free.

Today, you will find restaurants implementing wonderful and weird concoctions, burger towers, special pizzas, funky cocktails, and certain meals, among others. This has been influenced by social media platforms such as Instagram.

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms we have today. Since it is designed for photography, it is influencing the design, drinks, and menus you will find in restaurants, as discussed above.

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