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Do Bi-Fold Doors Add Value to your Home?

27 July 2020

Bi-fold doors are a modern alternative to french or sliding door options. Built using a runner system they fold back and slide in seamless sections instead of sliding across. By sliding and folding back several panels and hinges in unison the entire door will open and close in a concertina.

This offers a modern aesthetic and a space-saving alternative. Unlike sliding doors, Bi-Fold doors can spread out for several meters allowing for grand entrances into and within your property. Due to the ever-increasing house prices, many of us are looking to upgrade our existing homes instead of moving. We are also increasingly upgrading our homes in preparation to sell to add value to our property.

One of the main reasons Bi-fold doors are growing in popularity is that they allow homeowners to seamlessly combine their living spaces and gardens. They create the illusion of space and can double the amount of natural lighting in our homes. In recent years they have become a go-to product in the UK with most mainstream installers offering this ‘wow’ factor option at more affordable prices.

Do bi-fold doors add value to your home

How much do Bi-fold doors cost?

There’s no denying that bi-fold doors Glasgow are the more expensive option for both internal and patio doors but arguably, they are worth it. Investing in bifold doors will make your home more stylish, spacious, and versatile. The exact costs depend on many variables:


Bifold doors for patio are available with wooden, uPVC, and aluminum frames.


Wooden doors create a classic look that cannot be replicated, remember to budget for regular maintenance work if you choose this option.


uPVC is likely to be the cheapest option, however, that comes with a certain amount of drawbacks such a bulkier finish and a weaker door frame.


Aluminum is now the go-to material due to its designer look, modern feel, durability, and thermal efficiency. Choosing aluminum would be a higher financial investment upfront but could help you increase the profitability of your property and benefit you in the long run. They are also likely to last a lot longer than both wooden or uPVC frames. Bi-fold doors are priced per panel so size will be a key cost factor.

Types of Bi-folding Door

There are three options to choose from when it comes to bi-folding doors and how they operate which could have an impact on the cost.


This option consists of a single row of window panels that can be opened from the left or right side.


This configuration includes a single door at the end known as a traffic door. This allows you to move from room to room or room to garden without having to open the whole space. It’s

particularly popular in patio doors to stop the cold getting in during winter.

French Fold

If you are a fan of french doors this option will allow you to combine their style with the size and appearance of bi-folding doors. The open up from either side to meet at the middle

So, do they add value to your property?

While bi-fold doors are a recent development in the market they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, their popularity is only set to rise. Although making the upgrade will involve a reasonable investment sum short term (think thousands of pounds), it is widely agreed that the money will be recouped on the home’s value immediately after install. Pinning an exact price is hard but it’s guaranteed that they will boost your homes ‘wow’ factor and selling prospects tremendously.

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