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One Person’s Gallery in the Gap, Shanghai

Innovative Studio Building Development in China design by Wutopia Lab

28 June 2020

One Person’s Gallery in the Gap

Architects: Wutopia Lab

Location: Shanghai, China

One Person’s Gallery in the Gap

One Persons Gallery

One Person’s Gallery used to be a storage structure which was filled with used materials (we called them ‘old things’) of a bankrupt company, that looked like disaster site. The architectural project started without any original blueprints.

One Persons Gallery

The architect got an inspiration when him watching the workers cleaning the space. He decided to use the arch as the motif of interior design. Instead of cleaning up the trash, the architect decided to make use of it and tried to turn it as an advantage. The old furniture was replaced as decorations in the library and courtyard, some of the old doors were reused, and others were reconstructed as ceiling.

One Persons Gallery

Some unpredictable effects were found and kept deliberately by architect when exploring the site. This is the reason why the architect took the project as an archaeology work.

One Persons Gallery One Persons Gallery

The proposition of antithesis could originate from Chinese rhetoric, like the Yin Yang. If we took one side as the old, big, dark, a bit dirty, hidden indoor commercial cave with ornaments the other side would be the new, small, bright, neat, highlighted outdoor art workshop. From this notion of antithesis, the idea of the one person’s gallery in the gap is gradually composed.

One Persons Gallery One Persons Gallery

The air in Yangtze River Delta called Jiangnan is always filled with moisture, so the ancient local artists developed a distinctive aesthetic technique by depicting Silhouettes rather than emphasizing light and shadow.

One Persons Gallery One Persons Gallery

The architects selected 3 layers of PMMA panel and timber structure to build gallery. It looks like an entity from outside, but when you get into gallery, you will find the outdoor surroundings display on the wall as silhouette. The silhouette digested materiality of solid wall at last. This is the architect’s purpose.

One Persons Gallery One Persons Gallery

Tip of iceberg
The gallery is the tip of an iceberg. More artists and architects will be invited to exhibit their critical work about urban and architecture.

One Persons Gallery One Persons Gallery

The only limit is that gallery rejects graphics work. The owner invited the architect who designed gallery as the curator to run the one person’s gallery. It’s the beginning of a new story.

One Persons Gallery One Persons Gallery

One Person’s Gallery in the Gap, Shanghai – Building Information

Design Firm: Wutopia Lab
Chief architect: YU Ting
Location: Shanghai, China
Floor Area: 12sqm (Gallery) 100sqm (Supporting space)
Client: HE Jing
Construct: SKF, freelance decoration team
Material: Sunshine plate, wood, cement
Budget: 120,000 RMB

One Persons Gallery

Photographs: SHAO Feng,CreatAR Image (AI Qing)

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Location: Shanghai, People’s Republic of China

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