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10 Apr 2018

Architects Inspiration: Drafting Modeling Software

Architects Modeling Software

Where and how the architects find the inspiration

Viewing ancient Chinese and Indian temples or entering the greatest British and European churches and palaces that go back to the Middle Ages, you feel some special thrill as if you’ve touched the eternity. Meanwhile, you can’t help wondering how the architects of the past managed to create those immense structures and magnificent buildings without appropriate technical means for making construction drawings.

In the old days, major designing works and corrections were done in situ and there were numerous human lives standing behind constructions that we currently consider the masterpieces of architecture. Living in the world of advanced technologies, modern architects have a whole variety of tools and devices in their disposal.

Today, along with traditional paper, a pencil and a ruler, an architect tool arsenal includes a sophisticated PC or laptop with an ultrawide curved monitor and special drawing and modeling software that will let artists visualize the boldest ideas and see the tiniest details of the project.

The next question that comes to your mind when you look at Gothic cathedrals, Victorian mansions or weirdly shaped modern buildings is where and how architects find their inspiration for creating those incredible constructions. Architecture as well as fine art always captures the spirit of the time, contemporary traditions and tendencies, views, and aspirations.

In the past, the architects got inspired by nature, mythology, religion, philosophy, and immemorial issues of life and death, good and evil, all of this masterfully reflected in sculptures, florid style patterns, frescos, mosaic boards, and paintings that were used for exterior and interior design.

Today, it might seem that the smartest and greatest ideas have been already realized and there is almost nothing that can strike people. However, modern architects keep surprising us with gorgeous structures made from concrete, metal, and glass that remind a huge bubble, molecule, crystal, spaceship, or a pyramide and feature some geometric forms and configurations you wouldn’t expect to see in a building facade. Where do modern architects source their creativity?

Well, there is no single answer to this question since it’s too complex and every artist would give his or her own vision. Yet, by analyzing and summarizing a number of individual opinions, approaches, views, and recommendations, one can outline a set of basic principles that would work both for a beginning architect and for an experienced professional in search of inspirational ideas.

Nature always was and still is a great source of inspiration for all artists. It doesn’t mean you should necessarily climb a mountain, raft against a wildwater, dive into a waterfall, walk in the jungle, or take a safari trip (though it would be undoubtedly exciting) to see all the beauties of nature. Sometimes, it is enough to look outside the window to get inspired by the sky colour during sunset or sun rays deflected through tree leaves.

  • Unlike the old times artists reflecting on the sublime, modern architects distract from eternal issues and try to find inspiration in simple things. Creative ideas, innovative concepts, and unusual solutions are often shaped through experience while experience comes through perception. Our feelings and emotions often relate to certain places, sounds, smells, and flavours. Try to recall what makes you feel happy and understand why you like it. Reflection might turn out an unexpectedly rewarding process.
  • Watch movies, listen to the music, read books and periodicals including specialized editions. Sometimes, the old ways are the best ways. Analyzing other artists work, you can get a new vision of an already existing idea that will help you design your own project.
  • Re-phrasing a well-known statement, a good idea is sprout in discussion. Communicating and sharing your thoughts with different people and looking at them through the prism of other people’s perception might result in interesting concepts at the end.
  • Hard work is not always resultative and efficient. Give yourself the time to daydream and do nothing. Temporary inactivity is not similar to laziness. It will give your brain a break, let you shake off the fatigue and images of the last projects and help restore your ability to pick up trifles and details.

The inspiration might come from where you expect it the least and there is some kind of story, controversy, contradiction, vibe, urge, impression or observation behind every masterpiece of architecture. Find your way to inspiration and translate your ideas into a unique work of art.

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