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Should architects buy Instagram followers?

14 May 2021

Should architects buy Instagram followers?

A question that many architects around the world these days find themselves  asking is: “Should I buy Instagram followers?” But unfortunately, the answer isn’t as straightforward as one would hope for.

Like most of life’s burning questions, the answer is complex and won’t always be the same for everyone. For example, if you’re a Canadian architect and are currently trying to find the best sites to buy Instagram followers in Canada, then odds are, you’re looking to take your Instagram marketing more seriously. Architects do have good reasons to consider the possibility that buying Instagram followers might help your business in some ways.

After all, there must be at least some beneficial aspects to purchasing followers if so many architects do it right? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons some architects decide to step away from organic follower growth and end up buying Instagram followers.

Should designers buy Instagram followers guide

Reasons people decide to buy Instagram followers

People tend to follow the crowd

Social psychology tells us that humans will instinctively follow the crowd. Psychologist Robert Cialdini notes in his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, “consumers often use a simple heuristic: Popular is good.”

Cialdini goes on to explain that advertisers don’t necessarily need to persuade consumers that a product is good, but only that others think it is. And it is for this basic idea, that many professionals are constantly working to gain more followers.

Because a high number of followers, in turn, makes even more people want to follow you. To the average person, an architecture account with 100K followers, will appear highly professional and sought after, thereby driving more people to follow your account. Of course, the ultimate goal here is to help get your name out there as a respectable architect in your niche and community, and with enough followers and most importantly, a following, this can eventually be achieved.

But reaching the point of having enough followers to create an air of authority is what many UK-based architects struggle to accomplish on their own. This is the main reason that so many professionals in the United Kingdom decide to buy Instagram followers UK.

Buying Instagram followers is more time efficient

Most architects don’t have much free time, and if they do find themselves twiddling their thumbs, they might not have much energy left over to put into their Instagram followers. Between creating building designs, writing reports, proposals, and contracts, spending hours on Instagram to build a bigger following might not feel possible.

So for many architects, purchasing Instagram followers is the best option to help grow their following and create a professional and respectable image for themselves and for their career.

If you are an Australian architect and would like to buy Instagram followers from Australia, I suggest that you compare the different websites at this link:

But as mentioned before, it’s not exactly that simple.

Reasons people decide to keep it organic and not buy Instagram followers

Instagram’s algorithm is always changing and is actually programmed to work against those who buy Instagram followers. So if Instagram is going to be the heart and soul of your career’s marketing campaign, you might want to consider keeping your growth organic.

Smaller followings with higher engagement creates trust

When it comes to Instagram, engagement is one of the most important things people notice about an account. If an account has 20K followers and not a single comment on any of the photos, a person might decide that the account doesn’t seem genuine.

Maybe if the goal for your Instagram account is just for fun and you simply want to create inspirational posts for your friends and following, a low engagement probably won’t bring around any red flags. But if your goal is to build up your professional image, then genuine engagement and a social following is something that you should really be focusing on.

Although you might not quite reach the level of fame as other accounts with huge amounts of followers as quickly, what you will have is a genuine and real-life network of like minded individuals who would be much more likely to share your name and your work around their circle.

With enough time and persistence, through posting high quality content regularly, It is absolutely possible to build your online presence without the need to purchase Instagram followers.

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