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A Review Of LuckyCrush – Random Video Chat Site

post updated 26 February 2024

A review of LuckyCrush, Video Chat site

I’m always on the lookout for new and fun communication platforms to use. And, nowadays, they’re a dime a dozen, which you can presumably agree!

7 July 2020

A Review Of LuckyCrush – Is This A Fun Live Random Video Chat Site?

Recently I stumbled across LuckyCrush, a new type of live random video chat site.

I spent a while checking out everything this platform has to offer, and I thought I would share my findings with you.

I wanted to cover who LuckyCrush are. What the platform offers. And, if you’re going to get anything out of using it.

What is LuckyCrush?

LuckyCrush is a random video chat site for straight adult people.

But, what on earth is a random chat website?

I know, I thought the same when I first came across it. But it’s actually a cool phenomenon. LuckyCrush randomly matches you with people across the world. Talk about random, right? Take a look at

I’ll give you a quick example. If you’re a girl, the random generator will pick males across the world – for you to randomly chat too.

How Does LuckyCrush Work?

I always find it interesting how chat platforms work. So, I dug in a little deeper to uncover how LuckCrush works.

When you register, you choose whether you’re male or female. This obviously must set the algorithm to select the opposite sex for us. I found it easy to use, to be honest. There’s an option there: « next ». This allowed me to flick through random girls until I picked one.

Once you find a random straight partner to chat too, you can either speak on camera. Or, write to each other whilst on camera. It may seem a little strange at first, but it soon gets exciting I think.

I found it interesting that it is generally a random live chat site. What I mean is, that it’s not specifically a dating website – like most other sites you come across nowadays. You can just enjoy random conversations without having to physically meet.

I did come across a couple of girls that were quite flirty. So I guess you can use it to talk more flirtatious. In a sense, I can say that it’s virtual flirting through a live video chat with random partners. But, for the best part of it, it is just a general random video chat site.

What About The Safety Aspect?

Nowadays it’s important to stay safe online. So, yes, I had to check if it was safe!

LuckyCrush does allow you to not show your face if you wish. Also, your username is the only thing other members can see. I thought this was a good feature. Another thing, you’re not allowed to share personal details whilst chatting. This is probably to keep us safe and anonymous.

Is There A Good Male To Female Ratio?

It’s a straight adult live chat website, so, there should really be a good ratio of guys-to-girls. It’s pointless having a live chat site that’s full of guys!

After doing some investigation, I found that there is a healthy ratio of around 50% guys to 50% of girls. This is refreshing to see. Think about it, we don’t want to be waiting around for a potential chat buddy to become available. And, whilst using the platform, I never had to wait for someone to become available.

Has COVID-19 Had An Impact On The Platform?

As you will know, COVID-19 has rocked the world! Many businesses have had to unfortunately close. And, some benefits have benefited. And, I thought I would see how LuckyCrush has been impacted.

It seems the platform has had a 50% increase in registrations. Interesting, right?

I think now more than ever people are seeing the value of online communication. Whether it’s for work communication or other channels, there’s a lot of value in using online platforms. This is probably why LuckyCrush has seen a good increase in members. It’s easier to chat online, than having to physically meet someone.

Why Does The Platform Only Match Opposite Sex?

I wanted to find out why you can only be matched with the opposite sex? Wouldn’t it make sense to use offer random live video chat to the LGBT community as well? I had these questions, and here’s what I discovered.

LuckyCrush wants to have an even 50/50 split of males to females. Currently, offering live chat for LGBT as well would make it hard to monitor those numbers – at first. Nevertheless, LuckyCrush is studying how to offer a same-sex match-making live chat feature. They could even possibly make a new random chat website for the LGBT community.

How Do We Use The LuckyCrush Platform?

If you’re like me, you’re mostly on your mobile. I use it everywhere, and I feel lost without it (sad to say). I wanted to be able to use LuckyCrush whilst on the go and their website is responsive for both desktop and mobile.

Currently, there’s no app download available. To be honest, though, I don’t need another app clogging up my phone. I’m happy to use the website that works just as well as any app.

How Many People Can I expect to meet?

To be honest the list is endless! The platform has over 1 million members spread across 100+ countries. I found this an interesting statistic as the platform is only 1-year old (born in 2019).

There’s also a language-translation tool built into the platform which is great. These means you can chat with anyone from anywhere without having communication as a barrier.

How Do I Get Started?

I found it easy to get started with LuckyCrush. I had to select my gender, and then click the start searching button.

The platform then shows you some potential chat buddies. If you want to carry on with chatting, you need to register with the platform. Once registered you have unlimited live chat.

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Final Thoughts On LuckyCrush

I can say I enjoyed using LuckyCrush. It’s an interesting platform to meet other like-minded people from around the world. Most live chat websites are solely dedicated to dating. However, LuckCrush gives you the best of both worlds; general chat, or you can take it a little further if you want. But it’s totally up to you.

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