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How to Design Your Garage – 5 Pro Tips

8 Feb 2020

How to design your garage advice, car storage

Your garage is a part of your home, and it would be great to design it with care. We often overlook it since it’s mainly for housing cars. But recently, many people are using their garages to store valuables as well. It’s no longer that dull and empty space were you keep your cars.

How to Design Your Garage Makeover Advice

Now, a garage also adds to the aesthetic appeal of a home. Moreover, some families design their garages in such a way that someone can sleep in it if the need arises. Check out for tips to choose the garage door repair company.

So, if you’ve decided to do something unique for your home garage, follow these pro tips.

·        Choose the best style for you

There are two choices here. You can attach it to the house, or you can build it in another strategic place.  Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages. Many of the old houses have attached garages, but the newer ones now separate it from the house. The good thing about connecting the garage to the house is that it’s more convenient. But when it comes to designs, you’ll not have rooms for creativity.

·        Widen the interior

We’re all too familiar with the olden day’s garages that were built to house one car. It wasn’t something special so, families just carve out a little space for their car. Nowadays, people love spaces in their garages. The recent design is to design it in a way that at least three or four cars can sit comfortably (if not, you can get rid of one) and you still have adequate storage space. One advantage you may not know is that a new buyer may rush to close the deal if your garage is spacious and well-designed. So, go for the wider spaces and not those narrow-looking ones of the past years.

·        Use a strong door

Here is one of the important things to do in your garage design. Every house comes with a garage, but it falls on you to make it awesome. So, try to create that awe-striking view for your guests by choosing the right doors for your garage. It also improves the value of your home in the event you want to sell it. The truth is that if you concentrate solely on the interior, no one will appreciate the extent to which you went to spruce up your home. So, get a beautiful door and feel proud whenever you visit the garage.

·        Don’t forget to choose a suitable flooring

What type of flooring do you want? Is it going to be comfortable or dull? After the doors, you’ll need to choose the flooring to something finer and not the common gray concrete that people have in their garages. Our only tip is that any flooring you choose must be slip-resistant. You don’t want accidents in your garage, do you? So, be careful but make it worthwhile.

·        Ventilation

Many garages have large windows, but is it enough to provide adequate ventilation in the space? Like we pointed out earlier, you can use your garage for many things apart from parking cars. So no matter what, there must be enough air, or you may find it difficult to even stay for five minutes. There’re lots of things you can do, but the simplest one is to consider one of the best garage fans. That way, you can have all the ventilation you need and not suffocate.

·        Provide Adequate Lighting

Your garage is not supposed to be this dark hole where you park your car after work. Many families use theirs to store things and, at least, enjoy more space in their main house. While designing your garage, think of the best way to make it brighter. Install adequate lighting so that anyone coming in to keep or take things won’t be afraid of the boogeyman.

·        The storage must be adequate.

If you don’t provide a place to store things in your garage, your family members may likely turn it into a garbage bin. You need to install enough storage by providing such things as cabinets, boxes, or even pegboards. You may not know it, but your nicely-designed garage may become so clustered with items that you may not have the space to park your car. So, make sure to keep things in a semblance of order by arranging things in their appropriate places.

How to design your garage conclusion

Gone were the days when garages looked gloomy and abandoned. Most of the newer garage designs are so functional and spacious. Many people even go the extra mile of building an office on the roof of their garage. So, don’t ignore the importance of designing your garage properly. It may be the home for your cars, but a garage adds the value and aesthetic appeal to a family home. Try to situate it in a right place or attach it to the main house. Anyhow, you want it, give it a good design.

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