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4 Factors to Consider When Building a New Garage

10 May 2024

4 factors to consider when building a new garage - sports car
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A garage does more than just store your cars; it offers a functional space for family activities like movie nights and exercise sessions. That’s why it’s important to put more emphasis on the garage-building process to ensure nothing goes wrong. If you’re considering adding a new garage to your home, it’s important to understand the most critical factors around building a reliable and functional one.

Whether it’s planning and design considerations or electrical and plumbing issues, you must start the process with the right information. Below, we share four crucial factors to consider when building your next garage.

Garage Plan and Design

Successful architectural projects start with an elaborate plan or design illustrating the final product. In modern architecture, these designs and plans are rendered through 3D rendering technology to give the owner a vivid sneak peek of their future garage. This is the stage where you suggest the total garage space and the features you want to incorporate. You can also suggest where the doors should go and the possibility of future additions like an electric car charging spot.

With good planning, you can decide the type of door you want and discuss ways to minimize common garage door failures early in the process. While adding and suggesting your preferences, ensure your garage syncs with your home’s architectural design. This is important because your garage should complement your home as an extension of it, whether it’s detached or attached.

Local Zoning Laws

The government issues permits that help you create garage plans that comply with local zoning laws, safety regulations, and building codes. When building a garage, it’s essential to research what these laws say about the safety and structural integrity of garages in your area. Complying with the set laws will help you avoid legal complications such as fines, jail terms, or the need to modify or demolish the structures.

Some areas also have homeowners or neighborhood association rules that guide building structures, so it’s also prudent to research those before starting.

Garage Materials and Builders

Choosing suitable garage materials or builders will depend on how you want to use the space and for how long. The choice of material will directly affect its functionality and durability, which means you should make this decision right from the start. The builders you choose should also be qualified enough to understand how to use your choice of materials to create the perfect garage for your existing space.

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Electrical and Plumbing Issues

Connecting your garage to the existing plumbing and electrical lines can be daunting. You’ll need to dig underground wire and pipe pathways to link to the existing ones for a seamless garage experience. With the help of an electrician, you should budget and plan for the cabling and lighting fixtures that must be included to light up and bring life to the garage. If you’re connecting smart features like auto reverse and electric doors, these should also be incorporated into your plan early.

If you’re considering a garage sink or bathroom, your plumber should help you with the piping and design of these features. It’s important to have professional help with the planning, as they understand the safety rules and regulations around electrical and plumbing additions.

Building a new garage to completion is fulfilling, especially if you’re actively involved in the process from start to finish. However, succeeding is not easy if you don’t know the right factors to consider before starting. The above four factors should rightly guide you through the process.

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