4 common plumbing problems a camera inspection can find

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4 Common Plumbing Problems a Camera Inspection Can Find

14 June 2022

4 common plumbing problems a camera inspection can find

4 Common Plumbing Problems – Introduction

Underneath the ground, there runs a maze of pipelines which help provide us with water and make up for a whole drainage system. When there is any issue with this particular system, many property management teams advises that it needs to be fixed immediately for any one issue can result in multiple problems if not fixed in time. Since the pipelines are a huge project, one single problem that occurs can not be immediately detected. Therefore arises the need for a camera inspection.

A camera inspection is not a new technology when it comes to detecting any plumbing problems. If anything, this technology has existed for quite a few years now. Though the technology is drastically old, it remains to be still the most effective and the easiest way of getting to know what is actually wrong with the pipelines that lie way beneath the grounds of one’s house. Without the help of a camera inspection, it would have been increasingly difficult to know what problem lay where in the pipelines and there would have been a huge mess trying to find the damage caused.

The 4 common plumbing problems a camera inspection can find are mentioned below:

1.       Pipe bellies

A pipe belly is a sort of a bend in the middle of the pipes. They are caused when the pipes bend and create a sort of sink called the ‘belly’. These are usually caused due to soil displacement or settlement that leads to a push in the middle of the pipelines. Pipe bellies can be harmful and can cause a lot of damage because they lead to pipe corrosions and also blockages due to water stagnation. With all this, there can be a tearing of the pipeline that can cause various leakages and increase its damage. A camera inspection is a great way to evaluate pipe bellies and fix the problem.

2.       Clogs in the drain

There are many things that can cause clogs in the drains like certain materials like hair, and other materials that accumulate due to a lack of cleaning of the pipelines over a period of time. Camera inspection of the plumbing area is very useful here because it can then determine what type of clogs there are in the pipeline. It is important to know the type of clogs that exist in the lines according to which the plumber gets the kind of materials needed to bring out the clogs. After the camera inspection, we can also get to know if the pipelines are fit enough for treatments like hydro jetting which help clean the pipelines entirely.

3.      Tree root intrusions

This plumbing problem is one of the most common and one of the most difficult ones to fix. This is because the tree roots are fast in their growth and are hard. They grow in all directions and get into the pipelines causing serious damage to them.

There can be leakages and certain blocks by the tree root intrusions as the roots are in search of more and more water. Once the roots do find the perfect source, more roots spring there and supply water to the tree from there. In order to overcome this issue, again the method of a camera inspection is applied to find where the tree roots are invading the pipelines.

4.      Cracked Pipes

There can be times when the pipe itself may crack. These times occur if the water pressure is too high for the pipe to handle and the water ends up damaging the pipes from places where it is not at all strong and is weak in the joints.

Apart from this reason, the pipes may also crack due to improper installation and then can cause damage when the water is let through. Other times a pipe may simply freeze, or can burst if the pipes are very old. To detect all these issues, a camera inspection can help a lot by locating where the pipes are damaged so that they can be replaced.

Why a camera inspection is the best way to look out for plumbing problems?

A camera inspection is the most effective way to fix a plumbing problem because:

  1. It results in a quick diagnosis of the problem that is occurring with the pipelines.
  2. A camera inspection takes an overview of the whole situation that helps determine the methods to be taken by the plumber in order to fix the problem.
  3. A camera inspection is the fastest, most convenient, and a sure way to detect a problem in the pipelines. Along with this, it is also cost-effective.
  4. Along with one problem, a camera inspection can also help detect other problems that may occur in the pipelines.

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4 common plumbing problems a camera inspection can find – Conclusion

A camera inspection is therefore a very effective and a much-needed solution to problems that occur with the pipeline systems. Not only does it help diagnose the exact problem but is also an efficient way to save a lot more damage from taking place. There are times when with one problem, other problems with the pipelines are also detected. So with a solution to one problem, we end up sometimes fixing multiple problems that come with having a pipeline.

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