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Ten Warnings that You Have Plumbing Issues

2 June 2022

Plumbing issues are a nightmare for the homeowners, which they face a few times per year. However, if these problems are detected at an early stage, we can fix them before anything worse happens. Here are ten common signs that something’s wrong with your plumbing lines.

Ten warnings that you have plumbing issues

Ten Warnings that You Have Plumbing Issues Advice

  1. Low water pressure

Is your sink taking longer than usual to fill up or is the faucet flowing at a slower speed? Pipe leaks, damaged pipes, or sewer clogs can be responsible for these troubles. You should also check the shut-off valves and pressure regulator setting.

  1. Clogged toilet

Toilet clogs make a toilet unusable, spread unpleasant odor, and sometimes overflow. The main culprits can be poor-flushing toilets, less tank water, large objects, clogged s-trap, or water build-ups. If none of these is true, there must be a blockage in the main drain line or plumbing system.

  1. Foul odor

You might have to deal with a bad odor during the majority of plumbing malfunctions such as broken sewer, clogged lines, etc. This smell can spread to your whole home if you don’t find faults and solve them as soon as possible.

  1. Discolored pipes

Take a closer look at all the pipes of your home. If you spot discoloration, especially near a joint, it can be a sign of a water leak. Neglecting this point can lead to something serious because such leaks get larger within no time.

  1. Dripping nozzles

A leaky nozzle can waste a significant amount of water, which will also be added to your utility bill. And the dripping sound is so annoying, especially when you try to get some sleep. It can be the result of broken inner parts, problematic water pipes, or high liquid pressure.

  1. Toilet bubbling

A water main line fault can introduce reverse air pressure in the system. As a result, people notice little air bubbles inside the bowl. Other reasons are toilet clogs, excess water tank air, blocked vents, and unlevel seats.

bathroom tap plumbing fix tips

  1. Bubbling paint

Paints bubble in the presence of moisture. If any plumbing lines leaks, it can cause nearby wall paints to peel off. That’s why we see blistering paint coatings quite often in our kitchen and washroom.

  1. Slow drain

A sewer line can get partially or fully clogged because of the regular bathing and cooking. Dirt, cleaners, hair, tissue, paper, vegetable peels, seeds, and other residues get stuck inside the line and grow bigger over time. Routine cleaning is mandatory to prevent it.

  1. A sudden increase in bill

When a plumbing system malfunctions, it consumes high energy or resources to complete a simple action. For example, a partially-clogged toilet will need more water to flush than normal. Consequently, you will notice an unexpected rise in expenses.

  1. Problematic downspout

They are large pipes to transfer household liquids and wastes to the main drain. Damaged downspouts leak water, which can cause hard wall stains, sweating walls, wet spots on the ground, etc. Besides, clogged ones result in overflowing gutters, clogged sinks, running toilets, etc. So, we should clean them once in a while.

Luckily, homeowners can fix most of these problems by themselves. For the rest, they should call the professionals. There are plenty of Plumbing & heating services for property owners in London and other cities. They can save the pipes from existing or potential problems.

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