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TINY MOD Home in Cordoba Province

3 Mar 2022

Architecture: SET ideas

Location: Cordoba Province, Argentina

TINY MOD Cordoba

Photos: Gonzalo Viramonte

TINY MOD Home, Cordoba

Tiny living, better living.

TINY MOD Cordoba by SET ideas

Where does the smell of coffee live more intensely? In a large cup of coffee with milk or in a cup of ristretto? Clearly the well is the result of our search for new ways of living.

TINY MOD Cordoba design by SET ideas

SET ideas give an efficient response to interior spatiality and the use of resources and spaces, so that with fewer elements, people live better.
These are two modular works, two houses in particular contexts, with particular situations and with specific designs for each case, but with pre-agreed standards and modulations that facilitate the process and the way in which it was built and designed.

TINY MOD Cordoba

TINY MOD Cordoba

The TINY MOD proposal from the studio is to industrialize architecture and everything that concerns it, this is how we managed to streamline the processes, and therefore the results. SET ideas approach each design from a preconceived basis, but the architects are flexible in its design to be able to customize each case according to the tastes and preferences of the client, but in a more efficient and simpler way.

TINY MOD Cordoba

TINY MOD Cordoba

In this way, the interior space is simple, but the implementation is everything and each case shows its profile. Likewise, the interior terminations correspond in each case to the context of each module.

Cordoba rural home in Argentina

Cordoba Province property in a wood

Both start in tune with an environment to achieve the minimum incidence, and as you will see, the minimum is a concept that governed as a premise for all the decisions made in both cases.

Cordoba property design by SET ideas

TINY MOD Cordoba Home

Less meters, more architecture.

Home by SET ideas in Argentina

TINY MOD Home in Cordoba, Argentina – Building Information

Architecture Office: SET ideas – https://www.setideas.com.ar/

Project Name: TINY_MOD
Contact email: [email protected]
Country of the Office: Argentina

Construction completion year: 2021
Constructed area: 40 sqm
Location: Cordoba Province, Argentina

TINY MOD Cordoba Home

Architects in Charge: Arch. Carlos Arias, Arch. Heriberto Martinez, Arch. Pedro Ruiz Funes, Arch. Tomas Camuyrano.
Design Team: Arch. Tomas Camuyrano, Arch. Clara Maldonado
Engineering: Ing. Lucas Crespi
Landscaping: @vive.hogar Francisco Pascualini
Interior design: Florencia Negrete – Neo interior: https://www.instagram.com/neo.interior.arq/
Consultants: Ing. Lucas Crespi
Collaborators: Arch. Clara Maldonado

TINY MOD Cordoba Home

Photography: Gonzalo Viramonte
Sitio Web Fotógrafo/a: @gonzaloviramonte
E-mail de Fotógrafo/a: [email protected]

TINY MOD Home in Cordoba Province images / information received 030222

Location: La Cascada Country Golf, Córdoba, Argentina, South America

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