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Q2 House in Mendiolaza

29 Apr 2020

Q2 House

Architects: MZ Arquitectos

Location: Mendiolaza, Córdoba, Argentina, South America

Q2 Houseis located in Estancia Q2 on the outskirts of Córdoba city, undoubtedly one of the most pleasant neighborhoods to live in, with a dream environment.

Q2 House Mendiolaza Cordoba

The customers, a young couple full of projects, made only one request: a winter yard. What initially sounded crazy, ended up being a trigger for one of the best projects in our office.

Q2 House Mendiolaza Cordoba

The lot was presented with two important conditions: it had a drop in the front-bottom direction of 3.50m and the north orientation was towards the street.

Q2 House Mendiolaza Cordoba

The main concep of the proyect comes out from reformulating the initial idea of a winter yard, proposing an important livingroom surrounded by nature and, of course, all glazed.

Q2 House Mendiolaza Cordoba

We propose all the service area against one of the sides and we remove the barbecue area to the bottom, clearing the livingroom. Upstairs, an L-shaped plan solves the entrance of sun in the winter months into the bedrooms.

Q2 House Mendiolaza Cordoba

From the glazed livingroom and towards the street, we proposed a screen wall just before the main entrance, to protect ourselves from the visuals of passers-by, generating an internal yard that, together with native trees of the area, form a calm microclimate. On the other hand, towards the back yard, all the splendor of the pool and the barbecue area appear, which with a 3m overhang in its gallery brings vertigo and dynamism.

Q2 House Mendiolaza Cordoba

Respecting the original topography of the lot was another of our priorities. To do this, we staggered the house according to the original levels of the land, raising the barbecue area at the bottom and lowering the garage to the front as much as possible.

As for materiality, we chose a stone covering that acts as a guide for the user, taking it from the entrance of the house to the most used social sector in our country: the barbecue area.

On the ground floor are some details in exposed concrete, wood and metal.

Q2 House Mendiolaza Cordoba

Upstairs, a pure white volume appears, suspended by the effect of a slit that generates a feeling of lightness. In addition, it provides the necessary contrast so that each material gives distinction.

Q2 House Mendiolaza Cordoba

Q2 House in Córdoba – Building Information

Architecture Office Name: MZ Arquitectos

Architects authors of the work: Marchetti Guillermo – Zuliani Emiliano
Location (street, commune, city, country): Estancia Q2, Mendiolaza, Córdoba, Argentina.
Construction year: 2014
Constructed area: 500 sqm

Structural Calculation: Mattiuz-Lozano

Brands / Products:
Blevel / aluminum carpentry
Conbell / kitchen furniture and dressing rooms

Q2 House Mendiolaza Cordoba

Photographer: Architect Gonzalo Viramonte

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Location: Mendiolaza, Córdoba, Argentina, South America

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