Encode Offices, Córdoba Property

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Encode Offices in Córdoba

22 Oct 2021

Design: Avendaño – Boffi – Ferreyra, arquitectos

Location: Córdoba, Argentina

Encode Offices Córdoba

Encode Offices

Faced with the commission to propose a programming-oriented space for Encode Offices that could include the new trends that pose labor equity, connection, integration and recreation, Avendaño – Boffi – Ferreyra, arquitectos set the challenge of ensuring that architecture also represents these intentions.

Encode Offices Córdoba

Encode Offices Córdoba

The architectural work is located in an existing building that previously housed the Cocina de Culturas cultural center. It is located in a peri-central neighborhood of the city of Córdoba.

Encode Offices Córdoba

Encode Offices Córdoba

The intervention sought to be kind to the environs without breaking the urban image that the building already presented in its place. The facade was rescued by making small interventions to achieve harmony with the existing language and also responding to the new needs of the company Encode S.A.

Encode Offices Córdoba

Encode Offices Córdoba

It was in the interior that a resounding change took place. Avendaño – Boffi – Ferreyra are looking for a clear concept that stands out the connection of three levels -through a void- where a clear and inclusive circulation highlight that accompanies the multiple height as a route. The modular structural scheme, arranged as a grid, made it easier to carry out the demolition to achieve these actions of spatial and circulatory ordering.

Encode Offices Córdoba

Encode Offices Córdoba

Three work areas are organized programmatically on open floors, accompanied by recreation areas in relation to the multiple height. The spaces of the three levels are linked by a ramp that reaches all of them and by slides that represent the relaxed and recreational spirit of the place.

Encode Offices Córdoba

Encode Offices Córdoba

Avendaño – Boffi – Ferreyra understood that the former Kitchen of Cultures left a cultural mark that they wanted to remember. The architects decided to do it with the local artist Elian Chalí through a mural that crosses all levels and is in contrast to the austere and monochromatic language of architecture. Avendaño – Boffi – Ferreyra integrate a artwork into the building that is walked through and appreciated from all levels, achieving a dynamic and fun language inside.

Encode Offices Córdoba

Encode Offices Córdoba

Encode Offices in Córdoba, Argentina – Building Information

Architecture Office: Avendaño – Boffi – Ferreyra, arquitectos

Contact email: [email protected]
Country of Office: ARGENTINA

Construction completion year: 2021
Constructed area: 1500 sqm
Location: City of Córdoba, Argentina

Encode Offices Córdoba

Encode Offices Córdoba

Photographer / Website: Gonzalo Viramonte

Encode Offices, Córdoba images / information received 221021

Location: Córdoba, Argentina, South America

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