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Duplex Chacras del Norte in Córdoba

19 July 2021

Design: MZ Architects

Location: Córdoba, Argentina

Duplex Chacras del Norte Córdoba

Duplex Chacras del Norte

Two houses on the same lot. That simple was the slogan of the client who commissioned the realization of Duplex Chacras del Norte – two housing units in a closed neighborhood practically destined for the construction of this typology.

Duplex Chacras del Norte Córdoba

Achieving a simple and forceful architectural expression to contrast with the excessive monotony of a duplex neighborhood without incurring great expenses, since the units were destined for sale, was one of our first premises. Then we did a survey of the supply of available homes, analyzing the m2-amenities-price ratio to the millimeter.

Duplex Chacras del Norte Córdoba

In the end, decide: lower the covered m2 with respect to the rest and, therefore, the price and not give up, in any way, visual impact to the buyer, both on the outside and inside. This is how our idea of a party arose.

Duplex Chacras del Norte Córdoba

Córdoba home design MZ Architects

An imposing metal structure to house the garages added to a cantilevered upper floor volume, clad with flagstone, define the volumetry of the façade, leaving room for whites and a glint of wood at the entrance door.

Córdoba property design MZ Architects

On the ground floor, there is a large living-dining room with a key detail: the opening that relates to the patio is from floor to ceiling and covers the entire width of the space, achieving a fantastic relationship with the gallery. We decided not to integrate the kitchen and use white in furniture to gain a feeling of spaciousness with black countertops, generating good contrast.

Duplex Chacras del Norte Córdoba

Duplex Chacras del Norte Córdoba

Upstairs, thanks to high-performance glass railings, we achieve transparency and continuity to the stairwell space, subsequently generating a volatile environment capable of housing a playroom, study, TV room or half-bedroom. Two full bedrooms with a bathroom finish setting up the floor plan.

Duplex Chacras del Norte Córdoba

For the patio, the best: a large gallery with a barbecue, in direct relation to the kitchen and living room and a sink removed to the maximum of the possibilities provided by municipal regulations, gaining a lot in green space.

Duplex Chacras del Norte Córdoba

The result? Four housing units were built and all were sold within twelve months.

Duplex Chacras del Norte Córdoba

Duplex Chacras del Norte in Córdoba, Argentina – Building Information

Architect: MZ Architects

Project Name: Duplex Chacras del Norte

Instagram: estudio_mzarquitectos
Contact email: [email protected]
Officers Country: Argentina

Construction final year: 2018
Built-up area: 360 sqm
Location: Córdoba Capital, Argentina.

Cargo Architects: Guillermo Marchetti – Emiliano Zuliani
Collaborators: Mattiuz-Lozano. Structural calculation.

Duplex Chacras del Norte Córdoba

Credits Photography: Arq. Gonzalo Viramonte
Sitio Web Photo: Instagram: @gonzaloviramonte

Duplex Chacras del Norte, Córdoba Argentina images / information received 190721

Location: Córdoba, Argentina, South America

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