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CASA PM in Córdoba, Argentina

23 Mar 2020

Casa PM, Córdoba

Architects: Estudio Di-AM Arquitectura

Location: Córdoba, Argentina, South America

Casa PM Mina Clavero Cordoba

Framed in the imposing landscape of Altas Cumbres in the wonderful valley of Traslasierra, the city of Mina Clavero comprises one of the biggest tourist attractions of the province of Córdoba, valued and appreciated for the excellent natural qualities of its rivers and mountain range.

Casa PM Mina Clavero Cordoba Casa PM Mina Clavero Cordoba

In that context of high natural predominance and in an urban environment of incipient development the Casa PM lot is located. It’s characterized by its irregular shape with topography of a mild slope and the presence of native flora to preserve.

Casa PM Mina Clavero Cordoba

Proyect Strategy
“Architecture is always a built idea” (Alberto Campo Baeza)

Casa PM Mina Clavero Cordoba

Based on the clients requirements, an older married couple who sporadically gets the visit of their children, the initial idea was to propose two functionally independent areas by developing them at different levels; expressing this conception through two juxtaposed volumes.

Casa PM Mina Clavero Cordoba

The volume on grounded floor is pointed toward North in a direct relation to the green space and the entrance. The one on the upper floor is faced toward East with the objective of get close visuals to the park and farther visuals to the mountain chain.

Casa PM Mina Clavero Cordoba

Functional Organization
The house adjusts to the flexibility of usage required by the customers, considering the contemporary ways to inhabit.

Casa PM Mina Clavero Cordoba

Casa PM Mina Clavero Cordoba

The first floor is set up as a functional unit used in a permanent way by its two owners. Toward East is arranged the living-dining room and to West is located the master bedroom with en-suite bathroom. The service spaces, kitchen, bathroom, staircase and garage make up a core of articulation that segregates the private areas from the public ones.

The upper floor is “activated” at the time of getting the visit of their children. It is compound by two bedrooms, a divided bathroom and a terrace that works as an expansion of the bedrooms becoming a privileged space of contemplation of the mountain range.

Casa PM Mina Clavero Cordoba

Casa PM Mina Clavero Cordoba

Image And Material Nature
It was chosen a simple and contemporary image using partitions and exposed reinforced concrete slabs, noble aging and low maintenance material, combining them with the natural expression of the timber from the sliding shutters.
It was used masonry of ceramic blocks plastered with external finishes with white textured covering, pre-molded slats slabs, porcelain tile floor on the inside and cement stucco on the outside.

The staircase was materialized in exposed reinforced concrete, composed by suspended steps, shaped as a sculptural element.

Mina Clavero residence

Suitable to the climatic conditions from Traslasierra, the implementation strategy takes into account efficient sunlight, optimal natural lighting, and the effective cross ventilation of all environments. Intermediate and transitional spaces were planned to temper the thermal differences between the inside and the outside. The North veranda acts as an expansion of the living-dining room regulating its sunlight and thermal comfort.

Mina Clavero house in Córdoba

Casa PM, Córdoba – Building Information

Architecture Office: Estudio Di-AM Arquitectura

Construction end year: 2017
Constructed area: 234.40 sqm
Location: Mina Clavero, Córdoba, Argentina

Photography Credits: Arch. Gonzalo Viramonte

Architect in Charge: Architect Ignacio Pereyra
Design Team: Arch. Maria Laura Casalis, Arch. Emiliana Jeandrevin, Arch. Fabian Tolosa

Mina Clavero, Córdoba House

Photographer: Architect Gonzalo Viramonte

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Location: Mina Clavero, Córdoba, Argentina, South America

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