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CASA LLV in Cordoba, Argentina

Modern Brick House Development in Argentina design by FLV Arquitectura

12 Sep 2019

CASA LLV – Córdoba House

Architects: FLV Arquitectura

Location: Córdoba, Argentina, South America

Casa LLV Cordoba

The site for CASA LLV, located in a closed neighborhood in the southern area of Córdoba, borders the background with a green landscape of great landscape granted by a channel that crosses the neighborhood from axis to axis.

Casa LLV Cordoba

Casa LLV Cordoba

It also has the peculiarity of presenting an unevenness, which was taken as a starting point to project the layout of the house.

Casa LLV Cordoba Casa LLV Cordoba

In this way the garage was arranged at medium level under the street and the house was arranged according to the level of the ground floor, giving priority to a level garden with the general floor.

Casa LLV Cordoba

The connection between these levels and the street is made by ramps, one of pedestrian access ascending towards the entrance door; and the other one of descending vehicular access towards the garage.

Casa LLV Cordoba

As a general aesthetic of the house, a rectangular plant wrapped in a brick skin was projected, which becomes permeable according to the visual or sunny needs.

Casa LLV Cordoba

It is generated towards the street, behind this brick shell, a longitudinal patio that not only protects the privacy of the bedrooms but also generates a protection from the sun given by its orientation.

Casa LLV Cordoba

The plant is distributed in 3 sectors, where the private sector is oriented towards the facade, the semi-private one in the center, and the public sector towards the bottom with general views towards the garden.

Casa LLV Cordoba

This distribution led to the generation of a large ramp that accompanies the extension of the house, to generate a leading income towards the main environment. It was decided to locate the large social space by taking the entire buildable width of the land, and in clear relation to the bback of the site.

Casa LLV Cordoba

For this environment, a living room was designed with a semi-integrated kitchen that allows sectorization to be made possible by means of aluminum folding doors.

Casa LLV Cordoba

Casa LLV Cordoba

CASA LLV, Córdoba – Building Information

Project Name: CASA LLV
Architecture Office Name: FLV Arquitectura
Architects authors of the work: María Cecilia Franco – Delfina López Villagra
Location (street, commune, city, country): Manantiales Country, Córdoba, Argentina
Construction term year: 2019
Constructed area: 365 sqm

Brands / Products
Cerro Negro / Porcelananto simile wood
Noval / Aluminum openings
Merlino / Building Materials
Rock / Sanitary
Saniplast / Sanitary material

Casa LLV Cordoba
Photographer: Gonzalo Viramonte

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Location: Córdoba, Argentina, South America

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