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Casa DP in Córdoba, Argentina

7 Jan 2021

Casa DP, Córdoba Property

Design: PSV Arquitectura

Location: Cordoba, Argentina

Casa DP Cordoba

Casa DP is structured by two large volumes that dialogue and define its layout on the ground. A large horizontal prism sits along its length and contains the social sectors of the house. Next to it, an imposing cube is attached containing the private sectors of it.

Casa DP Cordoba

Casa DP Cordoba

The morphological contrast of both, marks and hierarchizes the entrance to the house, which acts as a link between the two volumes.

Casa DP Cordoba

Casa DP Cordoba

Regarding its functional distribution, there are no grays in the proposal. Social activities take place in the concrete volume distributed in a gradient of privacy from the kitchen to the barbecue area.

Casa DP Cordoba

Casa DP Cordoba

The arrangement is not random, since the large lateral extension of said volume allows a perfect integration with the environment, and the permanent use of visuals and lighting. A central internal yard in said volume connects both gardens of the house in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, thus generating the incorporation of vegetation and environmental quality inside the house.

Casa DP Cordoba

Casa DP Cordoba

As for private activities, a large study / playroom acts as an anteroom and auditive filter to the bedrooms and master suite. An industrial-style semi-imperial staircase that ends in a mezzanine, hierarchizes and resolves the space by generating a double height in it.

Casa DP Cordoba

Casa DP Cordoba

Following the great formal contrast of the volumetric composition, the structure and materiality is resolved in two different ways.

Casa DP Cordoba

Casa DP Cordoba

The social prism is resolved entirely by beams, partitions and exposed concrete slabs, giving it great character and for its part the private cube is clad in black cementitious brick, giving visual solidity to the extruded volume for the generation of windows.

Casa DP Cordoba

DP House in Córdoba, Argentina – Building Information

Architecture Office: PSV Arquitectura

Construction completion year: 2020
Constructed area: 530 sqm
Location: Quinta de los Nores Martínez, Córdoba Capital, Córdoba, Argentina

Project: Ezequiel Vázquez
Technical conduction: Fátima Escobar – Máximo Sonzini Astudillo
Administration: Milagros Porta
Collaborators: Sol Feltes – Joaquín Ferrer
Clients: From francisco – Porta
Suppliers: Solutec aluminum openings, Conbell amoblamientos, Tello premoldeados, Corblock Saic, De maderas S.A., Edificor, Ferrocons, FV, Ferrum, Johnson Aceros, Peirano, Light Lighting.

Casa DP Cordoba

Photographer: Architect Gonzalo Viramonte

Casa DP in Córdoba images / information received 070121

Location: Córdoba, Argentina, South America

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