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Contemporary Dutch Architecture Studio Opens in Paris, France – Rotterdam Design Office, NL

Post updated 22 November 2023

MVRDV News in 2023

MVRDV Architects News

21 November 2023
La Serre, ZAC Léon Blum eco-district, Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris, France
Design: MVRDV
La Serre ZAC Léon Blum eco-district, Issy-les-Moulineaux Paris
image © ENGRAM
La Serre, ZAC Léon Blum, Issy-les-Moulineaux

25 May 2023
Ziel, next to the Villa Biarritz park, Punta Carretas neighbourhood, Montevideo, Uruguay
Ziel Montevideo homes, Uruguay building
images © MVRDV
Ziel Montevideo homes
The construction permit for MVRDV’s 15-storey residential building in Montevideo, Uruguay has been approved. Comprising a loosely-stacked series of individual homes, the design is open and porous, allowing light and air to permeate the entire building and creating plenty of open and green spaces for residents of all ages to enjoy and share. Named Ziel, the project – designed for developer IXOU, in collaboration with executive architect Monoblock – is MVRDV’s first in Uruguay.

5 Apr 2023
Innovation Park Artificial Intelligence, Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Innovation Park Artificial Intelligence Heilbronn Germany
render © MVRDV
Innovation Park Artificial Intelligence Heilbronn
Circumscribing the campus buildings is a 1.2-kilometre-long path that incorporates various activities that animate the campus, including a sprint track, skate park, tribune, and viewpoints to the surroundings. Inside the platonic shape, the masterplan is simple, flexible, and sustainable.

21 Mar 2023
Hyde Park, Amsterdam, North-Holland, The Netherlands
Hyde Park Hoofddorp Station District Amsterdam
render : MVRDV
Hyde Park, Hoofddorp Station District Amsterdam

21 Feb 2023
Wholesale Market, Tainan City, Southern Taiwan
Tainan Wholesale Market Southern Taiwan
photo © Shephotoerd
Tainan Wholesale Market Southern Taiwan
MVRDV completes wholesale market in Tainan with publicly accessible roof MVRDV has completed construction of a new Wholesale Market for fruit and vegetables in Tainan.

3 Jan 2023
Hoowave Water Factory, Huwei, Taiwan
Anqingzhen Wetland - Hoowave Water Factory, Huwei, Taiwan
image © MVRDV
Hoowave Water Factory Huwei

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MVRDV News in 2022

MVRDV Architects News in 2022

23 December 2022
A look at MVRDV’s upcoming project completions in 2023
The Canyon Mission Rock MVRDV Architects Studio
image © Pixelflakes
With the end of 2022 in sight, it’s natural to look back on the past year. For MVRDV, they look back on 15 completed projects, including six openings and three temporary installations in countries around the world:
MVRDV Architects Studio News

21 Dec 2022
Project Gomila, El Terreno, Palma, Balearic Islands, Spain
Design: MVRDV with GRAS Reynés Arquitectos
Project Gomila, Palma de Mallorca
photograph © Daria Scagliola
Project Gomila, Palma de Mallorca

24 Oct 2022
Lyon Part-Dieu urban shopping centre
La Part Dieu Shopping Center Lyon
photo © Ossip van Duivenbode
La Part Dieu Shopping Center Lyon
MVRDV has completed the transformation of La Part-Dieu urban shopping centre in Lyon, France. The project has transformed the original building from the 1970s, “re-socialising” the shopping centre and transforming Lyon’s city centre.

19 Sep 2022
Valley, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Valley Mixed-Use Development Zuidas Amsterdam
image Courtesy architecture office
Valley Mixed-Use Development, Zuidas

16 Jun 2022
Centraal Beheer Building Renewal and Additions, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Centraal Beheer Building Apeldoorn NL
photo courtesy of Certitudo Capital – An aerial view of the Centraal Beheer building and the Pakhoedtorens taken in 2015
Centraal Beheer Building Apeldoorn, NL

2 June 2022
The Podium on Het Nieuwe Instituut roof, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
The Podium on Het Nieuwe Instituut roof, Rotterdam
photo © Ossip van Duivenbode
The Podium on Het Nieuwe Instituut roof
The mayor of Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb opened The Podium in a ceremony at Het Nieuwe Instituut. Designed by MVRDV, the 29-metre-high platform makes the roof of the museum accessible via a 143-step external staircase.

26 May 2022
Rotterdam Rooftop Walk, over the Coolsingel, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Design: Rotterdam Rooftop Days and MVRDV
Rotterdam Rooftop Walk by MVRDV
photo © Ossip van Duivenbode
Rotterdam Rooftop Walk by MVRDV
The Rooftop Walk aims to give the public a new perspective on the city. The extensive programming should increase visitors’ awareness of the potential of roofs, which can become a “second layer” that makes the city more liveable, biodiverse, sustainable, and healthy.

13 Apr 2022
Floriade Expo 2022, The Netherlands
Floriade 2022 Expo Almere, The Netherlands
photo © Walter Herfst
Floriade-2022 Expo Almere masterplan
On April 14th the Floriade Expo 2022, the International Horticultural Exhibition held in the Netherlands once every 10 years, opens in Almere. King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands opened the site today, as final additions were being made to the pavilions and planting. For six months, the 60-hectare Floriade park on the Weerwater will showcase the latest horticultural developments from around the world.

17 Mar 2022
Project Gomila, Palma, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, south eastern Spain
Architect: MVRDV and GRAS Reynés Arquitectos
Gomila Mixed-Use Masterplan Mallorca
images © MVRDV + GRAS
Project Gomila, Palma, Mallorca
The plan renovates four existing buildings and adds three new ones to reinvigorate El Terreno as a vibrant, green, sustainable residential neighbourhood. Each of the buildings have their own unique character derived from their colours, materials, and rooflines, together forming a distinctive place that is in tune with the Mediterranean lifestyle.

28 Feb 2022
Rotterdam Architecture Month design, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Rotterdam Architecture Month 2022 building design by MVRDV
image © MVRDV
Rotterdam Architecture Month 2022
Rotterdam is gaining a unique, temporary vantage point this summer. Rotterdam Architecture Month (RA Month) and Het Nieuwe Instituut are joining forces to build an urban podium on the roof of Het Nieuwe Instituut. Architecture events will be held at The Podium throughout the month of June. The Podium can be visited free of charge via a lift and a giant staircase along the institute’s façade.

17 Jan 2022
Sun Rock, Changhua Coastal Industrial Park, near to Taichung, Taiwan
Sun Rock in Taichung, Taiwan, by MVRDV
image © MVRDV
Sun Rock in Taichung
Located at the Changhua Coastal Industrial Park, near to Taichung, the building’s primary purpose is for the storage and maintenance of sustainable energy equipment. The site for Taipower’s new facility receives a significant amount of solar exposure throughout the year, and so the rounded shape of Sun Rock is designed to maximise how much of that sunlight can be harnessed for energy.

12 Jan 2022
Gagarin Valley Vision, Yerevan, Armenia
Gagarin Valley Vision by MVRDV, Armenia
image © MVRDV
Gagarin Valley Vision by MVRDV
On Tuesday, January 11th, in the presence of Armenian government officials, MVRDV unveiled its vision for the Gagarin Valley. MVRDV was commissioned by the Armenian non-profit organisation DAR Foundation for Regional Development and Competitiveness to develop a vision that will make the 34,000-hectare area more sustainable and ecologically diverse.

12 Dec 2021
Bulgari flagship store, Shanghai Plaza 66, Nanjing Road, Shanghai, China
Bulgari Shanghai Plaza 66 retail façade by MVRDV
photograph © Bulgari
Bulgari Shanghai retail façade design by MVRDV
Shanghai Plaza 66 – one of the largest and most popular shopping malls in Shanghai – is now the home of a new Bulgari flagship store at Shanghai’s Nanjing Road. The new store features a green, jade-like façade designed by MVRDV, made from brass and recycled champagne, beer, and other glass bottles.

25 Nov 2021
Idea Factory Nantou, Shenzhen, China
Idea Factory Nantou Shenzhen building by MVRDV
photo © Xia Zhi 夏至
Idea Factory Nantou, Shenzhen
Rather than demolish and rebuild, the Idea Factory design sustainably renovates a disused factory building. The project contains a mixture of offices for the Urban Research Institute of China Vanke and offices for rent – yet despite this programme, its distinguishing features are public in nature.

23 Nov 2021
‘O’, Franklin Mitte, Mannheim, Germany
O Franklin Mitte, Mannheim by MVRDV
image © MVRDV
‘O’ Franklin Mitte, Mannheim
The first apartment sales have been closed for the ‘O’, an MVRDV-designed high-rise that – as one of four letter-shaped apartment buildings that together spell out the word HOME – forms one of the standout elements of Mannheim’s Franklin Mitte neighbourhood. The 15-storey building mixes 120 apartments with ground level commercial units and a bar and terrace.

Oct 1, 2020
Glass Mural, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Glass Mural Detroit Michigan
photo : MVRDV
Glass Mural Detroit
The Netherlands-based architecture and design firm MVRDV has released details about Glass Mural, a one-of-a-kind, four-story office and retail building located in Detroit’s beloved Eastern Market neighborhood.

11 Nov 2019
The Imprint, Paradise City, Seoul, South Korea
Imprint Paradise City Seoul - South Korean Architecture News
photograph © Ossip van Duivenbode
The Imprint at Paradise City in Seoul
A new 2-building art-entertainment complex close to Incheon Airport. Featuring a nightclub in one building and indoor theme park in the other, the windowless structures feature three key design elements: imprints of the façade features of surrounding buildings, lifted entrances, and a golden entrance spot covering one corner of the nightclub building.

15 Sep 2018
MVRDV Recommendations For a Resilient Future in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA
MVRDV Presents 5 Recommendations for a Resilient Future
image © 2018 Kubany Judlowe
San Francisco Bay Area Recommendations by MVRDV
On September 12th at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, MVRDV presented a new report titled ‘Too Much + Too Little’ that offers 5 recommendations to Bay Area officials on the region’s plans for a resilient future.

30 Jul 2018
The Stack for Southbank, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Architects: MVRDV and Woods Bagot
The Stack for Southbank by Beulah in Melbourne
image courtesy of architects office
The Stack for Southbank
MVRDV and Woods Bagot have proposed a “new kind of skyscraper” for a landmark mixed-use site in Melbourne’s Southbank. The Stack is one of six invited entries in an architectural competition organised by the site’s owners Beulah International, a Melbourne-based developer known for its commitment to excellence in local design.

17 May 2018
MVRDV opens new Paris office

MVRDV in Paris

France has become an important country for MVRDV. In fifteen years, the Rotterdam practice realised various projects in France. For example, Pushed Slab (2014), a large office complex in Paris and the transformation of the Teletech Campus (2012) in Dijon.

In 2009 MVRDV, in collaboration with ACS Architects, Palo Alto, and AAF Architects and Urbanists, Paris, the firm took on the challenge of the then-president Nicolas Sarkozy to devise a masterplan for Paris and its suburbs. This resulted in Grand Paris, an urban vision for 2030. “We have already worked for a long time and intensely in France. We want to deepen that love with our presence,” says Winy Maas, co-founder, MVRDV.

2018 looks promising: a start has been made with the reconstruction of the Part-Dieu shopping centre in Lyon, and with the extensive renovation of the Gaite-Montparnasse shopping centre in Paris, a porous façade connecting the mall to the street, library and station. For Bordeaux and Rennes, MVRDV designed striking apartment complexes situated next to the waterfront. The construction of Maison du Projet in Bordeaux and Ilot l’Octroi in Rennes will commence later this year.

By opening an office in Paris alongside a head office in Rotterdam and an office in Shanghai, MVRDV wants to strengthen its presence in France and provide a solid basis for future assignments. The new office will be led by architect Bertrand Schippan, who was involved in various French projects and it is located near the famous Marché de Montorgueil in a six-storey Art Nouveau building from 1905 that was designed by Gustave Eiffel.

MVRDV Architects News 2018 – latest additions to this page, chronological:

27 Feb 2018
Gaité Montparnasse, Paris, France
Gaite Montparnasse in Paris
image © L’Autre Image
Gaité Montparnasse Development
Construction start for this 108,000 sqm mixed-use development on the large roof of the shopping centre Les Ateliers Gaité. The project includes a hotel, offices, social housing units and a kindergarten.

26 Feb 2018
Weenapoint Complex, Rottterdam, The Netherlands
Weenapoint Complex in Rotterdam
image courtesy of architects office
Weenapoint Complex
A mixed office, residential and commercial program by the Maarsen Groep. Dutch architects MVRDV was selected as architects after a design competition for this inner-city development. The complex will consist of approximately 17,000 sqm of offices, a transparent commercial plinth and between 200 to 300 apartments. Completion is set for mid-2022.

8 Feb 2018
Fabryczna offices, Lódz, central Poland
Design: MVRDV, Architects with Piotr Bilinski Architects
Fabryczna Offices Lódz, MVRDV Polish Building
image courtesy of architects office
Fabryczna Offices Lódz
This is a proposed 13-storey office and retail building with 31,000m2 of space in Lódz. The project was commissioned by Invest Company and is due to start on site this summer, with completion set for 2020.

7 Feb 2018
The Milestone Building, Esslingen, Germany
The Milestone Building
image courtesy of architects
The Milestone Building
The Milestone is a new 6,500 sqm mixed-use office building by MVRDV with a distinct part-reflective façade and open geometric core has been selected by a jury for the city of Esslingen. The building will literally be a milestone, its façade designed like a crystal rock is interactive and carries the topography of the town and messages about the history and people of Esslingen. In this sense, it will become a new landmark for Esslingen that celebrates its past whilst looking forward towards the future. RVI developers have commissioned the project and construction start is envisioned for 2020.

7 Nov 2017
MVRDV completes Tianjin Binhai Public Library, China
Tianjin Binhai Library Building by MVRDV Architects
photo : Ossip van Duivenbode
Tianjin Binhai Public Library Building
This new building is a 33,700 sqm cultural centre featuring a luminous spherical auditorium around which floor-to-ceiling bookcases cascade. The undulating bookshelf is the building’s main spatial device, and is used both to frame the space and to create stairs, seating, the layered ceiling and even louvres on the façade.

2 Nov 2017
The Why Factory – Research, Education and Public Engagement – TU Delft + MVRDV

Location: SpazioFMG per l’Architettura, Milan, Italy
Dates: 8 Nov – 1 Dec 2017

SpazioFMG Milan The Why Factory exhibition in Italy 2017
photo : Frans Parthesius

Wednesday 8th November sees the opening at SpazioFMG per l’Architettura of a new exhibition presented by the Milan gallery in 2017:

The Why Factory Exhibition Milan

6 Sep 2017
Magasin 113, Gothenburg, Sweden
Design: MVRDV and BSK Arkitekter
Magasin 113
image : MVRDV
Magasin 113 Gothenburg
Vision for a former warehouse: transformation into a 16,500sqm mixed-use building located in Frihamnen RiverCity. It is one of the few remaining multi-story warehouses in this Swedish city. The cultural development with both private and public functions.

5 Sep 2017
Valley, CBD Zuidas, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Valley Towers by MVRDV at Amsterdam CBD Zuidas
picture : Vero Visuals
Valley Towers by MVRDV at Amsterdam CBD Zuidas
A 75,000m2, green-terraced, mixed-use building located on the Amsterdam’s Central Business District Zuidas. The design for OVG Real Estate was selected by the Municipality of Amsterdam in 2015. It will include apartments, offices, an underground parking, a sky bar and various retail and cultural facilities.

1 Aug 2017
The Sax Tower, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
The Sax, Rotterdam Tower by MVRDV
images courtesy of MVRDV and WAX Architectural Visualisations
The Sax in Rotterdam
Development partners BPD Bouwfonds Property Development, Ontwikkeling B.V. and SYNCHROON Ontwikkelaars in consultation with the municipality of Rotterdam, have been working since 2015 on the development of residential buildings Philadelphia & Havana.

15 Jun 2017
Ilot Queyries Mixed-Use Development, Bordeaux, France
Ilot Queyries
image : MVRDV
Ilot Queyries Mixed-Use Development
Designed to fully exploit this exceptional location, Ilot Queyries’ facades adapt to their opposite views towards the River Garonne and the historic city.

1 Dec 2016
Y House by MVRDV in Northeast Tainan, Taiwan
Y House by MVRDV in Northeast Tainan
image : MVRDV
Y House by MVRDV
A private villa offering escapism from city life and a sky-high rooftop swimming pool

10 Oct 2016
MVRDV win competition for Xili sports and cultural centre Shenzhen
Design: MVRDV with Zhubo Architecture Design
Xili Sports and Cultural Centre Shenzhen
image : MVRDV
Xili Sports and Cultural Centre Shenzhen
Chinese architectural competition win: The project will bring together a wide range of activities in this new experience centre with four distinct volumes and a total surface area of 105,000m2 including a theatre, a basketball and badminton arena, a multifunctional arena and a swimming pool, set to become ‘the’ social and well-being focal point of Shenzhen’s Dasha Green corridor.

13 Sep 2016
Hamburg Innovation Port Master Plan, Germany
Design: MVRDV with morePlatz
Hamburg Innovation Port Master Plan
image : MVRDV
Hamburg Innovation Port Master Plan
MVRDV wins the masterplan competition of Hamburg Innovation Port, a new 70.000m2 development in Channel Hamburg, the Hanse City’s southern high-tech hub. The project connects existing port typologies with urban dynamic and architectural diversity to realise a strong identity and innovation on the site. One existing hall is absorbed into the composition.

31 + 29 Aug 2016
Glasgow City Centre Regeneration Strategy, Scotland
Glasgow City Council launch the latest phase of a 10-year city centre regeneration strategy by MVRDV and Austin-Smith:Lord.

Regeneration work will focus on nine districts: Anderston ; Broomielaw ; Centre ; Cowcaddens ; Merchant City and High Street ; Sauchiehall ; St Enoch ; Townhead ; University and Cathedral.

MVRDV have a worldwide reputation for freethinking, innovative design. Designs by these Dutch architects are often exuberant. It will be interesting to see how they can weave fresh ideas into this civic renewal.

Given the amount of public realm involved one might have expected input from practices such as Gehl Architects (Jan Gehl, architect and urban design consultant based in Copenhagen) or GROSS MAX (Edinburgh-based award-winning landscape architects with a reputation for work at the cutting edge of landscape design).

However Austin-Smith:Lord (offices across the UK) has a good pedigree in civic renewal. The Glasgow studio was responsible for the award-winning revitalised town centre public realm in Helensburgh.

Initial consultations for the Sauchiehall district outlined the need for an urban park over the M8 near Charing Cross, providing better cycle and pedestrian access.

The focus now switches to Broomielaw, Blythswood, Central and St. Enoch.

Stakeholders are invited to bring forward ideas and opinions to Winy Mass of MVRDV and Graham Ross of Austin-Smith:Lord.

Ref. news further down this page dated 3 + 2 May 2016 – Glasgow City Centre District Regeneration Frameworks

18 Jul 2016
MVRDV House – Our House in the Middle of the Street, Rotterdam, Netherlands
photograph © Ossip van Duivenbode
MVRDV House Rotterdam
MVRDV has moved into the MVRDV House, their new offices in central Rotterdam, marking a new chapter for the expanding architectural practice. The new location, in the iconic post-war monument Het Industriegebouw, is situated in the heart of Rotterdam’s city centre and is moments away from the firm’s Markthal.

23 Jun 2016
Tianjin Binhai Library, China
Tianjin Binhai Library
image from architects firm
Tianjin Binhai Library Building
MVRDV are nearing the completion of a library in Tianjin, China. The 34,200 m2 building forms part of the new Binhai Cultural Centre, the masterplan of which was designed by German architects GMP, and joins four other buildings through a series of ‘cultural corridors’.

3 + 2 May 2016
Glasgow City Centre District Regeneration Frameworks, Scotland
MVRDV and Austin-Smith:Lord to lead regeneration of Glasgow’s City Centre Districts
Glasgow Regeneration Masterplan
image from architectural office
Glasgow City Centre District Regeneration Frameworks

Glasgow City Council have appointed a team led by MVRDV and Austin-Smith:Lord, supported by Space Syntax and a multidisciplinary team, to embark on the design of District Regeneration Frameworks for four districts of Glasgow City Centre. These Regeneration Frameworks will look to create a clear urban structure to realise Glasgow’s economic, cultural and social potential.

Winy Maas of MVRDV said, “We have an incredibly exciting opportunity to further elaborate Glasgow centre’s potential on every scale. For the residents it is to make the city a vibrant and exciting place to live in at this moment. But we have to look ahead as well and create the plan for a city that can adapt and change in response to whatever the future throws at it; whilst at the same time capturing and developing the identity of the city and its people and further stimulating programmatic and economic development.”

20 Apr 2016
Crystal Houses, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Crystal Houses
photography : Daria Scagliola & Stijn Brakkee
Crystal Houses Amsterdam
Flagship store with a replica façade made entirely out of glass: The glass doors of Crystal Houses has opened, a visionary exploration into reimagining the possible uses of glass in construction. The entirely transparent façade of a high-end flagship store on Amsterdam’s upmarket shopping street, PC Hooftstraat, uses glass bricks, glass windows frames and glass architraves in a way to evoke the vernacular of the area with the goal to maintain the character of the site.

7 Apr 2016
The Stairs in Rotterdam from Stationsplein to top of Groot Handelsgebouw, Netherlands
The Stairs in Rotterdam
image : Frank van Dam/MVRDV
The Stairs in Rotterdam
The arrival of The Stairs follows the Rotterdam tradition of celebrating reconstruction milestones. Large cultural events often provide beautiful vantage points, such as the Euromast, which was built for the Floriade in 1960 and the cable cars on the Coolsingel for the reconstruction event C70.

1 Mar 2016
Transformation of shopping centre Part-Dieu in Lyon, France
Part Dieu Shopping Centre
image from architect
Shopping Centre Part-Dieu in Lyon
Gérard Collomb, the Mayor of Lyon, has officially announced MVRDV’s transformation of Lyon’s large Part-Dieu shopping centre, the centre piece in a major renovation which includes the surrounding district.

8 Feb 2016
La Grande Mosaïque, 600 hectare urban plan in Caen, Normandy
Caen Masterplan La Grande Mosaique
La Grande Mosaique in Caen
La Grande Mosaïque, MVRDV’s urban planning project in Caen, France, has been in development for two years and has already seen a series of projects under construction within the masterplan, with many more breaking ground in the coming years. The 600 hectare masterplan tackles the problems caused by the area’s heavy industry and rapid de-industrialisation, integrating the historic aspects of the site with the natural environment.

20 Nov 2015
Tainan Urban Lagoon Transformation, Taiwan
Design: MVRDV / The Urbanist Collaborative / LLJ Architects
Tainan Urban Lagoon by MVRDV
The transformation of China-Town Mall and its perpendicular axis Haian Road, which together form the T-axis, aims to re-establish the waterfront connection and provide an important stimulus to the redevelopment of the neighbourhood by encouraging the use of public spaces and creating a cohesive urban language.

16 Nov 2015
The Why Factory Publishes Research on Nanotechnology in Architecture
The Why Factory Research on Nanotechnology in Architecture
Rotterdam, November 16, 2015 – Is the end of brick and mortar near? How could nanotechnology change buildings and cities in the future? A speculation of The Why Factory on this topic is illustrated in the best tradition of science fiction in the newly published book Barba.

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Book Mountain Spijkenisse – Biography of a Building
image by architects

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1991 – Winy Maas co-founded MVRDV with Jacoiv van Rijs & Natalie de Vries – the ‘Office of Architecture and Urbanism’ in Rotterdam. He worked with Unesco and with OMA (Office of Metropolitan Architecture) in Rotterdam.

Winy Maas teaches and lectures at the Architectural Association, London, the Technical University, Delft, the Berlage Institute, Amsterdam, and the Academies of Architecture and Urban Planning in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.


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