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post updated 31 March 2023

Miralles Tagliabue EMBT News

31 Mar 2023
Nutura Pavilion by Benedetta Tagliabue – EMBT Architects, Università degli studi di Milano, Via Festa del Perdono, Milan, Italy
Nutura Pavilion Fuorisalone by Benedetta Tagliabue
image courtesy of architects practice
Nutura Pavilion by Benedetta Tagliabue – EMBT Architects at the Fuori Salone
Following Benedetta Tagliabue – EMBT Architects’ design of creating ceramic tiles with allegorical drawings of Nu Tura, a subtle reference to these two new collections can be found on the floor of the pavilion. Combining technology and tradition, this work is made up of ceramic tiles produced by Ceràmice Cumella, in collaboration with IAAC.

EMBT News in 2022

Trame Della Memoria Exhibition, Royal Academy of Spain in Rome, Italy

Architectural intervention on the heritage of Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue EMBT 1992-2022.

Thursday March 3, 2022

The Ambassador of Spain in Italy has the honor to invite you to the opening of the exhibition: TRAME DELLA MEMORIA. Architectural intervention on the heritage of Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue EMBT 1992-2022.

Curated by Benedetta Tagliabue, a project of the Fundació Miralles with the support of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda. General Directorate of Urban Agenda and Architecture, in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome.

6:00 p.m.
Opening talk by Benedetta Tagliabue with Iñaqui Carnicero

7:15 p.m.
exhibition opening

Free access until full capacity. Reservation suggested:
[email protected]
phone +39 065812806

Visit to the exhibition accompanied in groups of 10 people.
In compliance with current regulations, access is subject to the security protocols decreed by the Italian Government.

Real Academia de España en Roma (Royal Academy of Spain in Rome)
Piazza San Pietro in Montorio 3


Trame Della Memoria Exhibition Opening, Royal Academy of Spain in Rome, Italy


Architectural intervention on the heritage of Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue EMBT 1992-2022.

March 3, 2022

L’Ambasciatore di Spagna in Italia has the honor of inviting her to the opening of the show: TRAME DELLA MEMORIA.
Architectural intervention on the heritage of Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue EMBT 1992-2022.

A cura di Benedetta Tagliabue, a project of the Fundació Miralles with the support of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda. General Directorate of Urban Agenda and Architecture, in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome.

Inaugural Lecture by Benedetta Tagliabue with Iñaqui Carnicero

Opening of the show

Free access:
[email protected]
phone +39 065812806

Visit the show in groups of 10 people.
In compliance with current regulations on access.

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2 December 2021

Book Launch ‘La Pintura del Siglo XIX. Una visión estético-conceptual’

Thursday, December 2nd, 19:00

BOOK LAUNCH ‘La Pintura del Siglo XIX. Una visión estético-conceptual’ by Julio Martínez Calzón.

Benedetta Tagliabue and the Fundació Enric Miralles are pleased to announce the presentation of the third volume of the book ‘La pintura del siglo XIX. Una visión estético-conceptual’ by Julio Martínez Calzón, which will take place this Thursday, December 2nd at 7:00 p.m. at the Fundació Enric Miralles.

To control the capacity, please confirm attendance at: info(at)fundacioenricmiralles.com

Fundació Enric Miralles
Passatge de la Pau 10bis
08002, Barcelona

3 Dec 2020
Shenzhen Conservatory of Music Competition

Shenzhen Conservatory of Music Competition
image courtesy of architects

Miralles Tagliabue EMBT + HYP Arch Design have been selected, with other 4 international architecture studios, to enter the next round of the International Competition for Architectural Design of Shenzhen Conservatory of Music.

Shenzhen Conservatory of Music is one of “Ten Cultural Facilities in New Era” invested by Shenzhen Municipal Government. With the demand for music and art talents in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, relying on CUHK-Shenzhen’s successful experience, Shenzhen Conservatory of Music will integrate advanced educational philosophies and establish an international, innovative, world-leading higher education institution for music and art.

Other participants: Vector Architects + AUBE, Barozzi / Veiga GmbH + HSArchitects, IPPR + Arkkitehtitoimisto ALA Oy, Ennead Architects LLP + CSCEC Northeast.

Competition website

Simon Architecture Prize 3rd Edition

Miralles Tagliabue EMBT are excited to announce that our project Kálida Sant Pau Centre, completed in Barcelona in 2019 as part of Maggie’s global network of cancer caring centres, has been selected for the 2020 Living Places – Simon Architecture Prize.

The Kálida Centre is a space of emotional, social and practical support for cancer patients and people around them. It is a home opened to everyone, where qualified professionals offer their help. A house to meet other people, a house where to find a quiet retreat or to have a cup of tea.

Simon Architecture Prize

Piranesi Prix de Rome Award 2020

The Scientific Committee of the Piranesi Prix of Rome, in collaboration with the Board of Architects, Landscapers, Planners and Conservators of Rome and province, have indicated Benedetta Tagliabue – Miralles Tagliabue EMBT of Barcelona – for the assignment of the Piranesi Prix de Rome for their career achievement 2020.

The name and work of Benedetta Tagliabue and the EMBT studio constitute an important new chapter in the history of the Piranesi Prix de Rome, which further enriches a very high-profile gold book studded with figures that have made contemporary architecture as the preferred field of application for continuous research on the very essence of architecture and on the permanent values of the classic in the complex becoming and changing of reality; from Rafael Moneo to David Chipperfield, from Peter Eisenman to Bernard Tschumi and Yoshio Taniguchi; from Alberto Campo Baeza to Eduardo Souto de Moura and others.

The award ceremony will take place next March 2021 in Rome.

Piranesi Prix de Rome

Foro Cerámico Hispalyt

Benedetta Tagliabue will take part in the ‘Foro Cerámico Hispalyt’ lecture series, where she will present the latest updates of the on-going projects of EMBT.

These conferences ‘Lecciones Aprendidas’ are organized by Foro Cerámico Hispalyt, Escuelas de Arquitectura de la Universidad Europea de Madrid, Universidad de A Coruña y Universidad CEU San Pablo (Madrid). Further speakers include Toni Cumella, Berengué Roldán, Julio Jesús Palomino.

Lecture: Wednesday 3rd of December – 18.00h (Online)

Naples Underground Central Station

The Naples Underground Central Station is moving forward with its construction. The ‘Centro Direzionale’ area, where the new metro station will be located, is a complex of towers and platforms designed in the 70s. This new station would be an improvement in the connectivity between this area and Naples’ town centre. The new public spaces would allow different, fresher uses.

View project

A talk with Benedetta Tagliabue 

In a recent interview by Mutina, Benedetta Tagliabue speaks about her passion for architecture, as well as her inspiration and the role of sustainability when working on the project of Kàlida Sant Pau.

Enjoy the interview via this link.

13 Feb 2020
EMBT Opening Exhibition “PATH TO HEAVEN”

As a special tribute to Santa Eulàlia the Fundació Enric Miralles announce the opening of the Exhibition “Path to Heaven; a reflection on the hand and machine drawing” which will take place this Friday 14th of February, in the Passatge de la Pau 10bis, Barcelona.

EMBT Opening Exhibition PATH TO HEAVEN

The Exhibition will open with a short conversation moderated by Benedetta Tagliabue (director of the Fundació Enric Miralles) with the artists of the piece Caterina Miralles, Tiffany Attali, Calin Segal and Codin Segal.

17 Dec 2019
EMBT Book launch – ‘Conversations and Allusions: Enric Miralles’

La Fundació Enric Miralles, el estudio de arquitectura Miralles Tagliabue EMBT y la editorial ACTAR tienen el placer de invitarle al encuentro “Conversations and Allusions: Enric Miralles” que tendrá lugar hoy martes 17 de diciembre a las 19.30h en la Fundació Enric Miralles.

Benedetta Tagliabue – Directora de la Fundació Enric Miralles

Catherine Spellman – Autora del libro y Profesora de Arquitectura en la Universidad del Estado de Arizona
Ana Valderrama – Decana de la Escuela de Arquitectura, Planeamiento y Diseño de la Universidad Nacional de Rosario

Nos encantaría poder contar con su presencia en este día tan especial.

Agradecemos su confirmación.
[email protected]
Passatge de la Pau 10 bis, Barcelona
Tel +34 936 241 702

5 Sep 2017
Les Architectes du Grand Paris Express Conference

Benedetta Tagliabue will take part in the Les Architectes du Grand Paris Express lecture series, where she will present the latest updates of Clichy-Montfermeil metro station in Paris.

Les Architectes du Grand Paris Express event

These conferences, organized by Société du Grand París in collaboration with Maison de l’architecture (Île-de-France), will allow architects to present their work combining technical, urban and architectural issues, in an open dialogue with the public.

Further speakers include: Beckmann N’Thépé Architectes and Bordas + Peiro Architecte.

September 6, 2017 – 19h00. Free Entry.
Maison de l’architecture. 148 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris.

More info: Maison de l’architecture Event

‘Too Good to Waste’ travels to Hay Festival in Segovia

The interactive installation, designed by Benedetta Tagliabue – EMBT, crafted by furniture makers Benchmark and initiated by AHEC, seeks to question the validity of the relationship between trends and wood consumption.

Originally created for Interni’s exhibition at Milan Design week, Too Good to Waste takes on a new form at the Hay Festival Segovia 2017.

A project co-organized with the American Hardwood Export Council AHEC and Segovia City Hall.

Exhibition opening September 22, 2017 – 11h30.
Plaza Mayor, Segovia. Free entry – Event in Spanish.

More info: Too Good to Waste installation designed by Benedetta Tagliabue – EMBT

10 Oct 2016
Parco Centrale di Prato Competition, Tuscany, Italy

EMBT has received the 3rd place (ex aequo with Elemental studio) at the competition for Parco Centrale di Prato with a proposal that mixes the history of the place into the urban area.

Parco Centrale di Prato Competition design by EMBT

‘We have recovered the original route of the old channel that had an industrial use, to turn it into a central element of the park to serve users, citizens and visitors. This channel divides, subdivides, the areas of the park, like a thread that weaves a natural landscape and connects with the urban area of Prato.’ – Benedetta Tagliabue – group leader

Project directors: Stefan Geenen, Nazaret Busto. Design team: Riccardo Radica, Patricia De Osma, Kwong Fai Luk, Míša Křižáková, Juan David Fawcett, Filippo Dozzi, Enrico Narcisi, Carmine Rago, Paola Amato, Gabriele Rotelli, Paula Gheorghe.

Collaborators: Sustainability consultant: Matteo Ruta and Gabriele Masera – ABC Department, Polimi. Business Plan: Alessio C. Mirabella. Management Plan: Diego Malosso – Concordia sas. Landscape Architect: Luca Puri. Geologist: Jampel Dell’angelo. Coastal Geologist: Luigi Enrico Cipriani. Multimedia Comunications: David Xirau Trias and Glòria Martí Costa. Local Architect: Eleonora Matilde Monzali. Videomaker: Oudú Studio – Lluc Miralles and Xavi Parcerisa. Renders: Prompt Collective, Play Time.

Link to competition 10 finalists: Parco Centrale di Prato Competition

Parco Centrale di Prato Competition winner:

Design: OBR Paolo Brescia and Tommaso Principi with Michel Desvigne Paysagiste
Parco Centrale Prato
picture from architects
Parco Centrale Prato

Ines-table at the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial, Turkey

The table Ines-table designed by Enric Miralles, is presented at the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial with this model (scale 1/10) made of balsa wood, courtesy of Eduardo Almalé – Homenaje a Enric Miralles.

The table was commissioned by ‘Le Magazine’ in Grenoble (1993), and was presented as the material basis for a discussion around different architectural themes.

October 22nd – November 20th, 2016.
Istanbul, Turkey.

12 Jun 2016
San Giacomo Church Building

EMBT has received the go-ahead from the ‘Conferenza Episcopale Italiana’ to developed the project for the church of San Giacomo in Ferrara, Italy, after winning the competition in 2011.

Church of San Giacomo in Ferrara, Italy

The Parish complex of San Giacomo is proposed as a catalyst for the area in which it is introduced, creating a new fulcrum that is capable of creating identity within the local community by promo-ting socialization, education and interaction. The building is de¬signed to have a welcoming presence that is open to the people, doing so through the use of lightweight organic architecture that contrasts with the robust and compact materiality of the histori¬cally important preexisting Ferrara.

The program includes the church, a canonical house, spaces for pastoral ministry, besides the landscape around the complex.

Terraces of Europe

EMBT, commissioned by the Association of Restaurants of Barcelona, conducted research to analyze the situation of the terraces from restaurants and bars of different European cities.

We invite you to the public presentation of this catalog, that collects a variety of examples of terraces that stand out by their quality, singularity and design, and illustrates the most significant cases that somehow can contribute with ideas and suggestions to the open debate that occurs right now in Barcelona in relation with the terraces’ ordinance.

Public Presentation – Thursday June 16th, 11h00.
Restaurant Maritim C/ Moll de Espanya 4, Barcelona.

Gaudí 2nd World Congress in Shanghai

Benedetta Tagliabue has been invited to participate at the Gaudí 2nd World Congress in Shanghai as a keynote speaker.

The University of Barcelona, the Gaudi Research Institute and Gaudí Barcelona Projects invites the audience to take part of the congress and discover an unknown Gaudí. New discoveries and research on Gaudí, promotion of all-round Gaudí, his values and his creative, multidisciplinary and innovative character and how this can be applied in the 21st century.

June 21 – 23, 2016 Shanghai, China.

Scotstyle – 100 years of Scottish Architecture

This superbly illustrated book describes 100 of the best buildings in Scotland since 1916, a period of unprecedented social and technological change. Bringing together highly detailed knowledge, significant insight and a liberal sprinkling of anecdote, this is more than an account of 100 individual buildings, it is a rich history of endeavour, creativity and pride. The buildings featured here also demonstrate that Scottish architecture can stand comparison with the very best – from anywhere! More info.

The Scottish Parliament Building has been chosen as one of the top 100 buildings from 1916-2015, nominated by the Scottish public. Link to Festival.

To be chosen as the favorite, please cast your vote until November 2016.

Visiting the Parliament

On May 13th 2016, Rafael Moneo and Benedetta Tagliabue visited the Scottish Parliament within the frame of the RIAS Centenary International Convention 2016, in Edinburgh, Scotland. Photo by Ruairidh Campbell Moir.

Tagliabue on Jury for Kiesler Prize

Tagliabue will act as a member of the jury for the Austrian Frederick Kiesler Prize for Architecture and the Arts 2016 which will be awarded by the Austrian Frederick and Lillian Kiesler Private Foundation together with the City of Vienna. Endowed with € 55.000 this prize is ranked among the highest international art awards.

The prize is meant for artists, whose architectural or artistic oeuvre aims at the experimental attitude Frederick Kiesler’s in transcending the boundaries of the traditional concepts of architecture and art.

The nine previous prize winners – Frank O. Gehry, Judith Barry, Cedric Price, Asymptote/ Hani Rashid + Lise Anne Couture, Olafur Eliasson, Toyo Ito, Heimo Zobernig, Andrea Zittel, and Bruce Nauman – offer a good impression of the intended wide range of potential candidates for this award. It is also a request of uppermost importance for the foundation to award this prize to “upcoming architects or artists”.

Members of 2016 Jury: Ben van Berkel, Beatriz Colomina, Peter Kogler, Stella Rollig and Benedetta Tagliabue.

11 Apr 2016

Taichung Tower in construction, Taiwan

Taichung Tower by EMBT

The Taichung Tower make its own way in the city center; a surrounding composed mainly of vertical buildings, growing upwards like the Spanish ‘castellars’. The building opens itself to the urban landscape by its form.

Taichung Tower building by EMBT

Starting from the image of a pine tree forest, the building transforms itself with the idea of vertical density and gently starts to disappear into the sky through its reflectivity.

Sempering / Procces and pattern in architecture and design, Milan

As one of the events put on by the XXI Triennale di Milano International Exhibition in 2016, the “Sempering” exhibition, curated by Cino Zucchi and Luisa Collina in the spaces of MUDEC at Porta Genova, focuses on a number of approaches adopted by contemporary design, with no intention of mapping out their entire geography and without classifying them by types of discipline.

EMBT participates in this exhibition with models of the Spanish Pavilion for Expo Shanghai 2010.

2 April – 12 September 2016.
Mudec, Milan, Italy

Minamora as Delta finalist ADI Awards 2016, Barcelona

Minamora ‘the design seat’ has been selected as finalist for the Delta Awards 2016. This new seat with a lean and slender form has been developed for Expo Milano 2015 by Miralles Tagliabue EMBT in collaboration with Italcementi Group.

It is a work of art made of i.design Effix, the innovative very high performance mortar produced by Italcementi which is capable of combining the durability of a cementitious material with the workability of a plastic material.

The work is called Minamora, a name which, in Italian, conjures up the auspicious concept of falling in love “M’innamoro”, but actually comes from the Japanese word “Minamo” which means water surfaces.

11 Dec 2015

Jean Nouvel Conference + Exhibition ‘Cosas Vistas y Re-vistas’ 15Dec – 19h

Jean Nouvel Conference
15 Dec 2015 – 19:00

Free access until full capacity is reached.

Jean Nouvel architect:
Jean Nouvel architect talk in Barcelona
photo © Gaston Bergeret

Enric Miralles foundation is pleased to announce the lecture of the French architect Jean Nouvel, within the framework of the Graduate course “Social Urban Regeneration”, that is currently running at the Foundation. The postgraduate course is accredited by the Polytachnic University (UPC) and aims to create a social urban project from start to finish.

Cosas vistas y re-vistas fundacio enric miralles
image from Miralles Tagliabue, architects

How should the new cities be? The global economic crisis has awarded an unusual prominence to some emerging countries that now need to change the appearance of their cities, if not directly to create it. On the other hand, cities like Paris, Barcelona and Naples constantly renew their great historical centers, or redefine their boundaries. How should these new cities be? Does it make sense to build a new New York in China? What new necessities reveal the renovation of historic cities?

Website: Fundació Enric Miralles Jean Nouvel Conference

Principal projects currently being designed or under construction : Louvre Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi), National Museum of Qatar (Doha), “Tour de Verre” integrating the extension of the MoMA galleries (New York), National Art Museum of China NAMOC (Beijing), Learning Resource Center (Nicosia), 2 residential towers (Kuala Lumpur), 4 residential towers “Anderson 18” (Singapore), residential tower “Ardmore” (Singapore), office tower and hotel “Duo” (Paris), office tower La Marseillaise (Marseille), European Patent Office (Rijswijk), Hekla office tower (Paris), architect in charge of the coordination of the l’île Seguin urban renewal project (Boulogne-Billancourt).

Jean Nouvel Architect

Urban Regeneration – Past, Present and Future : Commentary

by Miralles Tagliabue EMBT, Barcelona

Inauguration Date: November 2015

for HKDI Gallery, Hong Kong

A selection of large-scale international projects presenting innovative ideas on urban regeneration by Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue at EMBT will be showcased at the HKDI Gallery with models, drawings, sketches and prototypes. Highlights include Copagri Pavilion “Love IT” for Expo Milano 2015, Spanish Pavilion for Expo 2010 Shanghai China, and the Santa Caterina Market renovation in Barcelona. In collaboration with Miralles Tagliabue EMBT.

Benedetta Tagliabue to receive 2013 RIBA Jencks Award

15 Oct 2013 – The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is pleased to announce that Benedetta Tagliabue is the recipient of the 2013 RIBA Jencks Award, which is given annually to an individual or practice that has recently made a major contribution internationally to both the theory and practice of architecture. The award will be presented to Benedetta Tagliabue on Tuesday 19 November at the RIBA in London, where she will give a public lecture, chaired by Charles Jencks.

8 Flats Lowcost Renovation

4 Oct 2013 – article in EL PAÍS about a 8 Flats Lowcost Renovation project in Barcelona, Spain

Miralles Tagliabue EMBT – latest project – external link

This latest, humble, project by the studio is photographed by the excellent Photos by Marcela Grassi and shown on the blog ‘DEL TIRADOR A LA CIUDAD’ Anatxu Zabalbeascoa, El País.

Miralles Tagliabue EMBT – Studio News + Recent Projects

Scotland Celebrates Enric Miralles
6 Jun 2013 – We’ll be attending the exhibition tonight and then the Mac degree show, looking forward to meeting old team mates from the Scottish Parliament Building design team.

Benedetta Tagliabue, EMBT, and e-architect co-director Isabelle Lomholt:
Benedetta Tagliabue
photo by e-architect

Joan Callis of EMBT and e-architect co-director Adrian Welch:
Joan Callis
photo by e-architect

Architect Benedetta Tagliabue opens the show:
Benedetta Tagliabue Benedetta Tagliabue
photos by e-architect

Scotland Celebrates Enric Miralles
image : Tagliabue Miralles – Miralles tagliabue EMBT

The final event in the Architecture @ 131 calendar concludes with an international symposium “Scotland Celebrates Enric Miralles” – run in conjunction with the Fundacio Enric Miralles.
Thursday 6 June – 6pm (exhibition) 6:45pm (Symposium)
Benedetta Tagliabue, wife and partner of Enric Miralles will be at the school to launch the exhibition at 6pm with the symposium starting at 6:45pm. She will be joined by David Charles Reat of the University of Strathclyde and former EMBT/RMJM architect as well as Neil Baxter, Secretary of the RIAS, both of whom will reflect on the Scottish Parliament buildings.

Benedetta Tagliabue – IS ARCH Awards
18 Jun 2012 – Benedetta Tagliabue (EMBT-Studio) has affirmed her participation as jury member in IS ARCH Awards.
Please see the Architecture Competitions page for details.
– Winner of the Future Project Award at the prestigious WAF World Architecture Festival 2011 with the cultural project Zhang Da Qian Museum.
– Winner in several times with the Spanish Pavilion in Shanghai expo 2010, such as RIBA International Award 2010 and WAF World Architecture Festival 2009.
– Winner in several times with the New Scottish Parliament, such as RIBA Stirling Prize and ASLA Award.
IS Arch Awards : winners news

Real Academy of Spain, Rome
10 May – 10 Jun 2012 10.00 – 21.00
Free entry

Miralles Tagliabue EMBT : world-famous Barcelona architecture practice

Youth Music School Extension, Hamburg, Germany
Youth Music School Hamburg Building
photo : Tagliabue Miralles – Miralles tagliabue EMBT
Youth Music School Hamburg
The new complex gets its character by intertwining with the existing trees and continuing this landscape within the building itself. The school is divided into two main parts; a public area and the private area which are connected by a common entrance which can also be used separately.

Venice Biennale Italian Pavilion, Italy
Italian Pavilion Venice Architecture Biennale by EMBT Enric Miralles Benedetta Tagliabue
photograph : Tagliabue Miralles – Miralles tagliabue EMBT
Venice Biennale Italian Pavilion
Benedetta Tagliabue has presented her museum project for the Italian Pavilion in the 54th Venice Biennale d’Arte. It is presented as a space of the collector, where art lives with literature.

Major Building by Enric Miralles Benedetta Tagliabue

New Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Architects: EMBT/RMJM
Enric Miralles Scotland
image © Adrian Welch
Scottish Parliament Building + Scottish Parliament Building in Edinburgh

Recent EMBT Buildings

Buildings by EMBT, alphabetical:

Gas Natural Company Tower, La Barceloneta, Barcelona, Spain
1995; 2007
Gas Natural Company Tower by EMBT Enric Miralles Benedetta Tagliabue
photograph : Romain Piro
Barcelona Tower

Palafolls Library, Barcelona, Spain
Palafolls Library building design by EMBT
photo : Alex Gaultier
Palafolls Library

Park at Diagonal Mar, Diagonal Mar – Barcelona Forum, Barcelona, Spain
Park at Diagonal Mar
photograph © Adrian Welch
Barcelona Park

Santa Caterina Market, Barri Gothic, Barcelona, Spain
Santa Caterina Market building design by EMBT
photo : Alex Gaultier
Miralles Tagliabue : Barcelona building

Shanghai Expo – Spanish Pavilion, China
Shanghai Expo 2010 building design by EMBT
image from EMBT
Shanghai Expo 2010

More projects by Embt Arquitectes Associats online soon

EMBT Buildings

Buildings by EMBT, no images, alphabetical:

Archery Facilities, Archery Range, Vall d’Hebron, northeast Barcelona, Spain
Enric Miralles / Carme Pinos, Architects

Heaven Pavilion, Tateyama Museum, Japan

La Clota House, Ptge de Feliu 15-17, northeast Barcelona, Spain

National Centre for Rhythmic Gymnastics, Alicante, Spain

Park-Cemetery, Igualada, Spain

Primary School, Kathmandu, Nepal

School Sports Hall, Huesca, Spain

Tram Station, Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany

Venice School of Architecture, Venice, Italy

More architectural projects by Embt Arquitectes Associats online soon

Location: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Architects Practice Information

Embt Arquitectes Associats – architect studio based in centre of Barcelona, Catalonia

EMBT, Spanish Architects
Benedetta Tagliabue, EMBT – from RIAS

Enric Miralles Architect

In 1991 Benedetta Tagliabue began to collaborate with Enric Miralles and together they founded the Studio EMBT Arquitectes Associats in Barcelona.

Under Benedetta Tagliabue’s direction the EMBT studio projects include the Hafencity Port, Hamburg; the School of Architecture, Venice and the new Scottish Parliament Building, Edinburgh.

Enric Miralles Books

‘Works and Projects, 1975-1995’ + ‘Enric Miralles’

Barcelona Architecture

Barcelona Architects

Blueprint Award for Architect of the Year 2004
Nominations for Enric Miralles / Benedetta Tagliabue Arquitectes (EMBT), Rem Koolhaas (OMA) and John Pawson

Concrete seat / sculpture, photo from Scottish Parliament building:
EMBT seat
image © AJW

Enric Miralles Books

The Scottish Parliament – by Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue with RMJM – won the Stirling Prize in 2005

Buildings / photos for the Enric MirallesBenedetta Tagliabue Arquitectes page welcome

Website: www.mirallestagliabue.com