Boundary Apartment in Taiwan Property

Boundary Apartment Taiwan, Kaohsiung Flat, Building, Interior Architecture Photos, Architect

Boundary Apartment in Taiwan

Taiwanese Residential Development in Kaohsiung design by Wei Yi International Design Associates

30 Jun 2017

Boundary Apartment in Taiwan – Kaohsiung Flat

Architects: Wei Yi International Design Associates

Location: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Boundary Apartment Taiwan

Boundary Apartment

Photos: Hey! Cheese

Since ancient times, there have been two choices for the rich and established; to flaunt wealth and fame, or to keep modest and low-profile; which partly reveals one’s view of life. For the owner of this flat, an elder with great fortune and rich experience, the definition of “home” is more about a delicate balance, a tender atmosphere, and “a piece of pure land”, claim Wei Yi International Design Associates.

Boundary Apartment

Boundary Apartment

Red, yellow and blue are the colors that win huge popularity for traditional royal favor. Instead of the more popular red or yellow, the designers deliberately set the spatial tone with blue. The quiet elegance and deep sensibility of this blue color perfectly convey the owner’s state of contentment, spiritually other than materially.

Boundary Apartment

Boundary Apartment

Widely used gray-level materials, such as exposed cement and gray-black veneer, together with colors of low-brightness and low chroma, are seen in the structural space. These show “imperfect perfection and irregular order”. Perfect or not, it completely depends on the standard in one’s heart state the architects.

Boundary Apartment

Boundary Apartment

The entrance is extended to the restaurant, where a large blue wall in the shape of Chinese character “ㄇ”forms uneven changes of shades with irregular layers of bumps in the lacquer surface. The partition wall is thickened symmetrically, which is not only the spatial division, but also the spiritual boundary, as if earthly life and pure land are separated by a line.

Boundary Apartment

Boundary Apartment

Technically speaking, the rationality of modernism is the main axis in the overall planning of space; while from the perspective of spiritual essence, it interprets “Zen” and “Wabi-Sabi” based on Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism; where simplicity of Song Dynasty aesthetics is integrated in the treatment of details.

Boundary Apartment

Boundary Apartment in Taiwan – Building Information

Space type: Residential
Design firm: Wei Yi International Design Associates (
Project location: Taiwan
Project area: 270 sqm
Design time: 2016.9 ~ 2016.10
Construction time: 2016.11~2017.3

Boundary Apartment

Basic materials:
Oak steel brush veneer dyeing paint, Red and blue special touch paint, Special cement coating imported from Germany, Cold spray, Titanium, Blackboard paint imported from Belgium, Gray glass, Pandomo imported from Germany, Oak compound wood floor

Boundary Apartment

Photographer: Hey! Cheese

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Location: Kaohsiung, Taiwan, eastern Asia

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