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55 Timeless Tower Taipei

Xin-Yi Residential Development, Taiwan design by Richard Meier & Partners

22 Sep 2015

55 Timeless Tower in Taipei Building

Design: Richard Meier & Partners

Location: Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China

Xin-Yi Residential Tower

Richard Meier & Partners is proud to unveil the new CDC 55 Timeless Xin-Yi Residential Tower in Taipei, Taiwan. Commissioned as an urban landmark by Continental Development Corporation, the tower rises 127 meters and will set a precedent in Taiwan as a private building that dedicates its entire landscape to the public realm.

55 Timeless Tower in Taipei

The building is currently under construction and on target to complete the superstructure by the end of this year with an opening expected in 2017.

55 Timeless Tower in Taipei

The design of the tower is based upon geometric clarity and an openness that are reflected in its horizontal and vertical organization. The building consists of two complimentary volumes, a transparent south volume and a solid north volume. The relationship between these two main elements is emphasized through a subtle shift in both plan and elevation creating a dynamism and variation in scale that responds to the immediate urban environment.

55 Timeless Tower in Taipei

The solid north volume contains the core of the residential units that flows towards the transparent south volume which is a natural light-filled space where living, social and the more public programs are located. A carefully crafted geometric organization allows viewing corridors towards the mountains in the far distance.

55 Timeless Tower in Taipei

Richard Meier comments: “Natural light is a very important element of the CDC “55 Timeless” Xin-Yi
Residential Tower and the architectural grid helps to bring all the elements of the building into a
rational organization so that all of these elements are interrelated both horizontally and vertically. This by consequence affects the structure and the detailing of the building bringing everything into a
harmonious whole.

55 Timeless Tower in Taipei

As a city rooted in tradition, as well as one of the global hubs in technological innovation, Taipei
encapsulates the history of Taiwan. We hope this building will contribute to the vitality and the public life of the city center.”

55 Timeless Tower

The massing and proportions of the building are in harmony with the existing context, creating a lower and upper tower volume. The lower part of the building will have two apartments per floor and the upper portion is designed for one large apartment unit per floor. Luxury amenities, including an exterior swimming pool and roof deck, are located on the top floors of the tower with views towards Taipei 101.

This building aims to contribute to the continuing growth of the Xin-Yi district as well as to the city of Taipei, a modern and vibrant urban center in Asia.

55 Timeless Tower – Building Information

Major Building Materials: Unitized glass curtain wall, white aluminum metal panels, and clear low iron glass
Program: 43 luxury residential apartments with amenity spaces
Building Height including roof: 127.00 meters (416 ft)
Floors: 29 Residential | 2 Amenities | 4 Parking
Site Area: 3,500m² (37,673 sf)
Floor Area: 25,931.47m² gross total (279,124 sf)

Project Credits
Design Team: Richard Meier
Reynolds Logan
Stefan Scheiber-Loeis
Project Architect: Richard Liu
Project Team: Thibaut DeGryse, Aurora Farewell, Hank Jarzabkowski, Katie Kasabalis, Jeremy Keagy, Aung Kyaw, Peter Liao, Ian Lotto, Hans Put, Hee-Joo Shi, Steven Sze
Owners: Continental Development Corporation
Associate Architect: C.T. Chen & Partners

55 Timeless Tower in Taipei

Renderings: Vize.com Courtesy Richard Meier & Partners Architects
Model photography, Construction images, and drawings: Courtesy Richard Meier & Partners Architects

55 Timeless Tower in Taipei images / information Richard Meier & Partners

Location: Nei-Hu, Taipei, Taiwan, eastern Asia

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