The Norman Foster Institute on Sustainable Cities, Madrid

Norman Foster in Madrid

‘The future of our society is the future of our cities— they are our greatest invention.’ Norman Foster

The Norman Foster Foundation will present the Norman Foster Institute’s inaugural Programme on Sustainable Cities in Madrid on 22 January 2024 with a day-long event bringing together leading design practitioners, policy makers, health experts and city representatives

Skylodge, Powder Mountain, Utah event center

Skylodge Powder Mountain Utah

Designed by Skylab to serve as catalyst for a sustainable, residential mountaintop village, Skylodge is an event center built in Utah, USA. The short construction window necessitated an innovative approach. Employing modular and prefabricated construction, enabled the construction timeline to be compressed into a brief five-month window

METTRIN Event Center, Bánk lake shore, Hungary

METTRIN Event Center Bánk lake shore Hungary

Designed by Ferdinánd és Ferdinánd, the METTRIN Event Center, Hungary, received its final name only after its completion. During the planning process, it was referred to by several names, including artistic center and event hall. In reality, it is a privately financed cultural house, understanding culture in its noblest sense