Bellevue Hill Apartment Building in Sydney, NSW Residential Property, Australian Architecture

Bellevue Hill Apartment Building in Sydney

Contemporary Real Estate in New South Wales design by Glyde_Bautovich, Australia

6 Dec 2018

Bellevue Hill Apartments

Architects: Glyde_Bautovich

Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Bellevue Hill Apartments Sydney

Glyde_Bautovich’s design for the Bellevue Hill Apartments site was primarily a reaction to the overlooking and minimal separation from neighbouring apartment buildings to the east and west.

Bellevue Hill Apartments Sydney

Carving out courtyards in the middle of the building meant we did not have to rely on the boundaries as much for views, light and air.

Bellevue Hill Apartments Sydney

These courtyards allow acoustic privacy between the apartments and space for wing/ear walls to protrude to maximise views to the garden. They optimise access for the northern sun to penetrate deeply into the building without resulting in overlooking between apartments.

Bellevue Hill Apartments Sydney

The off-form concrete wing walls have full height glazing and in order to comply with fire regulations. These windows are staggered and vertically offset between each floor.

Bellevue Hill Apartments Sydney Bellevue Hill Apartments Sydney

The staggered protrusions into the space offer a quiet poetic ambience to the facades as the sun moves overhead. The variations in the concrete surface further accentuate shadow and light.

The long narrow finger like living room spaces on either side of the courtyard minimise the building mass presented to the northern neighbours.

Bellevue Hill Apartments Sydney

The courtyard is densely planted to emphasise the slim vertical forms sitting within a garden setting.

The lack of vertical structure to the cantilevered balconies, which are open on three sides, minimises the obstruction of winter sun. Their generous size allows them to act as outdoor rooms sitting within landscape. Consideration was given on how to bring an experience of the ocean into the building.

The open ends of common area corridors and staircases connect to the experience of living by the sea by the sense of smell. Vertical screens help mediate privacy while allowing glimpses of the water beyond, creating a comfortable balance between being inside and outside.

The tall vertical blades to the street front are of a scale that relates to the fig tree that overhangs our site and the street. These asymmetrically tapered elements, softening and congealing with the form of the tree. The use of real timber panels on the street facade pay further homage to these majestic trees.

The materials used reflect the manner in which they were constructed. Pre-finished cement and timber panels with expressed gaps and exposed fixings, off form concrete showing the scars of construction, silver travertine floors, timber joinery and galvanised steel open fire stairs are all unpainted and natural and will clearly mark the passage of time and help the building create a sense of place both from the inside and outside.

Bellevue Hill Apartments Sydney

Bellevue Hill Apartments, Sydney – Building Information

Architects: Glyde Bautovich

Project size: 933 sqm
Site size: 962 sqm
Completion date: 2019
Building levels: 4

Bellevue Hill Apartments Sydney

Photographer: Brett Boardman

Bellevue Hill Apartment Building in Sydney images / information received 061219

Location: Balmoral, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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