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Trädgårdsstaden Helsingborg

Garden City in Helsingborg, south west Sweden design by Kjellander + Sjöberg Architects

30 Jun 2014

Trädgårdsstaden – Garden City in Helsingborg

Design: Kjellander + Sjöberg Architects

K + S’ proposal the Trädgårdsstaden has won the land transfer competition for Ringstorp in Helsingborg, issued by the municipality of Helsingborg, with developers Sundprojekt and Strabag.


The project will now proceed and obtain development rights, based on the current DDP from 2010 (Gamla staden 5:16, based on the illustration plan and drafts developed by Marianne Levinsen Landscape. Tengbom Architects and Dorte Mandrup Architects in cooperation with the municipal planning department).


K + S’ proposal contributes with a mixed scheme comprising approximately 190 new residential units in a project that simultaneously incorporates small-scale qualities and density with a combination of green public spaces, courtyards for public gathering and private spaces. Trädgårdsstaden’s concept and structure derives from the local context with its crisp and dramatic mix of high rises, allotment gardens and gardens surrounding single-family houses.


The concept is based on the surrounding private gardens which are moved up vertically in the proposed new buildings. All residents are given an advantaged and sustainable opportunity to influence and cultivate in their own domestic environment. The buildings will have seasonal, vivid and evolving green facades, with their own kitchen gardens, plots or orangeries. The landscape at ground level in contrast provides opportunities for social interaction, a sense of community, meetings, playing and recreation. Ample focus has been given to how the proposal is integrated and linked with the city’s fabric, flows and movements. Trädgårdsstaden is a welcoming, safe and innovative environment for all.


Trädgårdsstaden – Garden City in Helsingborg – Building Information

Type: Residential
Status: Ongoing
Size: 17. 000 sq m
Year: 2014-
Location: Ringstorpshöjden, Helsingborg, Sweden
Client: Sundprojekt and Strabag
Program: 190 residential units
Director: Ola Kjellander
Team: Ola Kjellander, Stefan Sjöberg, Lena Viterstedt, Saki Azodi and Lars Almgren
Award: 1st prize, land transfer competition


Trädgårdsstaden – Garden City in Helsingborg images / information received Kjellander + Sjöberg Architects

Kjellander Sjöberg

Kjellander + Sjöberg Architects

Location: Helsingborg, Sweden, norht east Europe

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