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Submarine Competition

matterbetter Architecture Contest – Russian Typhoon Class

30 Jun 2014

Submarine Design Contest

Organiser: matterbetter

Re-Think & Transform Typhoon Class Submarine Competition

Throughout the entire period of its existence, humankind was developing numerous methods of elimination of each other. And with invention of the nuclear weapons this desire has endangered the being itself. matterbetter researches how the design community in contemporary world can contribute to making this world a little safer and more friendly.

matterbetter invites architects and designers to participate in open-ideas competition that aims to explore the architectural potential and transform the biggest nuclear submarine ever built into a peaceful architectural object.

Submarine Design Competition

The Cold War is over and the world has to become a more friendly space. And we believe it’s a right time to get rid of nuclear weapons of mass destruction aiming to turn the Earth into ashes in several seconds. One of the symbols of these frightening times was a Russian Typhoon Class submarine – the largest nuclear submarine ever built.

This weapon of mass destruction was designed by Rubin Design Bureau in 1975 and became a part of the Soviet fleet in 1980. It has incredible dimensions – 175m long and 23 meters wide. By placing it vertically the Typhoon class submarine could be compared with Mies van der Rohe Seagram building or Swiss Re high-rise by Norman Foster.

In 2010 the decision has been made that the remaining 3 submarines will serve until 2019. In 2013 Russian authorities announced that two of remaining submarines are going to be utilized in a close future due to outdating of the electronical systems on board and high maintenance costs. The remaining submarine will still serve as a training facility until 2017. After this period the same fate awaits them as their predecessors.

The dismantling costs are about 10 mln. USD according to the Russian mass media. For this reason Rubin Design Bureau is looking for alternatives for a reuse of the submarines. There were alternative plans to redesign the submarine into a submarine cargo vessel with 15 000 tons capacity. This project has not been realized due to the lack of finance and practical reasons – not all ports can accommodate the submarine. As a result three out of the six built submarines were already dismantled and the other three are still waiting for any decision.

The main objectives of the competition are:
– to explore architectural potential and possibilities for the re-use of the nuclear submarine;
– to provide the maximum freedom of design decision making to all participants;
– to generate discussion in the professional environment;
– to create a solution database;
– to inspire and stimulate imagination of the design community;
– and last, but not the least – to make a world a better place.

Design Criteria
– Location: There are no restrictions to the location choice as long as it is possible to reach it by open water ways. The submarine also can be placed on the shore within 200m from the waterfront.
– Program: There are no restrictions to the choice of the program.
– Volume: It is possible to use the entire volume of the submarine except for the nuclear compartment that should stay. Additional volume might be added as long as the submarine identity is readable in the design.

Evaluation Criteria
– Creative approach: aesthetics and originality;
– Relation between old and new;
– Usage of current technological developments in terms of structure, materials and technics;
– Functionality;
– Realization of the maximum potential (architectural, spatial, functional) of the submarine;
– Clarity and comprehensibility of the overall design;

Submarine Competition

30th of May 2014 – Official announcement and start of the competition.
30th of May 2014 – Official start of the registration period.
30th of June 2014 – Deadline for submission of questions.
24th of August 2014 – Registration Deadline.
30th of August 2014 – Closing date for submissions.
3th of September – 12th of September – Jury evaluation.
15th of September – Announcement of results*

Participants must register by August 24, 2014.
Early Registration: 60 EUR until 30th of June, 2014.
Standard Registration: 80 EUR from 1st of July till 31st of July, 2014.
Late Registration: 100 EUR from 1st of August till 24th of August 2014.

The total price money is 6000 EUR.
1st place: 3000 EUR + diploma
2nd place: 2000 EUR + diploma
3rd place: 1000 EUR + diploma
Honorable Mentions Award: 7 Awards + diplomas
Editor’s Choice Award: granted individual publication on our blog and social media pages to three entries that are carefully selected by matterbetter editors.
Top 50: Fifty short-listed entries featured in one single online publication on our blog and social media pages.

All listed above winning projects will be exhibited in one of the galleries in Amsterdam (NL) and featured in the architectural section of the BOOK dedicated to the Submarine Trilogy Competition.

– Tom Milavec (US), associate architect at Gensler;
– Thijs Asselbergs (NL), chairman of the Architectural Engineering, TU Delft;
– Ercu Gorgul (CN), associate professor, Tongji University, former senior architect SOM;
– Cristina Cassandra Murphy (US), owner XCOOP, former OMA;
– Andrea Bertassi (IT), owner XCOOP, former OMA;
– Theo Hauben (NL), owner & researcher HAU;
– Marieke Rietbergen (NL), owner design innovation group;
– Daria Polozkova (NL/RU), founder The ART GLOBE and art-director of Mir-Expo.

More information can be found on the official website: / [email protected]

Submarine Design Competition information / images received from matterbetter

Location: Amsterdam

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Submarine Design Competition