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New Station Building in Gothenburg News

4 February 2023

New Station Building in Gothenburg

Architecture: Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

New Station Building in Gothenburg
image courtesy of architects practice

New Station Building in Gothenburg, Sweden

Finally, we can reveal that Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter are the winners of the competition to design Gothenburg’s new station building in Sweden.

Out of 28 submitted proposals, 4 architectural teams continued in a parallel assignment; Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter, Cobe, Dorte Mandrup and Erséus Architects.

In the relevant jury report, the project was described laudatory:

«The moment the four architectural proposals were revealed, it was clear that One proposal showed an unusual sharpness and a captivating design that immediately caught the interest of the jury.

New Station Building in Gothenburg

The proposal contains an architecture that seems to naturally take place in the city, with a monumental and directly legible figure, which anchors the building in the station area with its distinctive arches. A building that very likely has the capacity to not only be liked and appreciated, but even become one of the city’s future symbols and brand buildings.

In a traditional as well as futuristic interpretation that captures the soul of the city in an instant. In scale and form, the proposal interacts with both the old and the future city of Gothenburg. Here, a masterful craftsmanship is shown, where aesthetics, function, and structure have been taken care of in a powerful, living and beautiful building, which strengthens the proposal of the place, the city and the railway in the best way.

If it now takes a Norwegian to capture Gothenburg’s soul, it has happened – the task of designing the new station building at Gothenburg Central goes to Team REIULF RAMSTAD ARCHITECTS.»

It is an honorable task to design a building that carries such an identity for city life as a station building. We are in a kind of renaissance for trains and its station connections. In European metropolitan tradition, the station was often a monumental architectural structure.

New Station Building in Gothenburg

A cathedral of modernism, which today manages great cultural and historical values. The expression and architecture of the station building must therefore be as timeless as it is future-oriented. Inspired by Gothenburg’s historic Central Station, the development of the infrastructure and the life of the city, it will be a new signature building in the heart of Gothenburg.

With the building, the Central station gets a new entrance from the north. It is the largest of three entries for Västlänkens station Centralen. The new station building will be the entrance to the new district under development. An attractive junction point is created here to invite more people to travel by public transport in a safe and sustainable urban environment. The project has been developed by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter in a team with Bollinger+Grohmann engineers.

The Start of construction for the new station building is planned for mid-2024 to be completed at the turn of 2026 – 2027.

New Gothenburg Station – Building Information

Location: Gothenburg
Client: Jernhusen
Type: Public, Transportation
Program: New station entrance to the railway

Size / value: 14.000m2
Status: Ongoing
Commission Type: Competition win (2021)
Images: Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekte

Reiulf Ramstad

New Station Building in Gothenburg images / information received 0310123 from Reiulf Ramstad Architects

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden, north east Europe

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