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MC Murgle Office building

Ljubljana Office Development in Slovenia: Commercial Property Development – design by Groleger Architekti

26 Mar 2010

Office building MC Murgle, Ljubljana

Design: Groleger Architekti

MC Murgle Office Ljubljana: Slovenia Building

Neighbourhood Murgle is characterized by the predominant use of single-family atrium houses in a green, quiet and traffic separated suburban part of Ljubljana.

Confronted with the task of turning a production hall with offices into a contemporary office building, Groleger Architekti designed an extension to the existing facility: the MC Murgle Office building.

Office building MC Murgle MC Murgle Ljubljana Office building

A distinctive feature of the new part is the dynamic inner division contrasting the orthogonal structure of the existing one.

The two parts are connected by a triangular multi-storey hall serving on one hand as a communication area with the main staircase, elevators and “levitating” corridors, on the other hand as a light source.

Additional square meters where created by increasing the facility also vertically introducing another floor level, spreading over both new and old part.
An unique appearance was achieved with the new glass façade, wrapped around the building like a second skin.

With it’s all – round glazing it seeks to make a symbolic connection to the main activity of the company – Business Information Systems: the smooth surface is enlived by a vivid façade pattern resembling a digital grid. Internal blinds protect against sun and glare and allow members of the staff personal control of the entry of light.

The seamless façade is only interrupted by a gap – a result of the 6 degree rotation of the ground floor façade, suggesting the main entrance in the building.

The cube looks on the outside like an impenetrable box, it’s opaque exterior giving no glimpse on the predominant business-based program accompanied by a restaurant on ground floor level.

The building is of unique height existing of ground floor, first and second floor covered by a flat roof, transparent over the hall.

Designed as an entrance level with business program and restaurant accessible both from the building and from outside, the ground floor leitmotif was to contrast the warm interior with the cool exterior.

A double row of elegant columns – all individually angled and twisted – lead to the main staircase.

Office facilities and meeting rooms are located in the 1st and 2nd floor. The 2nd floor houses also a cafeteria foreseen for internal use of the staff.

All offices are divided into several functionally independent business units, oriented towards the façade and multi-storey hall, enabling natural lighting of the rooms.

MC Murgle Ljubljana MC Murgle Ljubljana building MC Murgle Ljubljana Office Ljubljana Office building

Office building MC Murgle – Building Information

Architect: Groleger Arhitekti
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Principal in Charge: Samo Groleger B.Arch, Gorazd Groleger B.Arch
Project Team: Meta Kramar arch. grad. cand., Miklavz Tacol arch. grad. cand., Tjasa Koglot arch. grad. cand., Miroslava Andric B. Arch M.A.
Civil Engineering: ELEA iC d.o.o.
Mechanical Engineer: Biro Petkovski d.o.o.
Electrical Engineer: Enerko d.o.o.
Constructed Area: 3.500 sqm
Budget: 2.8 m eur
Project Year: 2005
Status: completed (2007)

Photographs: Miran Kambic

MC Murgle Office building images / information from Groleger Architekti

Groleger Arhitekti

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

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