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Renovation Apartment in Porto

Rehabilitation Building Project in Portugal design by Cubículo Arquitectos

24 Jan 2018

Design: Cubículo Arquitectos

Location: Porto, Portugal

Renovation Apartment

Renovation Apartment

Photos: Jose Campos Architectural Photographer

Renovation Apartment in Portugal

An apartment located in the 1st floor of a multi-family housing block representative of the modernist architecture of the 50’s in the city of Porto. Exaggeratedly subdivided, disproportionately dimensioned, and functionally inadequate for nowadays, this space needed an organizational readjustment.

Renovation Apartment

Furthermore, it was clear an overlapping of constructive layers (pavements, coverings, ceilings and window frames), that disfigured the space asking for a depuration work.

Renovation Apartment

The space had two elements that seemed important to reclaim: The first element was a structural mesh of tall beams apparently misadjusted with the interior organization, consequence of the unusual typological distribution of the building (with apartments of larger areas in the first floor and smaller areas in the 4 floors above).

Renovation Apartment

Renovation Apartment

The second element that was materially and formally worthy of preservation is the pine wood floor parquet in a herringbone pattern – some parts covered with new pavements, other parts completely replaced.

Renovation Apartment Porto rehabilitation Porto rehabilitation building project in Portugal

Porto rehabilitation building project in Portugal design by Cubículo Arquitectos Rehabilitation Building Project in Portugal design by Cubículo Arquitectos

In a first phase, the space was reorganized and re-dimensioned: We totally reconfigured the kitchen and bathrooms; general layouts were completely redefined – in the social area we created a wider space where before stood four divisions, and in private area we defined a master bedroom with bathroom and two secondary ones.

Renovation Apartment in Portugal Porto rehabilitation building in Portugal

In a second phase – more empirical and in result of the demolitions – we clarified the intervention in correlation with the beams layout, whether released and disconnected from them, evoking the pre-existing compartments, or guided by them in their new redistribution. We defined a stereotomy for the parquet floor that embraces the upper structural lines, intercalating old and new wood.

Porto rehabilitation building project in Portugal

Renovation Apartment Porto

We designed carpentries (closets and doors) altimetrically guided by the beams, sometimes projected and allowing natural light entrance in the interior compartments, other times duly respecting the dominant alignments. Finally, we introduced some dynamic in the closets through some small gestures, like misaligned doors, customized knobs or punctual truncations, in order to create shelves, reading areas and interior windows.

Porto Renovation Apartment

Renovation Apartment

Photographs: Jose Campos Architectural Photographer

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Location: Porto, Portugal, southwestern Europe

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