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Pompidou Centre Architecture

40th Anniversary Facelift: Renewal of Richard Rogers / Renzo Piano building, Paris, France

27 April 2023
Norman Foster Retrospective Centre Pompidou
Bloomberg Headquarters interior, City of London
photo : Nigel Young / Foster + Partners

Covering nearly 2,200 square-metres, the exhibition reviews the different periods of the architect’s work, highlighting seminal projects, such as the headquarters of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (Hong Kong, 1979-1986), the Carré d’Art (Nîmes, 1984-1993), Hong Kong International Airport (1992-1998) and Apple Park (Cupertino, United States, 2009-2017).

Norman Foster Retrospective Centre Pompidou

19 December 2021

Pompidou Centre Architect Dies

Pompidou Centre architect Richard Rogers has died at the age of 88.

A spokesman said he had “passed away quietly” on Saturday evening.

He first came to prominence with his radical designs for the Pompidou Centre building in Paris, designed with Italian architect Renzo Piano.

2 Feb 2017

Pompidou Centre Building Facelift

Renzo Piano to work on Centre Pompidou Building Facelift
Italian architect Renzo Piano is to design replacement escalators at the Pompidou Centre in Paris as part of a £90m renovation marking the 40th anniversary of this iconic Parisian building.

22 Jan 2017
Centre Pompidou Building Renewal

This world-famous modern Parisian building turns forty this year.

The anniversary is to be celebrated with preparations for a two-year building facelift expected to cost at least €100m.

Centre Pompidou Paris building pipes
photograph © David Noble

The building renovations will include replacing the “caterpillar”, the famous escalators on the front of the building, but won’t result in any changes to the building’s overall appearance. Additionally, museum officials are hoping that renovations can occur without closing the Centre.

Much of the building structure is of course located externally, so has suffered from continual exposure to the elements.

Some external features, such as the large coloured funnels that were once part of the air system, are now just decorative.

Centre Pompidou Building escalators
photo : Michael Hierner

Exhibitions, shows and get-togethers will be presented in forty French cities, in partnership with a museum, a contemporary art centre, a theatre or a festival.

Right up to early 2018, in forty cities from Grenoble to Lille by way of Le François in Martinique, Chambord and Nice, ranging from evening events to six-month exhibitions, proposals mingling exhibitions, concerts, theatre, dance and talks invite every type of audience to experience and share the originality of the Centre Pompidou.

Website: Pompidou Centre Building Facelift – article in The Guardian

Website: Centre Pompidou

28 May 2012

Architecture Exhibition

Exhibition La Tendenza
20 Jun – 10 Sep 2012, 11 am – 9 pm
First retrospective in France dedicated to one of the later formation of the architecture of the postwar, from Italy, “The Tendenza, Italian Architecture, 1965-1985” presents a selection of over 250 drawings, models, photographs, paintings, films, and a very rich literature.

Worlds Spectacular Museum Buildings
photo : Michael Hierner

The exhibition traces the highlights of the movement which Aldo Rossi was the leader. Rejecting the notion of avant-garde utopia and to initiate a political architecture and critical engagement with reality, the Tendenza is a new approach of the architectural project based on a revival of the drawing and image.

Colour-Coded External Services – vibrant MEP ductwork:
Parisian Richard Rogers / Renzo Piano building ducts
photograph © David Noble

21 May 2010

Pompidou Centre Building

New building in Metz, France, by Shigeru Ban architect (Japan).

Photos by Rebecca Lomholt Breun of the intriguing homage to the new building in Metz, Northeast France:

Centre Pompidou Building New Building in Metz by architect Shigeru Ban New Building Metz by Shigeru Ban architect, Japan
photographs © Rebecca Breun

Centre Pompidou-Metz, France – this unusual building opened in May 2010
Design: Shigeru Ban, architect, Japan
Centre Pompidou-Metz Building
photograph : Roland Halbe

Centre George Pompidou, Paris IVe
Date built: 1976
Design: Rogers / Piano Architects

Centre George Pompidou
picture © Adrian Welch

Centre George Pompidou
Address: Rue Beaubourg, Paris IVe, France
Date built: 1971-76(77)
Design: Richard Rogers / Renzo Piano Architects

Paris building by Richard Rogers & Renzo Piano Architects
picture © Adrian Welch

Radical building for its time with service ducts expressed on the exterior and all structure glamourised and articulated externally where possible. The architectural realisation of some Archigram ideas, with escalators providing dynamism to the main west facade. Half of the plot was given over to a rectilinear square which again added dynamism to the architecture. Also known as the Beaubourg Centre or simply The Pompidou building.

Renovation of Centre Georges Pompidou took place in 1995 by Italian architecture firm Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) (RPBW), led by architect Renzo Piano who worked on the original building with Richard Rogers.

Richard Rogers Partnership

Other Renzo Piano buildings can be found by following this link: Renzo Piano Architects

Enjeu Capital(es) Exhibition, Oct 2009

Scanned photos of Beaubourg Centre by Isabelle Lomholt in 1989

View from the building:
Beaubourg Centre

The famous escalator on the main facade facing the large public square:
Beaubourg Centre escalator

Coloured ducts – early example of Hi-Tech Architecture:
Beaubourg Centre ducts

Pool & Square at south side of the building:
Beaubourg Centre Square

Richard Rogers Partnership are based in London, England, UK. This British design practice made their name from early Hi-Tech buildings, mostly in the UK. A major early work is the Lloyds of London headquarters building in the City of London, England.

Renzo Piano Building Workshop are based in Genoa, Italy. The architecture practice opened a Paris studio in 1987. Architect Renzo Piano was awarded the Legion d’Honneur in 1995.

Centre Pompidou Architecture Exhibition : Dominique Perrault Architect, France

Richard Rogers Architect – this British architecture office has since been retitled as Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners (RSHP)

Location: Rue Beaubourg, Paris IVe, Paris, France, western Europe

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