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Architecture Whispers, Paris

French Architectural Event – organised by Matteo Cainer Architects Ltd

13 May 2013

Architecture Whispers Event

Curator: Matteo Cainer Architects Ltd

Location: Silencio Club, Paris, France

Architecture Whispers Paris
photo : Quentin Dubret

Paris – In April 2013 Architecture Whispers was launched at the Silencio Club in Paris. The theme for the evening was: Digital submission or Architectural Domination. The Speakers were Odile Decq, Didier Faustino, Luca Galofaro, Veronika Valk and Theodore Spyropoulos.

Architecture Whispers Paris Event
photo : Quentin Dubret

Architecture Whispers is a series of intimate multidisciplinary and cross-cultural conversations between emerging, established and visionary international architects and their colleagues in other disciplines. They take place in the Silencio Club in Paris, an exclusive venue for writers, directors and musicians, established by American filmmaker, visual artist and musician David Lynch.

Conceived and curated by Matteo Cainer, these intimate conversations draw together key individuals who have made a significant contribution to architecture by exploring creativity, innovation and redefining the social, political and economic issues of today. Architects, critics, designers and thinkers who share common aspirations, engage in a critical examination of architecture as a wide-ranging discipline. The programme of conversations not only looks to inspire, redefine and challenge architecture but to create possible collaborations among emergent and established figures in urbanism, architecture, art, design, science, technology, education, and sustainability.

The series of conversations assembles speakers who strive to understand and develop new theories and approaches through advancing technologies. Arranged as a think tank, participants have a unique opportunity to meet and discussing pressing issues so as to develop new synergies and hybrid collaborations.

At a time when images appear to count more than words, whispers present an opportunity to advance and extend the architectural discourse. We have decided to take away the Ego from the equation, and for this reason there will be no images, no slides, and no special effects to seduce or blur that objective. There is a strong belief that an architectural debate must re-emerge and to do so the introduction of face-to-face discussions and personal interaction are essential.

Events take place in the main space of the Silencio Club in Paris, an intimate environment that encourages speakers to freely discuss and elaborate exciting visions.

Architecture Whispers images / information from Matteo Cainer Architects Ltd

Location: 142 Rue Montmartre 75002 Paris, France

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