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31 Jan 2018
The Bauhaus Promenade Museum, Dessau, Germany
The Bauhaus Promenade Museum in Dessau
image from architecture office
The Bauhaus Promenade Museum
To capture the spirit of the Bauhaus is to recognise the scale and vision of one of the most important movements in 20th century contemporary design. The Bauhaus had a profound effect upon developments in art, architecture, graphic design, interior design, industrial design and typography and also brought about social change through the industrial production and distribution of modernism.

7 Nov 2017
Alvar Aalto Museum of Central Finland, Jyväskylä, Finland
Alvar Aalto Time Lapse
image from architecture office
Alvar Aalto Museum of Central Finland
The international competition to link the Alvar Aalto Museum with the Museum of Central Finland presented a unique opportunity to rethink both museums and explore architect Alvar Aalto’s architectural legacy.

3 Oct 2017
La Forêt Urbaine Apartments, near Jardin du Ranelagh, Paris, France
La Foret Urbaine Apartment
image from architecture office
La Forêt Urbaine Apartments
This renovation and transformation of a Parisian top-floor apartment is surrounded by the magnificent Bois de Boulogne and the Jardin du Ranelagh, with 360-degree views of the city’s historic monuments, from the Tour Eiffel to La Défense, Les Invalides, and Longchamp.

9 Jan 2017
Gaussian Joint in Singapore
Gaussian Joint
image from architects studio
Gaussian Joint in Singapore design by Matteo Cainer Architects
The design for the New National Art Gallery in Singapore will not only add a new dimension to culture and art in Singapore, but will forge an identity that celebrates the iconic architectural heritage and historical significance of these two national monuments.

26 Aug 2016
National Wildflower Centre in Knowsley, Liverpool, England, UK
Papaver National Wildflower Centre
image from architects
National Wildflower Centre in Knowsley
The design of the new educational, conference and seed production complex, responds both to the site as well as the orientation and geometries of the existing buildings.

9 Jun 2016
Mesh Culture Centre, Sundsvall, Västernorrland County, Sweden
Mesh Culture Centre
image from architects
Kulture Magasinet Building Sweden
The new extension of the Kulture Magasinet building in Sundsvall will occupy a beautiful location between the two hills that enclose the city, and that faces the Selangeran River.
Principal materials are sourced locally. Internal surfaces are faced in stone and the same material is carried through to the outside public areas as paving, river walls and benches. The familiar material is used in all civic areas and reinforces the links with the old town.

22 Mar 2016
Benetton Concept Shop, Dubai, UAE
Middle East Benetton Concept Shop
image from architects
Benetton Concept Shop in the Middle East
The project is a chance to create an intense and relevant design in the Middle East while linking and incorporating the world of fashion and Architecture. The project furthermore deals with different aspects present in today’s architectural discourse.

23 Jan 2016
MOCAPE Museum Building in Shenzhen, China
MOCAPE Museum Shenzhen Building
image from architects
MOCAPE Museum Building in Shenzhen
The Museum of Contemporary Arts and Planning Exhibition is a symbolic cultural institution that confirms the importance of the Shenzhen region, as well as providing an intimate and meaningful public building for the Futian Center District.

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Architecture by Matteo Cainer Architects on e-architect:

National Museum of Afghanistan, Kabul, Afghanistan
National Museum of Afghanistan Building Kabul
image from architects
National Museum of Afghanistan

Santiago Ydáñez Museum, Puente de Génave, España
Santiago Ydáñez Museum
picture from architects
Santiago Ydáñez Museum Building

Gösta Serlachius Museum, Finland
Gösta Serlachius Museum building design
picture from architects
Gösta Contemporary Art Museum

Busan Opera House Design, South Korea
Busan Opera House building design
picture from architects
Busan Opera House
“Camouflaged beneath its contoured envelope, it erupts from the landscape in the form of densely planted tectonic petals that connect city and sea, urbanity and landscape.”

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Architecture Whispers Event
Curator: Matteo Cainer Architects Ltd
Location: Silencio Club, Paris, France
Architecture Whispers Event Paris Architecture Whispers Event Paris
photos : Quentin Dubret
Matteo Cainer Architects Event in Paris
In April 2013 Architecture Whispers was launched at the Silencio Club in Paris. The theme for the evening was: Digital submission or Architectural Domination. The Speakers were Odile Decq, Didier Faustino, Luca Galofaro, Veronika Valk and Theodore Spyropoulos.

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