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Buildings in Paris

Diriger aux Bâtiments de Paris

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Parisian Buildings. We cover completed Parisian buildings and new architectural designs.

We have 8 pages of Parisian Architecture selections with links to hundreds of individual project pages.

Paris Architecture : news + key projects

Paris Buildings : A-B (this page)

Paris Architectural Designs : C-D

Paris Building Developments : E-F

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Parisian Buildings

Parisian Architecture – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Biscornet, Place de la Bastille
Design: [BP] Architectures
Biscornet Place de la Bastille Building
photograph : Sergio Grazia
Biscornet Paris – 26 Feb 2013
Is there an architect who has not dreamed of designing a building for the Biscornet site, which lay abandoned for so long? Its location is truly spectacular: slightly set back from the Place de la Bastille, it lies where the rue de Lyon and the road running along the canal basin meet; on one side you have a perspective towards the Gare de Lyon, on the other a view of the Bassin de l’Arsenal.

‘Basket Apartments’
Design: Ofis Arhitekti, Slovenia
Paris Student Apartment Studios
photograph : Tomaz Gregoric
Student Apartments Paris – 19 Feb 2013
The project is located on a long and very narrow site, on the edge of Parc La Vilette in Paris’s 19th district, within an urban development done by Reichen & Robert architects. On the northeast, new Paris tram route is passing along the site. The site is bordering with tram garage on the southwest, above which is a football field.

70°SUD Boulogne-Billancourt, south west Paris
Design: LAN Architecture
70°SUD Boulogne-Billancourt
image © Julien Lanoo
70°SUD Boulogne-Billancourt – 27 Mar 2012
This project, for which the competition occurred in 2008, is the result of a complex transformation process in the city along with a precise economic context. Located on the former site of the Renault factories in Boulogne-Billancourt, the concerned project is part of the Trapèze Ouest, one of the sector of the operation Ile Seguin-Rives de Seine, amongst the most important emerging centres in Ile-de-France.

Alésia and Mistral Cinema Theaters
Architect: Manuelle Gautrand Architecture
Alésia and Mistral Cinema Theaters Building
image © Luxigon
Alésia and Mistral Cinema Theaters – 10 Aug 2012
Building reconstruction and refurbishment development in Paris 14th arrondissement

Paris Buildings, alphabetical:

108 rue de Picpus – Social housing
Design: ecdm
Social Housing Paris
photo : Benoit Fougeirol
Rue de Picpus Housing

18th arrondissement Housing, 21 rue Pajol and 65 rue Philippe de Girard, Paris 18
Design: LAN Architecture
18th arrondissement Housing Paris
photo : Julien Lanoo
18th arrondissement Housing
The driving idea guiding our project stems from the challenge of responding to the necessity for urban integration and creating optimum comfort for the residence’s occupants in a convivial and intimate environment.

Aeroville Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle
PCA Philippe Chiambaretta Architecte
Aeroville Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle Paris Airport
image © PCA Philippe Chiambaretta Architecte
Aeroville Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle
Aeroville, shopping and entertainment center, inspired by the imagination of the voyage will be the “city center” of the previously untraceable, vast zone. With fragmented blocks, it is an open space in which the airport inoculated its cosmopolitan dimension of travel and the city, this of flux and plural activity.

American Center, Bercy, east Paris
FDesign: rank O. Gehry Associates

Apartment buildings, Rue des Suisses, Paris
Design: Herzog de Meuron Architects

Arc de Triomphe / Triumphal Arch, Paris VIIIIe (Paris XVIe)
Jean François Thérèse Chalgrin, Architect; Guillaume Abel Blouet, Architect
Completed by Blouet, following the death of Chalgrin in 1811, the Arc de Triomphe was commissioned by Napoleon to celebrate victory at Austerlitz. It is the world´s largest triumphal arch and influenced the later La Grande Arche further along this formal urban axis of the Étoile. More a national monument than significant piece of architecture.

Argenteuil Centre Régional de la Musique et la Voix, Paris

Keith Williams Architects

Australian Embassy Building
Architects: Harry Seidler, with Marcel Breuer and Pier Luigi Nervi
Australian Embassy Paris
picture © Rebecca Breun
Australian Embassy Building Paris

Autrement rue Rebière, Rue Pierre-Rebière, Paris 17
Christophe Rousselle Architecte & Nicolas Laisné Architecte
Autrement rue Rebière Paris Rue Pierre-Rebière Apartments
photo : Philippe Ruault
Autrement rue Rebière

Beaugrenelle Shopping Mall, 15th arrondissement
Agence Search
Shopping Centre France
image from architects
Beaugrenelle Shopping Centre – 17 Feb 2012
In today’s increasingly competitive environment, the architecture of shopping malls has come to play a fundamental role in their commercial success. Architecture can distinguish the shopping environment to create a sense of specificity, of differentiation. Space can become a brand.

Berthold Lubetkin & Jean Ginsberg apartment, 25 Rue de Versailles

Bibliotheque Nationale / French National Library, Quai François-Mauriac 75706, Paris XIIIe
Henri Labrouste, Architect
A key Paris building that appears in most histories of world architecture.
The architect Labrouste was appointed in 1854.

Bibliothèque Nationale François Mitterand, 12 quai Panhard-Levassor, Paris XIIIe
Dominique Perrault Architects
Bibliotheque Nationale
picture © Georges Fessy / DPA / ADAGP
Bibliothèque Nationale
The largest of Former President of France François Mitterrand‘s Grand Projets for Paris: formed from four L-shaped corners of a square, 25 storeys tall on the banks of the Seine with a garden in the middle. Simple and powerful building, with a clear programme.

Bon Marché, Saint-Germain-des-Près, 7th arrondissement
Louis-Charles Boilleau and Gustave Eiffel
Le Bon Marché Paris
photograph © Adrian Welch
Bon Marché
Famous Parisian department store

Buc Eco Hotel
Buc Eco-Hotel France
image from architects
Buc Eco Hotel
New French hotel building design with 82 guest rooms, set on the south west side of the capital city.

Bureaux Zac Seguin – building IGH
ecdm – emmanuel combarel dominique marrec architectes
Bureaux Zac Seguin Boulogne-Billancourt
image from architects
Bureaux Zac Seguin
The creation of an emergent element is an opportunity to rethink the relationship between the new neighborhood of Le Trapèze and the Grand Paris area.

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