Kinoya II Restaurant on Bishop Street, Montréal

Kinoya II Restaurant Montréal, Bishop Street Dining, Canadian Interior, Canada Architecture Images

Kinoya II Restaurant in Montréal

May 13, 2020

Kinoya Izakaya Bishop Restaurant


Location: 1242 Bishop St, Montreal, Quebec H3G 2E3, Canada

Kinoya II Restaurant Bishop Street Montreal

For the new Isakaya Kinoya, JEAN DE LESSARD – DESIGNERS CRÉATIFS design firm chose to explore the orthogonality and the verticality of space. The morphology of the narrow two-story premises located on Bishop Street, in Montreal, lends itself perfectly to it.

Isakaya Kinoya Restaurant 1242 Bishop St Montreal

If the function and aesthetics are in line with the first Kinoya, this time the tunnel effect is amplified, on the ground floor and first floor, thanks to the assembly of polygons that are partially concealing the original masonry that was preserved for its rough appearance and for the sake of the economy of materials. Encroaching on the circulation axes, the wooden geometries dictate a zigzag path along which basic furniture and platforms are organized.

Furthermore, they unfurl in the remodeled kitchen on the ground floor and around the bar counter upstairs, forming nooks and crannies that seem to confine the diners while the alternation of materials of different opacity offers entertaining points of view.

Kinoya II Restaurant 1242 Bishop Street Montreal

The key element of the Kinoya Izakaya Bishop project is an imposing scaffolding of metal grids made to order in the workshop and assembled on the spot. This stalagmite painted in yellow that rises to the top of the floor hides the staircase from view. Its unrefined workmanship enhances the “rough” plasticity typical of an izakaya.

The 50,000 stickers that adorn the structure add a dynamic irreverent note. The yellow here evokes the connotation of tumult that befits a shabby café one can imagine at the end of a dark alley.

Isakaya Kinoya Restaurant Bishop Street Montreal

Kinoya II Restaurant, Bishop Street in Montréal – Building Information

Client: Kinoya
Project coordinator: Claire McKenzie
Materials: local barn timber, concrete, metal, vinyl, existing tile, existing masonry painted grey
Parameters: ground floor, 1,500 square feet and first floor, 905 square feet
Capacity: 115 places

Grid structure construction: LED Alliance
Grid structure size: 1,500 square feet
Illustrations: Jean de Lessard + Kinoya
Graphic printing: Unidé Graphique
Date of completion: September 2019

Kinoya II Restaurant Bishop Street in Montreal Isakaya Kinoya Restaurant Montreal

Under the direction of principal designer Jean de Lessard, who’s combining more than 30 years of design practice in various sectors, the firm jean de lessard – designers créatifs is designing a diversity of vocational spaces, including restaurants, hotels, offices, and boutiques.

A laureate of the A.R.E Gold Award (Las Vegas), Iconic Design Awards (Munich), Interior Design’s Best of Year Awards (NYC), Best of Canada Design Awards (Toronto) and Prix Bois Design (Quebec City), the firm has won London’s Best of Minimalist Interior Design and the Restaurants & Bars Design Awards; as well as prestigious awards from the Association of Retail Environment (Chicago). Widely published internationally, their projects are rewarded time and again at the Grands Prix du Design (Montreal) and the International Property Awards (London).

Kinoya Izakaya Bishop Restaurant Kinoya Izakaya Bishop Restaurant Montreal

Photographer: Raphaël Thibodeau


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Address: 1242 Bishop St, Montreal, Quebec H3G 2E3, Canada

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