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Gentile Pizza Parlour in Montréal, Québec

18 May 2021

Gentile Pizza Parlour

Architects: Atelier Zébulon Perron

Location: Montreal, QC, Canada

Gentile Pizza Parlour Montréal Québec

Atelier Zébulon Perron, a firm renowned for its distinct interior design services for the commercial sector, is proud to unveil the nostalgic ambiance of Gentile Pizza Parlour. Inspired by family legacy, the new Montreal restaurant’s original concept pays homage to the classic pizzerias of 70s and 80s New York City, balancing retro and contemporary elements to create a chic and colloquial space, with a strong identity.

Gentile Pizza Parlour Montréal

After a successful collaboration with owner, Anthony Gentile, to design his first restaurant in 2016, Atelier Zébulon Perron was selected to design the new adjacent pizzeria. The firm embarked on a concept of nostalgia within an iconic and contemporary space that is inspired by family history, with tributes to the flagship Café Gentile, first opened in 1959, as well as to a family arcade where the current owner spent much of his youth.

Gentile Pizza Parlour Montréal Québec Gentile Pizza Parlour Montréal Québec

“Many of the settings and design elements that Anthony referenced reflected a memorable past,” says Zébulon Perron. “We wanted to honor aspects of those cherished memories as much as possible, without being too cliché.”

Gentile Pizza Parlour Montréal

The studio’s designers focused on a contemporary interpretation of throwback references in order to create a dynamic space that is both rooted in time, and which embraces the future, reflecting the ambitions and passions of a new generation of Montreal family restaurateurs.

Gentile Pizza Parlour Montréal Gentile Pizza Parlour Montréal Québec

The unique character of the original space offered some naturally vintage qualities that the designers embraced, including an existing ceiling of rhythmic metal slats, designed for signage purposes, that the firm restored to its 1980s architectural grandeur. Some of the old sign devices were maintained for their diffusion of rosy, subdued mood lighting. The design team also overcame a series of technical challenges to update the concept, applying a metallic champagne paint finish and installing backlit screens to emit a soft pink glow.

Gentile Pizza Parlour Montréal Gentile Pizza Parlour Montréal

To break down the existing space’s natural linearity, the team developed a continuous diagonal tile pattern that covers the floors, the walls, and the bar. The effect of the strong and deliberate gesture is one of the most striking aspects of the final design.

Gentile Pizza Parlour Montréal Québec

A juxtaposition of old and new materials characterizes the restaurant’s light and playful furnishings and finishes, including a mix of marble and vinyl tabletops, layered, prefinished wood panelled walls with backlit mirrors, amber glass dividers, and old-fashioned vertical blinds.

Gentile Pizza Parlour Montréal Québec

Vintage objects, including light fixtures, chairs, stools, and even an old Pac Man machine, were acquired through personal collections and classified ads, infusing the space with a strong visual impact of familiarity, originality, and warmth.

Gentile Pizza Parlour Montréal Gentile Pizza Parlour Montréal

“People are comforted by the familiarity of places that they recognize in visual and emotional ways,” explains Zébulon Perron. “I think that we have succeeded in designing a welcoming environment that is equal parts architectural, unique, dynamic, and nostalgic.”

Gentile Pizza Parlour Montréal

Gentile Pizza Parlour in Montréal, QC – Building Information

Name of the architect: Atelier Zébulon Perron

Materials: Marble, walnut, vinyl, pewter, leather, prefinished wood paneling, tile, steel, amber glass, mirror.

Completion: September 2020
Project Site: 4134 Ste-Catherine St West, Montreal, QC H3Z 2Y5
Project type: Restaurant
Surface area: 280 m2 (3,000 sq. ft.)
Construction: Planit Construction

Design: Atelier Zébulon Perron
Lead designer: Zébulon Perron

Valérie Picard
Anik Mandalian
Mathieu Belen
Samuel Casaubon
Audrey Dasilva
Justine Rahilly
Tony Lemoignan

About Atelier Zébulon Perron
Founded in 2008, Atelier Zébulon Perron is a design firm specializing in commercial development. The firm is renowned for its expertise in the hotel industry, and for its design of bars and restaurants within that sector that have been woven into the fabric of Montreal’s vibrant scene.

Atelier Zébulon Perron’s commitment to the quality and success of its projects has positioned the firm as a benchmark player in the industry, distinguishing itself through its minute attention to detail, and through the creation of custom-designed objects, lighting, and furniture. The firm has completed more than one hundred projects to date, all designed in close collaboration with its clients.

Atelier Zébulon Perron approaches each project as a unique design opportunity. The team’s distinct approach envisions interior design as a key component of successful user experiences, enticing visitors to embrace a space at first sight. Listening attentively to the needs of its clients, the firm proposes development plans in harmony with end user expectations, combining aesthetics, sustainability, and commercial success in order to deliver optimal spaces.

Gentile Pizza Parlour Montréal Gentile Pizza Parlour Montréal

Photographer: Jean-Sébastien Senécal

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Location: Montreal, Québec, Canada

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