Generali Tower in Milan, Torre Hadid, Architect, Tower Project Design Images

Generali Tower in Milan

Italian Housing Tower Building Development design by Zaha Hadid Architects, UK

23 Jun 2016

Design: Zaha Hadid Architects

Location: Milan, Italy

Generali Tower in Milan tops out at 44-floors

Generali Tower

Generali Tower in Milan Building

The project is located at the intersection of several important urban axes. The dynamism of the surrounding urban fabric was the subject of ZHA’s formal investigations and inspired the geometry of the tower, podium and the residential buildings.

Generali Tower

The housing complex includes seven linear buildings and develops in two areas of the estate separated by a wide public pedestrian boulevard which visually and physically connects to the Citylife Park and the fore coming Hadid Tower.

The sinuous profile of the rooflines, repeated over the entire complex, increasing in height from the five-floors building on Piazza Giulio Cesare, to the tallest, a 14 storey building, unify the seven buildings’ skyline and become a “fifth elevation” of the Generali Tower complex:

The layout of the buildings determinates de facto a courtyard typology from which the duality of the relationship between the buildings and the surrounding urban fabric came. The facade facing out, where the living rooms are, have large windows and deep balconies to take advantage of views over the city and the future park. Wood cladding on the more protected interior facades facing the courtyard, the side with mostly bedrooms and kitchens, creates a feeling of domestic intimacy.

The tower is at the centre of a vortex generated by a series of paths which converge in the park. The curvilinear geometries of the tower’s podium, animated by these tensional forces, emerge from the ground where the pedestrian paths and retail gallery converge.

This torsion is transferred throughout the tower – the real core of the vortex – transforming horizontal energy into vertical thrust.
The tower is conceived as a stack of equivalent, economically efficient floor slabs that incrementally twist about a vertical axis. This incremental twisting is algorithmically controlled so that each floor does not have the same angle, but has a fractional, relational angle to the floors above and below, further developing the dynamism of the tower.

Generali Tower

Generali Tower in Milan – Building Information

Design Zaha Hadid Architects
Project Director Gianluca Racana
Project Architect Paolo Zilli
Design Team Andrea Balducci Caste H. Goswin Rothenthal Gianluca Barone Marco Amoroso Alvin Triestanto Letizia Simoni Subharthi Guha Marina Martinez Luis Miguel Samanez Santiago F. Achury Massimo Napoleoni Massimiliano Piccinini Annarita Papeschi Martha Read Carles S. Martinez
Arianna Russo Giuseppe Morando Peter McCarthy Line Rahbek Mario Mattia Matteo Pierotti

Competition Team Simon Kim Yael Brosilovski Adriano De Gioannis Graham Modlen Karim Muallem Daniel Li Yang Jingwen Tiago Correia Ana Cajiao Daniel Baerlecken Judith Reitz


Management: J&A/Ramboll
Structures Tower: Redesco
Structures Basement: Holzner&Bertagnolli + Cap
M&E: Max Fordham + Manens-TIFS
Specifications: Building Counsulting
Facade: Arup
Lift’s Strategy: Jappsen
Fire Fighting Strategy: Mistretta

Size 170 meter 44 storeys office tower, 67.000m2 2-storey retail space 15.000m2 parking, storage and plantrooms, 40.700m2 total 122.700m2 GFA

Photography : alberto fanelli © citylife

Generali Tower in Milan by Zaha Hadid images / information from Simon Garcia

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Website: CityLife Milano Residential Complex

Location: Milan, Lombardy, northern Italy, southern Europe

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