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Light Towers Merida, México

3 Mar 2023

Architecture Interior design: Pininfarina

Location: Merida, Mexico

Light Towers Merida México

Light Towers, México

Branson Developments unveils Light Towers designed by Pininfarina, in Merida, Mexico

The new residential building, which has recently been awarded with Interior Design’s 2022 Best of Year Award, has been presented during an event held on the site of the construction.

Light Towers México

Branson Developments is pleased to announce the launch of Light Towers Design by Pininfarina. The upcoming residential condominium complex represents the first branded residential vertical project in Mexico for Pininfarina, the legendary Italian design house. Located in the vibrant metropolitan city of Mérida, along the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, Light Towers is designed to set a new standard of urban living and serve as a catalyst for real estate development in the region, known to be one of the safest places to live in the Americas.

Light Towers México

The official launch took place through a special event held in the site of the construction, which saw the presence of Institutions Representatives such as the Governor of Yucatán Mauricio Vila Dosal and the Mayor of Mérida Renán Barrera Concha.

Light Towers México

The project has been recently awarded Interior Design’s 2022 Best of Year at a ceremony in New York City, where it triumphed in the multi-unit housing category. With this new project, Pininfarina strongly affirms its further expansion and brand enhancement in the high-end real estate market over the Americas, thanks to an extended appreciation for the refined design and iconic details of each creation of the legendary design house, capable of creating unparalleled projects and driving innovation.

Light Towers Merida México

Inspired by Mérida’s rich history, culture, and culinary scene, the Light Towers pave the way for the future of design and development in the fast-growing city, inspired from the same transgenerational spirit that guided Pininfarina’s philosophy for the project’s design concept. The structure consists of two distinct buildings rising 17 and 18 floors high, connected by a five-story base to form a “V” shape. The heart of Pininfarina’s concept is a green valley that fills the open-air core of the vertical community and extends upward from the base of the structure, recalling the development of Mexican roots and symbolizing the path forward; a nod to new ideas, fresh perspectives and hope for future generations.

Light Towers Merida México

“Bringing together our mission of translating human-centric values into beautiful design with Branson Developments’ commitment to sustainable and contextually driven communities, we are thrilled to have worked together on such an exciting project as Light Towers,” says Samuele Sordi, Chief Architect at Pininfarina. “Arriving in Mérida at a pivotal moment in its growth, we look forward to leading the way with an example of how a multidisciplinary design approach can create a thoughtful balance between urban density and sprawl as the city continues to evolve.”

Light Towers Merida México

“Light Towers Design by Pininfarina is located in a vibrant and beautiful area of Mérida; we at Branson Developments are very excited to have partnered with Pininfarina to develop a residential project that reflects the future of residential living in our city while honoring our heritage. We are extremely proud to have built this iconic landmark in Yucatan,” says Juan Soto, Projects Director of Branson Developments.

Light Towers Merida México

Deeply rooted in a commitment to wellness, the green valley consists of strategically stacked private terraces, designed to blur the boundaries between the built environment and nature, to curate a genuine connection between residents and the outdoors. Each of the 121 modular condominiums at Light Towers–– ranging from two and three-bedroom units to four and five-bedroom penthouses has its own terrace designed to act as an extension of the living room and emphasize the idea of living a greener life.

Light Towers México

These “skyvillas” integrate nature as a central element of the lifestyle: depending on the placement around the biophilic core, between 25% and 75% of the square meters per unit is allocated to this greenspace.

Further embracing the “green lifestyle” concept, spaces for residents include a second-floor deck designed to foster a sense of community by encouraging residents to gather outdoors, complete with an al fresco gathering and coworking space and swimming pool, as well as over 3,000-square-feet of space dedicated specifically to physical wellbeing, including a spa, gym, and children’s play area. Social activities are also encouraged on the seventh and eighth floors, where future residents will find rentable party and cinema rooms, a shared kitchen space, and two bars –– one designed for late- cocktails and the other for fresh juices and teas to boost energy and contribute to healthy wellbeing. Located on either side of a shared terrace, the two venues are intended to further represent Pininfarina’s concept of Mexico’s two juxtaposing souls.

The interiors use a bright and colorful palette that draws on local environmental hues and shades reminiscent of cultural traditions. Regionally sourced materials, such as plaster and concrete, are used to reduce the environmental impact of construction and support the local economy.

Light Towers México

This vision for Light Towers it’s underscored by its strategic positioning north of the city center, not far from the forthcoming US consulate building, in what is recognized as the second safest city in the Americas. Light Towers boasts walking distance to shopping centers, cinemas, schools, universities, restaurants, supermarkets, and easy access to Progreso beach in Yucatan.

Further considerations for the community include the building’s foundation: the base of Light Towers’ two-tower composition is entirely permeable to both the surrounding neighborhood and the environment. This open and welcoming streetscape energy is intended to flow through the building’s main lobby to its naturally ventilated parking garage, which also helps fortify the infrastructure from potential natural weather hazards.

Light Towers México

About Pininfarina
Global icon of Italian design and lifestyle, with offices in Italy, United States, China and Germany, Pininfarina is recognized for its unparalleled ability to create timeless beauty through its values of elegance, purity, and innovation. Founded in 1930 as luxury car designer and among the world leaders in automotive design, such as Ferrari, Maserati and Rolls-Royce, Pininfarina has developed a prestigious multidisciplinary design portfolio that includes more than 1,200 projects in automotive and more than 600 in product and user-experience design, as well as architecture, interiors, nautical, aviation and any transportation design.

Pininfarina is recognized within the Top Architectural Studios worldwide for Branded Residences. Through its unparalleled architecture approach focused on quality and the human experience at all scales, Pininfarina has received several prestigious national and international awards. Among the most notable and recent projects, Cyrela and Heritage by Pininfarina in Brazil, Torre Designo and Light Towers in Mexico, Millecento and The Concours Club in Florida, USA and many more.

Light Towers Merida México

In 2021 and 2022, Pininfarina of America’s design studio was certified among the top Great Place to Work in the United States, where it counts offices in Miami and New York City.

Light Towers México

About Branson Developments
Branson Developments is a proud Mexican family company dedicated to the construction industry of real estate developments in the southeast of the country, with extensive experience and credibility. Since its foundation a little over 12 years ago, its commitment has been to build homes of the highest quality, taking care of each of the details that make up their design.

Light Towers Merida México

Photography: Luis Young

Light Towers in Merida, México property images / information received 030323 from Pininfarina Italy

Location: Merida, México, North America

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