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Konare food court, Catehua, City of Monterrey, Mexico

24 December 2022

Design: Tresismo

Location: Catehua, City of Monterrey, Nuevo León, Ciudad de México

Konare food court, Catehua, Monterrey, Mexico

Photos by Idea Cúbica

Konare food court, Catehua, City of Monterrey, Mexico, Mexico

Konare is a food court of high-quality design that forms part of a mixed-use development called Catehua in the City of Monterrey, Mexico. This complex is found in a zone that lost its commercial value over time due to the proliferation of informal businesses and industries that belonged to mass consumer companies established in the city.

Konare food court, Catehua, Monterrey, Mexico

This spearhead project will help reactivate the zone and give it the added value necessary for other companies to develop similar projects in the Eugenia neighborhood. The development is surrounded by an important industrial zone that has the most important companies in the region, along with the campus of the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León and baseball and football stadiums belonging to the Sultanes baseball and Tigres soccer teams.

Konare food court, Catehua, Monterrey, Mexico

The architectural concept of this food court is an oasis that forms a part of this development project in the busy Eugenia neighborhood. Nature relates to this space by taking vegetation into the interior of the food court, with a total permeability of interior and exterior areas, emphasized by its large size and the luminosity that defines the space. Its design premise is for the center of the project to represent a large tree formed by irregular strips of oak that flow into branches that expand from its circular center.

The project is characterized by an interior garden that symbolically reflects balance, with the presence of vegetation along each of the branches flowing along the roof, together with artificial lighting with cylindrical LED hanging light fixtures to create a dramatic effect.

Konare food court, Catehua, Monterrey, Mexico

The food court is defined by different areas of the space, with traditional tables and chairs, large circular benches and circular forms, high tables and chairs for individual diners and sitting areas that are cozier with their own artificial lighting. This allows the space to adapt itself to different eating schedules so it can receive diners throughout the day.

The selection of materials was based on beauty and resistance with the goal of guaranteeing easy maintenance without affecting comfort. Fabric textures, laminates and Chilean pine were used to cover the walls and for the floors, porcelain plank flooring was used in the entire area. At the center of the food court is a fountain that forms part of the complex and it is integrated into the food court to give the sensation of being in the middle of an oasis.

All the finishing touches correspond to the colors found in nature. All the materials and furniture used in the design are of low maintenance and resistant to heavy traffic, so that it will be durable in the long-term.

Konare food court, Catehua, Monterrey, Mexico

The name “Konare” is the phonetic conjunction of the phrase “I want to eat” in the Tarahumara language. Since Catehua is located in a zone where its most direct neighbors do not have quality services, this space is striking, unique, and inviting. It is a relaxing place within the industrial life in the zone and diners do not feel that it is a patio with traditional food but that it is a place that enchants them and invites them to eat. It is a place that pays tribute to nature, tranquility, enjoyment and to traditional Tarahumara handicrafts.

The food court has eight commercial locales with high ceilings, with areas from 35 to 48 square meters for fast-food and semi fast-food businesses. It will be possible to offer a variety of options to the surrounding public, who include managers of industries, independent professionals, merchants, residents, renters, professors, students, and sports fans. Konare will become their first option for healthy entertainment and dining in the zone.

Konare food court, Catehua, Monterrey, Mexico

Konare food court, Catehua, City of Monterrey, Mexico, Mexico – Building Information

Tresismo Principal: Sandra de la Torre Zavala
Design Team: Maryfer Gaytán & Sandra de la Torre Zavala

Location: Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, North America
Area: 1400 M2
Date: August 2022
Status: Built


Construction: Lemura Desarrollos
Carpentry: Tresismo
Lighting: Tresismo
Flooring: Interceramic, Castel

Photography: IDEA CÚBICA

Interior designs + architects

Konare food court, Catehua, City of Monterrey, Mexico Mexico images / information received 231222 from Tresismo

Location: Monterrey, Ciudad de México, North America

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