Josafat Zalapa Restaurant, Mexico

Josafat Zalapa Restaurant Mexico, Morelia City dining space, Mexican architecture photos

Josafat Zalapa Restaurant in Morelia, Mexico

7 September 2023

Architects: FMA

Location: Morelia City, State of Michoacán, Mexico

Josafat Zalapa Restaurant Mexico

Photos by Cesar Belio

Josafat Zalapa Restaurant, Morelia City

FMA. introduces Josafat Zalapa, a culinary haven harmoniously melding the culinary heritage of Mexican culture with Oriental influences, arising within a 19th-century house in the heart of Morelia City. The inception of the restaurant is rooted in the concept of crafting a groundbreaking dining ambiance, inspired by the Japanese term “Omakase,” which encapsulates the essence of “I trust you” or “the chef’s selection.” Through an exclusive dining encounter, patrons embark on a gastronomic voyage, engaging actively as they observe the crafting of their dishes.

Josafat Zalapa Restaurant Morelia Mexico Josafat Zalapa Restaurant Morelia Mexico

The user experience begins with access to the historic building, where visitors are welcomed by a corridor and a gallery leading to a cloister adorned with various artworks along its perimeter. In the center, a sculptural piece featuring dead vegetation alludes to the passage of time within the building.

Josafat Zalapa Restaurant Morelia Josafat Zalapa Restaurant Morelia

The architectural layout comprises two rooms adjacent to the courtyard, flanked by Baroque-style architectural elements. The main space houses a sculptural bar with 20 designer chairs, while a second room with a bar is subtly displayed on one side. As one enters the restaurant, the massive stone walls encase the project’s centerpiece: an elongated bar where patrons gather around the chef, preparing for the culinary spectacle.

Josafat Zalapa Restaurant Morelia Mexico Josafat Zalapa Restaurant Morelia

Through interior design, the project achieves a balance between the architecture of the past and contemporary elements expressed in the furniture, decor, and materials. This approach creates an introspective, elegant, and sober atmosphere.

The concept of the bar further emphasizes the dishes prepared by the chef, while indirect lighting along the floor’s edge frames the existing limestone walls. This lighting highlights the layers of history that have been preserved over time, accentuating their architectural value.

Josafat Zalapa Restaurant Morelia Mexico Josafat Zalapa Restaurant Morelia Mexico

The design premise revolved around respecting the architecture of the place while subtly intervening in the interiors, achieving a timeless proposal that integrates seamlessly with the historical layers of the building. The material selection remained essentialist, incorporating wooden floors and pigmented cement coatings on the walls.

During the intervention, particular emphasis was placed on lighting design and furniture integration. This led to the custom design of each element, from the linear lamps that accompany the bar, to the chairs where diners will savor their meals.

Josafat Zalapa Restaurant Mexico

Josafat Zalapa Restaurant in Mexico – Building Information

Project Name: Josafat Zalapa
Architecture Office: FMA.
Architect in charge: Francisco Javier Méndez Rodríguez
Furniture: Axoque Studio

Gross Floor Area: 75 sqm
Location: Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico
Year of Completion: 2022
Website: fm-a.mx
Instagram: @fmaarq

Photographs: César Belio


FMA. is an architecture and design studio founded in 2018, headquartered in the city of Morelia, and led by ascending architect Francisco Méndez. Despite its relatively short existence, the studio has embarked on a diverse range of projects, including commercial, hospitality, residential, and urban endeavors across Mexico. Their innovative ideas and infrastructure have bolstered their portfolio, enabling them to continue creating projects with a significant societal impact.

Recently, the studio has garnered recognition through various national and international awards. They were finalists in the 2023 PRISMA Award, the 7th edition of the Firenze Entremuros Awards, and the 2023 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, particularly in the categories of commercial interior design and restaurants. These accolades reflect their commitment to excellence and creativity in the field of architecture and design.

Josafat Zalapa Restaurant Mexico

Photography: Cesar Belio

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Location: Morelia, México, North America

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