Cocoon Hotel Quintana Roo, Tulum Contemporary Resort, Mexican Building, Architectural Images

Cocoon Hotel in Tulum

Contemporary Quintana Roo Resort Development in Mexico design by DNA Barcelona

22 + 14 Feb 2018

Architects: DNA Barcelona

Location: Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Cocoon Hotel

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Cocoon Hotel in Tulum Quintana Roo

Cocoon Hotel

Cocoon Hotel in Tulum Quintana Roo

Cocoon Hotel in Tulum Quintana Roo

Cocoon Hotel in Tulum Quintana Roo

Tulum is a city in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, situated in the southernmost part of the Riviera Maya, one of the main international tourist destinations. It is located next to archaeological ruins of the Mayan city of Tulum, from which it receives its name.

Cocoon Hotel Tulum Resort

Tulum Resort Hotel in Mexico

The perimeter disposition of the pieces closing the complex allows to create a diverse space in the interior, forming a microclimate inside. Every feature serves to give a unique experience to the customer and at the same time makes him identify what is Mexico.

Tulum Resort Hotel Mexico

The concept was born with the intention of offering guests a space full of luxury and comfort, that provides a true escape from everyday life, with the main objective to disconnect and enjoy the wide range of services oriented mainly to personal relaxation and Leisure, which coexist.

Cocoon Hotel Mexico

Cocoon Hotel – Building Information

Type: Commission
Program: 240 Guest Rooms
24 Suites
16 Penthouses
Site: 39.820 sqm
Built: 31.220 sqm
Status: In progress
Budget: –

Cocoon Hotel Tulum

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Location: Tulum, Quintana Roo, México, North America

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