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Restaurant Orgaz Los Andes Avenue

Spanish Dining Venue: Los Andes Avenue Madrid Interior design by ZOOCO ESTUDIO architects

3 Nov 2015

Restaurant Orgaz in Madrid


Location: Los Andes Avenue, Conde Orgaz Park, north east Madrid, Spain

The restaurant Orgaz is located in Los Andes Avenue, in the known northeast limit of Madrid, Conde Orgaz Park. Customers raise us the idea of a sober restaurant but achieving a charming place for all audience.

Restaurant Orgaz

Due to the very configuration of the place, the first strategy to urdertaking the Orgaz project was to set up a clear structure of serving and served spaces. The latest distribution neither defined hierarchies nor took the advantage of lighting and visual qualities of the space.

Restaurant Orgaz

Therefore, we structure the place as follows: on the one hand, a pure volume attached from the interior of the premises. It contains all the services of the restaurant (bar, kitchen, cameras, storage, changing rooms and toilets) and it also integrates all structural elements of the place while releasing the whole façade.

This volume is developed by a permeable solid-wood structure composed of vertical and horizontal elements, like porticos, which are modulated along the perimeter, creating access and visual relationships between the inside and the lounge. Rotating wood slats are used to control the degree of visual communication between bar – lounge and kitchen – lounge. However, under those frames, are situated different spaces for customers. At points where acces to the interior are generated, the volume goes down as a shelf and sets additional staff points.

Restaurant Orgaz

The remaining area, always along the glass façade, includes more public spaces, each with its own character, following this sequence: room with benches and round tables, space bar, reception, lounge, lounge room and finally a reserved area sheltered by the wooden structure. The counter stands out because of his robustness: it is made of white marble, articulated by the floor and the wooden frieze of the overall volume.

Restaurant Orgaz

The way of determining the use of materials inside the premises follows the logic of the proposal. Outside the volume of services, oak floorboards are used, so both wood elements will never contact. Inside, at the public area, we deal with the vertical projection using a white hexagon mosaic. A band with the same material but different color and format makes the transition between wood and glass mosaic, while indicating by words, the use of spaces that gives access. A textile ceiling complement the space, giving a new color range and an acoustic treatment to it.

Restaurant Orgaz

We could highlight the façade, which is modulated by folding sliding joinery, allowing to open the restaurant to the street, boosting the urban and open nature of the business. Similarly, tali-wood panels conclude the facade with an aesthetic that connects the inside with the outside.

Restaurant Orgaz

Photographs: Orlango Gutierrez

Restaurant Orgaz in Madrid images / information from ZOOCO ESTUDIO

Location: Madrid, Spain, southwestern Europe

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