Bambou Clothes Shop in Mui Ne

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Bambou Clothes Shop Mui Ne

Retail Interior Development in Vietnam design by Sicart & Smith Architects

3 Nov 2015

Bambou Clothes Shop in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Design: Sicart & Smith Architects

Location: Mui Ne, Vietnam

Bambou Company is a fashion brand established in Vietnam since more than 10 years. Their products are uniquely based on natural fibers such as Bamboo, Milk, Coffee, Modal, Tencel…fibres. All their production is made in Vietnam with their head office and factory in NhaTrang.

Bambou Clothes Shop

They have requested SICART & SMITH ARCHITECTS to upgrade their shops identity without losing the spirit of the brand.

Bambou Clothes Shop

SICART & SMITH ARCHITECTS with Tra Mi Lam Van (architect in charge of the project) have designed the first new shop of a series.
Located in Mui Ne in a prime location for a surface of 300 sqm, the shop shows very advanced creative features.

Bambou Clothes Shop

Graphic pictures that evocate nature are very present in the shop. From the façade, the back of reception, the changing room and the ceiling:
A Bamboo forest picture is inserted into skylight circles on the ceiling. This brings day light sensation all along the shop and brings an immediate mood.

Bambou Clothes Shop

The elements are combined in contrast and opposition. This bring balance and harmony between all materials:

Bambou Clothes Shop

Concrete floor, grass rug, brass metal furniture, frosted glass, white oak, walnut,

Bambou Clothes Shop

All furniture is made in a unique material in brass metal look. (Podium stage, tables, clothes hanger…)

Bambou Clothes Shop

The reception itself is a design piece. It is made with a combination of slices of white oak wood and glasses lighted in the back with changing color LED.

Bambou Clothes Shop

A “tree”stands behind. It is painted as the Vietnamese lacquer style and decorated with blossom cherry flower paper light (designed with the Japanese artist Ayano Otani).

Bambou Clothes Shop

The changing rooms are hidden behind a waterfall, which bring delicate water sound music and gives intimacy and privacy to the place required for a changing room.

Bambou Clothes Shop

The centre of the shop is dedicated to communicate about the fibres and display some exhibition booths set up around the structural columns. This axis is visible in both way of the visit.

Bambou Clothes Shop

All fine details are designed such as the clothes hanger. Instead of the traditional clothes hanger we may find from the suppliers. The designers have imagined some pendant ropes to replace the standard ready made.

Bambou Clothes Shop

No rooms are left a part. The toilet and the kid corner have also been carefully studied and are settled as a room itself and not as secondary functional necessary rooms.

Bambou Clothes Shop

In this project everything is custom made. The designers has chosen to not use any bamboo material in the decoration cause it was to obvious and redundant with the brand name and the natural bamboo fibre already present in the clothes.

Bambou Clothes Shop

Instead, they have created some clothes racks made with the carton tubes of the fabric rolls used in fabric factory. We can imagine it as an allegory of the bamboo stick or even better:
Imagining that all the fabrics from the rolls in factory have been used to create the clothes, which are displayed in the shop while,it is only remain the tubes of the empty fabric rolls, which serve has a support for the rack to exhibit the fabrics which has become a clothes.

Bambou Clothes Shop

Bambou Clothes Shop in Mui Ne – Building Information

Client: The Bambou Company
Architects: Sicart & Smith Architects
GFA: 300 SQM
Location: Mui Ne, Vietnam
Type: Shop
Completion: 2014

Bambou Clothes Shop

Photography: Julien Smith

Bambou Clothes Shop in Mui Ne images / information from Sicart & Smith Architects

Location: Mui Ne, Vietnam, south east Asia

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