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post updated 24 Mov 2019

Major Madrid Office Development

Madrid Office Buildings

17 May 2019
Castellana 77, AZCA district
Architects: luis vidal +arquitectos
Castellana 77 Building Madrid
photos © luis vidal + arquitectos. All rights reserved
Castellana 77 Building

20 May 2017
New OOIIO Office in Madrid Rio
Design: OOIIO Architecture
New OOIIO Office in Madrid Rio
picture from architecture office
New OOIIO Office in Madrid Rio
OOIIO, an emerging architecture studio based in Madrid with projects in Spain and Latin America, decided to move its headquarters because the team is growing thanks to a series of new commissions and some competitions won.

1 Jan 2017
Espacio Miguel Delibes in Alcobendas – approx. 13 km north of Spanish capital
Design: Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos
Espacio Miguel Delibes Building in Madrid
photograph : Alfonso Quiroga
Espacio Miguel Delibes Building in Madrid
The new building hosts the Universidad Popular, the headquarters of the PhotoEspaña International Centre in Alcobendas, as well as a media library and a citizen’s advice service of the City Council.

21 Nov 2013
Google Madrid Headquarters
Design: Jump Studios
Google Madrid HQe
photograph : Daniel Malhão
Google HQ Madrid Building
The extensive fit out and refurbishment of Google’s Madrid HQ sets new standards in office interior design on the Iberian peninsula.

5 Feb 2013
Repsol Headquarters Building
Design: Rafael de la-Hoz Architect
Repsol Office Headquarters Campus Building Madrid
photo from architects
Repsol Madrid Office Building
Inauguration of the new headquarters of the company Repsol by the architect Rafael de la-Hoz. The new campus, a world reference in corporate offices, is designed as an intelligent building where interaction and exchange among the 4,000 people who work in there is fostered.

Key Recent Madrid Office Buildings

Spanish Office Architecture

This page contains a selection of major Madrid office building designs, with links to individual project pages. We’ve selected what we feel are the key Buildings in the the Spanish capital but additions are always welcome.

added 17 Oct 2012
Idom Office, north west Madrid
Design: ACXT Architects
Idom Office Building Madrid
photograph : Fernando Guerra
Idom Office
The client was also the developer, the architect, the contractor and the user. Its culture and way of working should be clear from the building itself. This was an opportunity to turn a building into a showcase for its philosophy.

22 May 2012
Madrid Architects’ Association
Design: Gonzalo Moure
Madrid Architects Association Building
photo : Jorge Crooke Carballal
Madrid Architects’ Association
The City of Madrid and the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid (COAM) coordinated a set of actions towards the restoration of the complex of Escuelas Pías de San Antón, that had suffered a fire few years before. It included an architectural competition and the subsequent development of the winning project.

25 Apr 2012
Centro de Servicios Sociales de Móstoles
Design: dosmasuno arquitectos
Social Services Center Móstoles
photo : Miguel de Guzmán
Centro de Servicios Sociales de Móstoles
The programme of the new local Social Services Center in Móstoles is strongly conditioned by two facts: on the one hand, it hosts many identical spaces – single, unipersonal offices – and it is placed within a new, aseptic urban fabric – currently being developed – which features no constraints but the street network and the plot orientation.

Madrid Office Architecture

Spanish Architecture Designs, alphabetical:

5 Nov 2008
Caja Madrid Tower
Design: Foster + Partners
Torre Caja
image : Foster + Partners
Torre Caja Building

27 Mar 2009
High Council – Chambers of Commerce
Design: Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos
Chambers of Commerce of Madrid
photograph : Miguel de Guzmán
Chambers of Commerce Madrid

22 Jan 2008
Las Rozas offices
Design: A-Cero Architects
Madrid office building
photo from architect
Las Rozas office design

27 Mar 2009
Las Tablas Buildings, north Madrid
Design: Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos
Las Tablas Madrid
photograph : Miguel de Guzmán
Las Tablas Madrid : Telefónica de España

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