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post updated 1 March 2022

Indonesian Architecture Studios

Indonesian Architects Practices, contact details information, alphabetical:

Architect phone / fax e-mail / website address
Budiman Hendropurnomo +62 21 721 0210 dcm(at) Budiman Hendropurnomo
Wijaya Graha Puri Blok G-30
JI. Wijaya II, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta 12160, Indonesia
PT DP Architects +65 6828 7788 dpaindon(at) PT DP Architects Indonesia
Jalan Tarakanita
111 No 34 Rt 001/008
Patal Senayan
Jakarta 12210, Indonesia

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Indonesian Architecture

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Indonesia Buildings – Selection

Uluwatu House, Bali building design by world-famous South African architects SAOTA:
Uluwatu House in Bali
photograph : Adam Letch
Uluwatu House in Bali
This getaway home designed by SAOTA in Uluwatu, on the south‐western tip of the Bukit Peninsula of Bali, Indonesia, is dramatically perched high on a limestone cliff edge. Ulu means “land’s end” and watu means “rock”, which aptly describes the rugged beauty of wild, arid peninsula.

AM Residence, Jakarta, island of Java building design by Andramatin Architect:
AM Residence in Jakarta by Indonesian Architect Office
photo © Aga Khan Trust for Culture / Cemal Emden
AM Residence in Jakarta
Its design is inspired by Indonesian vernacular stilt houses, which favour natural ventilation. The ground floor, which is partially excavated down to street level, incorporates a giant pool, library and services.

PT Telkom Landmark Tower Jakarta Building design by international architectural firm Woods Bagot Architects:
PT Telkom Landmark Tower Jakarta building Indonesian Architect
photo : William Sutanto
PT Telkom Landmark Tower Jakarta Building
Emphasizing connectivity and cohesion, Telkom Landmark Tower is the new headquarters for Indonesia’s largest telecommunications services company. The complex establishes a powerful presence in Jakarta’s central business district while consolidating its previously scattered operations in one downtown location.

Menara Karya, Jakarta
Design: Arquitectonica
Jakarta Tower by by Indonesian Architect Firm
image © Ray Sugiharto
Jakarta Tower
Menara Karya breaks the mold in the corporate strip of highly articulated buildings rising along the busy Jalan Rasuna road in Jakarta’s financial district, the ‘Golden Triangle. ‘It is pure and sculptural, crisp and prismatic.

Alila Villas Uluwatu, Bali
Design: WOHA Designs Pte Ltd
Indonesian Villas by Indonesian Architect
photograph : Tim Griffith
Bali building

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