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6 Apr 2012

Almere Oosterwold Masterplan

MVRDV presents urban plan Almere Oosterwold : inhabitants create their own neighbourhoods

MVRDV, the city of Almere and RVOB, the Governmental Real Estate Development Agency, have presented the development strategy for Almere Oosterwold, the eastern part of Dutch new town Almere.

The development strategy titled: “Estate for Initiatives” is a revolution in Dutch urban planning as it steps away from governmental dictate and invites organic urban growth in which initiatives are stimulated and inhabitants can create their own neighbourhoods including public green, urban agriculture and roads. In the area with a total surface of 43 km2 at least 15.000 homes can be realised in a participatory adaptable urban planning scheme which relies totally on private initiatives. Completion is according to this open process an unknown date.

A possible outcome, a rich mix of initiatives with a green agricultural character
Almere Oosterwold Urban Plan Masterplan
picture © MVRDV

The Netherlands are traditionally a country in which urban planning has reached a point where one could state that it gets too perfect and hence predictable. New Town Almere- entirely built on reclaimed land – is one of these overly perfect places and has decided years ago to allow construction of individually designed homes in a number of neighbourhoods. The experiment was a large success. Now the city of Almere and MVRDV take the next step. The urban planning itself will be an open process in which individual initiatives can thrive.

The extensive farmland in the east of the booming new town offers space for both individual and collective initiatives in a green rural surrounding. Almere Oosterwold is expected to develop over a longer period into a differentiated landscape in which nature and living, working and leisure will be combined in a low density – as a balance act against the more urban west of the city. 50% of the site will be designated for urban farming, this specialised food production for the city is expected to improve Almere’s sustainable profile and maintain the agricultural character of the area.

The development is allowed to take a few dacedes
Almere Oosterwold Urban Plan Masterplan
picture © MVRDV

The strategy allows individual dreams to be realised under the following condition: one can develop a plot but also has to realise all necessary components such as a piece of the road, energy, sanitation, rubbish collection, public green and urban farming. This can be done as an individual or shared with a collective. To maintain the rural character the overall programming is kept at 18% construction, 8% roads, 13 % public green, 2% water and 59% urban agriculture.

This leaves space for golf course villages, plantations, autarkic villas, villages of collective groups etc. MVRDV developed the strategy as part of the Almere 2030 Structure Vision in which the city is growing with 100.000 inhabitants and 60.000 work places. Oosterwold allows a mixed use development with a new role for the government: from directive towards facilitating.

Concept: the program can be realised by an individual or divided in parts by a collective
Almere Oosterwold Urban Plan Masterplan
picture © MVRDV

City Councillor Adri Duivesteijn explains: “With this development we do right to everything a city built on manmade land symbolises. It illustrates that the city is a creation and that the people themselves can make the city. In this way the Oosterwold development is a strong point in the discourse about making cities.”

The outcome is open and this in itself is a radical new method in Dutch urban planning. The government steps back and the citizens are offered more freedom but have to commit to more responsibility at the same time.

The agricultural character will be maintained
Almere Oosterwold Urban Plan Masterplan
picture © MVRDV

Almere Oosterwold Masterplan images / information from MVRDV

MVRDV Architects, NL

Location: Almere, Netherlands, northern Europe

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In the larger context of the presentation of the new Almere Port area, Dutch housing association Stadgenoot and the city of Almere presented the MVRDV project for Olympiakwartier, introducing an ambitious new urban density and variety into the fast growing city near Amsterdam. MVRDV is architect for a part of the new development.

Almere, founded in 1984 on reclaimed land, is growing fast into becoming the fifth largest city of the Netherlands. After realizing a new city centre Almere now is building a new urban neighborhood “Olympiakwartier”, at its Western border close to Amsterdam, which will introduce urban density.

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ALMERE, located just 35 kilometres from the Dutch capital of Amsterdam, offers an ideal climate for working and living for many people and companies from the Randstad conurbation, which is bursting at the seams, and the rest of Holland, thanks to its spacious layout and its greenbelt so rich in waters. In Almere of the total surface of 24,876 hectares 40% is agricultural land, woodlands, parks or nature reserve, making it a very green and blue city when compared with other large municipalities. Some three to four thousand new residents arrive each year. Facilities in the field of education, welfare, culture and sport track the growth as closely as possible.
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Stadgenoot works in Amsterdam and Almere. It seeks to enhance the quality of homes and of life in Amsterdam. By contributing here Stadgenoot steadily levers housing standards in the city. Meanwhile, with an eye for individual aspirations and the social mix, Stadgenoot builds towards a sustainable environment for all. In total Stadgenoot, with 465 personnel, develops and manages just over 31,000 homes and 1,800 commercial units.
For information please contact public relations at Stadgenoot…

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