The Beauregard Rescue Center Rennes Building

The Beauregard Rescue Center, New Rennes Fire Station Building, French Architecture Project Images

The Beauregard Rescue Center in Rennes

Contemporary Fire Station Building Development in France design by Jean-Pierre Lott

12 Nov 2019

The Beauregard Rescue Center

Architects: Jean-Pierre Lott

Location: Rennes, France

Beauregard Rescue Center Rennes

The plot of the The Beauregard Rescue Center project is located rue Doyen Leroy in Rennes. The building is an extension of the existing building, with: a shed for 5 vehicles, a gym, 40 rooms, living areas (restaurants / library). The main ambition of our project, beyond the clean functioning of the building, is to give a homogeneity, and a building unit with the existing center. The start of the fire is in the existing building, the accommodation of 40 rooms is located in our building. The project proposes to link the accommodation unit with the changing rooms and the shed of the existing building.

Beauregard Rescue Center Rennes Beauregard Rescue Center Rennes

For this, Jean-Pierre Lott have positioned the accommodation unit in a bridge, above the access road (clearance template of 5 meters free), parallel to the existing building. This strategy makes it possible to use the fire escape from the floor as a link between the two buildings, thus creating unity. This positioning also makes it possible to have no rooms opposite the access ramp, which is favorable for the acoustics.

Beauregard Rescue Center Rennes

The architecture
The project is made of architectural concrete cast in place. The strength of his presence is marked by:
– the large size of the shed and gymnasium,
– bridge accommodation on the access road.

Beauregard Rescue Center Rennes

The building, by its position on the site, comes to close the frame, and to give unity and coherence to the whole. The sloping sails of the accommodation facade, the crowning glory of the project, are a stylized reminder of the large scale firefighters symbol. This facade gives the building its presence and modernity, and gives an image of the building at the height of the institution it represents.

Beauregard Rescue Center Rennes

The building is organized on two levels: the ground floor is reserved for the shed, the gym and living areas, and the floor for accommodation. The outdoor spaces are organized between the building and the property line.

On the ground floor
The hall At the heart of the plan, the hall provides access to all the project functions. A staircase connects the hall with the accommodation.

Beauregard Rescue Center Rennes

The discount
Facing the existing shed, it is accessible by gear from the existing maneuvering area. She has a simple relationship with the lobby. These associated premises are installed in accordance with the expectations of the program: the pipe store near the maneuver and drying tower, all stores accessible from the shed.

The premises of relaxation and restoration are organized around the lobby. The cafeteria and the dining room have an outside extension with a terrace.

Beauregard Rescue Center Rennes

The sport
Its height ceiling is important, we have installed above the locker room a bleacher area that could allow the organization of tournaments or meetings.

The outdoor area is directly accessible in continuity with the gymnasium.

Beauregard Rescue Center Rennes

Upstairs are the 40 rooms of accommodation as seen previously. The floor is characterized by its layout parallel to the existing building, to create the desired connection, and not to have a vis-à-vis rooms with the ring road.

Beauregard Rescue Center Rennes

The Beauregard Rescue Center, Rennes – Building Information

Architects: Jean-Pierre Lott

Beauregard Rescue Center Rennes

Photography: Stéphane Chalmeau

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Location: Rennes, France, north west Europe

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