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Romanian Convention of Architecture and Design : ROCAD 2013

Bucharest Architectural Event

5 Mar 2013

ROCAD Romanian Architecture Event

ROCAD 2013

Romanian Convention of Architecture and Design (an International Event)

Daniel Libeskind and Dominique Perrault in Bucharest for ROCAD 2013

Eduardo Souto de Moura – Doctor Honoris Causa ROCAD 2012:
Eduardo Souto de Moura ROCAD
image from ROCAD

The University of Architecture and Urbanism celebrated on 2012 its 120th anniversary in an event that highlighted the tradition, the performance and the innovation of Romania’s most prominent school of architecture.

Romanian Convention of Architecture and Design gathered over 1600 architects, designers and students willing to listen to the 16 speakers – awarded architects, creators of landmark buildings around the world or prestigious professors. Among these: Eduardo Souto de Moura (Pritzker Prize recipient on 2011); Mario Botta, Carlos Ott, Gaetano Pesce, Matias del Campo, David Gloster, Gottfried Bohm (Pritzker Prize recipient on 1986), represented by his son Peter Bohm.

ROCAD conference Hall, on 16th May 2012:
Romanian Convention of Architecture and Design
image from event organisers

On 2013, architects and designers from Romania and South-East Europe will be able to attend the two ceremonies of awarding Doctor Honoris Causa to Mr Daniel Libeskind (USA) and Mr Dominique Perrault (France). The two guests will deliver unique presentations based on their most challenging experiences within world architecture competitions. Other guests are: Masayuki Kurokawa (Japan), Andreas Vogler (Switzerland), Arturo Vittori (Italy), Miguel Baudizzone (Argentina), Brian Spencer (USA), Benedetta Tagliabue (Spain), Phil Ayres (Denmark), Peter Blundell Jones (UK).

Carlos Ott and Mario Botta – ROCAD 2012:
Carlos Ott and Mario Botta ROCAD
image from event organisers

Mario Botta at this event in 2012:
Mario Botta ROCAD
image from ROCAD

Romanian Convention of Architecture and Design (ROCAD) also host two exhibitions, displayed for the first time in this region of Europe: “The Heritage of Frank Lloyd Wright” – curator Brian Spencer; “From Pyramids to Spacecrafts” – curators: Andreas Vogler and Arturo Vittori.

More information on special guests and registration details will be made available within the following weeks on

image from event organisers

At ROCAD 2012 Mr. Gottfried Böhm (winner of The Pritzker Prize in 1986) and Mr. Eduardo Souto de Moura (winner of The Pritzer Prize in 2011) were Main Speakers.

Romanian Convention of Architecture and Design – ROCAD 2012 information

The Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, Romania:
Palatul Parlamentului
image from event organisers

Location: Romania, southeastern Europe

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