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post updated 6 May 2021

Eduardo Souto de Moura News

Cultural Center of Viana do Castelo, north west Portugal
Cultural Center of Viana do Castelo Portugal by Eduardo Souto de Moura
photograph : Joao Morgado – Architecture Photography
Cultural Center of Viana do Castelo – 6 Aug 2013
Like a low-level Pompidou Centre with the colour taken out. Eduardo Souto de Moura is a difficult architect to pin down – and that is a good thing. Look at the massive difference between say the highly expressive Estadio Municipal de Braga and the sensitive restoration of Bernardas Convent in Tavira. Or between the bold Paula Rêgo Museum and the discreet Cemetery of Hoog-Kortrijk in Belgium. It is no wonder he has won both the Pritzker Prize and the Wolf Prize, his work is questioning, not always pretty, but probing the edges of current architectural language.

7 May + 4 Feb 2013

Souto de Moura – 2013 Wolf Prize

Eduardo Souto de Moura wins Wolf Prize
Eduardo Souto de Moura Architect
Eduardo will be the 2013 recipient of Israel’s prestigious Wolf Prize. He is located in Porto, Portugal. The Portuguese architect is 58 years old.
The Wolf Foundation has run the awards since 1978. The eight winners share $100,000 awards in each of the five categories. Recipients are those who have advanced the fields of art and science.

Souto de Moura Building

Latest architectural projects by this architect added to e-architect:

Bernardas Convent Reconversion, Tavira, south east Portugal
Design: Souto Moura Arquitectos
Bernardas Convent Building
photos : Luis Ferreira Alves
Bernardas Convent Reconversion – 10 Apr 2013
The restoration of the Convento das Bernardas is based on the construction of a resort with 78 residences. The architecture design is divided into two types of intervention, with new construction work and the recovery of the existing building.

Cemetery of Hoog-Kortrijk, Belgium
Design: SumProject + Souto Moura Arquitectos
Crematorium Uitzicht Belgium
photo : Luis Ferreira
Crematorium Uitzicht – 9 Apr 2013
It is a matter of searching for calm and make peace with the impressive landscape of Hoog-Kortrijk. The cemetery of Hoog-Kortrijk is a serene place that folds with the landscape, with plateaus that slip rhythmically over the slope.

Eduardo Souto de Moura – Major Buildings

Key Projects by Eduardo Souto de Moura, alphabetical:

Estadio Municipal de Braga, Portugal
Date built: 2003
Braga Stadium Braga Stadium Building Estadio Municipal de Braga Portugal by Eduardo Souto de Moura
photos : Luis Ferreira Alves

Nevogilde House, Oporto, Portugal
Dates built: 1983-88

Burgo Tower, Boavista Avenue, Porto, Portugal
Dates built: 1991-2007
Burgo Tower design by Eduardo Souto de Moura
photo : Luis Ferreira Alves

Quinta do Lago, Algarve, Portugal
Dates built: 1984-89
Algarve holiday home – contemporary house

More architectural projects by Souto de Moura online soon

Pritzker Prize 2011 winner

Key Eduardo Souto de Moura Buildings

“Casa das Artes”, S.E.C. Cultural Centre, Porto, Portugal
Dates built: 1981-91
Casa das Artes Porto design by Eduardo Souto de Moura
photo : Luis Ferreira Alves

House in Bom Jesus, Braga, Portugal
Dates built: 1989-94
House in Bom Jesus design by Eduardo Souto de Moura Bom Jesus House
photos : Luis Ferreira Alves

State Inn Amares, Portugal – Conversion of the Santa Maria do Bouro Convent
Dates built: 1989-97
State Inn Amares
photo : Luis Ferreira Alves

House in Serra da Arrábida, Portugal
Dates built: 1994-2002
Serra da Arrábida House by Eduardo Souto de Moura House in Serra da Arrábida
photos : Luis Ferreira Alves

Paula Rêgo Museum, Cascais, Portugal
Dates built: 2005-09
Paula Rêgo Museum Cascais
photo : Luis Ferreira Alves
Casa das Histórias Paula Rego

Architectural Project for the Porto Metro, Porto, Portugal
Porto Metro Porto Metro Building
photos : Luis Ferreira Alves

Cinema House for Manoel de Oliveira, Oporto, Portugal
Cinema House Oporto
photo : Luis Ferreira Alves

More projects by this contemporary Porto architect studio online soon

Location: Porto, Portugal, southwest Europe

Porto Architects Practice Information

This architects office is based in Porto (Oporto), Portugal.

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Porto Architect Alvaro Siza was a former employer of Eduardo Souto de Moura.

Portuguese Architect

Burgo Tower, Porto, Portugal:
Burgo Tower Porto
photo : Christian Richters

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1032 Foz Housing, Rua de Gondarém 1032/1040, Porto
Architects: dEMM arquitectura
1032 Foz Housing, Porto Apartments
photography : FG+SG | architectural photography
1032 Foz Housing Porto

Costa Nova Sailing Club, Ílhavo, Aveiro
Architects: Ferreira Arquitectos
Costa Nova Sailing Club Ilhavo
photography : Ivo Tavares Studio
Costa Nova Sailing Club, Ílhavo

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